“Macs do not need any maintenance” – such claims can be found on any Apple-related forum. However, if you want to see all tasks in one place and perform the cleaning and optimization in a few clicks, third-party apps will significantly simplify your life.

There are a lot of Mac users (including me) who want to take better care of their Macs. In a perfect world we should clean up the hard drive every few months: as a rule, it starts filling up by this time.

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I tried several Mac utilities of the 2015: MacKeeper, DaisyDisk, iTrash for Mac OS X Maintenance

#1 MacKeeper 3.6.3

From my experience it’s a very convenient and multi-functional maintenance tool. Every month I perform computer routine in which I back up all the files and run my Macbook through the MacKeeper system scan, Fast Cleanup, and Update Tracker. The main advantage of this program is a large variety of functions: apart from cleaning tools, there are also the antivirus, safe browsing, encryption, and shredding tools. In total there are 16 features in 1 program. Many Mac users might have noticed that Apple eliminated the Secure Empty Trash feature in El Capitan. That’s no longer the issue if you have MacKeeper. You can use Shredder to erase all your sensitive files.

Since September 2015, I have relied on MacKeeper Shredder that did its job perfectly. Functionality of other tools such as Login Items, Backup, and Default Apps is available in the Mac OS X settings as well. However, MacKeeper makes it more convenient with all those functions gathered in one place.



  • large variety of cleaning tools
  • has an antivirus and anti-theft
  • easy to use
  • has duplicates finder


  • Login Items, Backup, and Default Apps duplicate the native Mac OS features.

#2 DaisyDisk 4.0

DaisyDisk is another Mac OS X maintenance program that is focused on cleaning the disk space in a fast and convenient way. The first good thing about DaisyDisk is that this is a beautifully crafted piece of software. At first click it performs a quick scan of the system and gives a brief overview of the disk space in a diagram. Thanks to the interactive map I could see the excessively large folders and files. After checking the content I deleted the unneeded files. The big plus is that the scanning process took a few seconds, and all my system files were protected.



  • fast scanning and cleaning speed
  • results are visualized as a diagram


  • maintenance is limited to cleaning

#3 iTrash

It is a good alternative to the simple Trash but with more advanced features. iTrash allows to reclaim disk space by completely deleting the unneeded apps and tracking down the leftover files. It works quickly and without hassle and prove itself as a best Mac OS X maintenance app.


  • streamlined interface
  • simple drag and drop


  • works only as an uninstaller


There’s a number of other Mac utilities, though the above-mentioned tools are worth trying. All of them are available for trial. Whether you need only cleaning or a kit of tools, there are many alternatives to try.

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