YouTube Subscribers – Know Everything Before Creating A YouTube Channel

YouTube is a popular platform with about 2 billion monthly active users. This means that 1/3 of the world’s population has an account on this platform. For this reason, many creative people have created YouTube channels to entertain, inform, educate, and even motivate users. Some YouTube channels are so successful that they gathered a great following and monetized their content. YouTube subscribers and the number of views and likes usually indicate how successful a channel is.

Therefore, if you are thinking about starting a channel on YouTube, you need to learn more about this important aspect of it. To increase your subscribers, you can get YouTube subscribers and follow all the tips and tricks you will find below.

What are YouTube subscribers
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What is a YouTube Subscriber?

First, let’s examine what a YouTube subscriber is. When a user discovers and watches a video, he can also browse the rest of the channel’s videos. If he likes the content, he can choose to subscribe to it. He is considered one of the channel’s subscribers when he clicks this button.

After a user has chosen to subscribe to a YouTube channel, he can see the new content uploaded to his personalized feed. Moreover, every user has the option to enable notifications. If this is the case, he will receive a notification and an email whenever you post something new.

Subscribers are essential for a YouTube channel because, in essence, they are its audience. These users are the ones who are sure to give views, watch time, and likes on new videos. For this reason, YouTube channel creators are always trying to find new ways to attract and retain users to their videos. One sure way to bring your channel to more users is to buy YouTube subscribers. When a channel has a lot of traffic, the platform recommends it to interested viewers. You formed a community for your channel when you gathered many subscriptions.

How YouTube Counts Subscribers?

Now that you know why you need to buy YouTube subscribers, let’s look at how YouTube counts and shows your subscribers. This is important as users will be more inclined to subscribe to channels with a huge following. This is also why the most popular channels get the most daily subscribers.

You can see your subscriber count on your dashboard in YouTube Studio on desktop and mobile applications. The number there is updated almost in real-time. A user, however, can see your subscriber count below your name when he watches a video or visits your page. In 2019, YouTube changed how it shows the subscriber count to users. The number is now shown as an approximation of the real one.

Namely, a user will see a change when:

  • You get 1 new subscriber for a channel with up to 1,000 followers,
  • You get 10 new subscribers for a channel with 1,000 – 9,999 followers,
  • You get 100 new subscribers for a channel with 10,000 – 99,999 followers,
  • You get 1,000 new subscribers for a channel with 100,000 – 999,999 followers,
  • You get 10,000 new subscribers for a channel with 1,000,000 – 9,999,999 followers,
  • You get 100,000 new subscribers for a channel with 10,000,000 – 99,999,999 followers, and
  • You get 1,000,000 new subscribers for a channel with 100,000,000 – 999,999,999 followers.

For example, if your channel has 1,469 subscribers, the user will see the number as 1.46K. The next number will be 1.47K. This example shows why buying YouTube subscribers is important, always considering your current following.

Why Do You Need to Reach 1,000 YouTube Subscribers?

While researching your new YouTube channel, many people might have mentioned that you need to reach 1,000 subscribers. This milestone is a great achievement for a creator because it means you can now monetize your content. If you buy YouTube subscribers, you can take advantage of this immediately.

There are a few ways in which a creator can make money on this platform. However, most are outside YouTube, like selling merchandise, setting up crowdfunding, or earning percentages through affiliate links. The only way to earn a living on YouTube is to join the YouTube Partner Program and enable advertisements. However, to be able to join it, you need to fulfill some requirements. In more detail, you need to have:

  • Uploads: 3 videos in the last 90 days,
  • Channel subscribers: 500
  • Watch time: 3,000 minutes in the last 12 months,
  • YouTube Shorts: 3.0 Million public views in the last 90 days,
  • Compliance: Content that complies with the YouTube Partner Program policies, Terms of Service, and Community Guidelines.

Once you submit your channel for the program, YouTube will review it. After a few weeks, you will be notified about the progress, and you can start monetizing your content. For this reason, you will benefit if you buy YouTube subscribers and hit the requirements as soon as possible.

Gain More YouTube Subscribers

Subscribe my YouTube channel
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However, to reach the milestone of 500 subscribers, you need to optimize your channel and videos. This can be achieved in many ways. Of course, you can buy YouTube subscribers, but you can also do the following:

Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel

likely, users who regularly watch and enjoy your content might not be subscribed to your channel. If you remind them to do so, they are more likely to do it. An easy way to do that is to offer them sneak peeks of your upcoming content, thus building the hype.

Make your YouTube channel look professional.

Showing your viewers that you take your channel seriously ensures your content will be high-quality. First, create a logo for your page. You can use this as your profile picture or choose a nice photograph. Then, update your cover art with a compelling image that explains the content you post. Lastly, fill in every section on the “about” page.

Create compelling thumbnails

The only way to get organic views is to capture users’ attention. This can primarily happen through the thumbnail you use. It is a good idea to be consistent with your graphics. This way, your channel will obtain a branded look and make it easier for users to distinguish your content.

Write a great video title and description

Your videos’ titles, descriptions, and tags are important for SEO and organic discoverability. You will automatically gain a big audience if you buy YouTube subscribers and get a lot of organic traffic.

Engage with your viewers

This is a crucial part of growing your YouTube channel. Interacting with your viewers can convert them into subscribers and gain their trust. To achieve this, heart your favorite comments and answer some of them.

These tips will naturally increase your subscribers without much effort. Try buying YouTube subscribers and combining them with these techniques for optimal results.

Increase Your YouTube Following

To take your channel to the next level, try these more advanced techniques to increase your audience. In more detail:

Organize a contest

Users love winning things. If you organize a contest, you will be surprised at how many new followers you gain. However, for better results, target your promotions to users with interests similar to those of your channels.

Upload your video’s transcriptions

A hidden way to boost the SEO of your videos is to upload their transcriptions. You can even upload them in various languages to have a great reach.

Cooperate with other YouTubers

There is no greater promotion for your channel than to cooperate with another creator. Both of you will benefit from reaching each other’s audience.

Create longer videos

While you might find this challenging, ensure your YouTube videos are longer than 10 minutes. The greater the watch time in your channel, the easier it is for your videos to reach a wider audience.

Upload a channel trailer

A short channel trailer can go a long way in convincing users to subscribe. The trailer must be short, fun, and reveal the tone of your channel.

Of course, these techniques will be much more effective if you buy YouTube subscribers.

See the Subscriber List for Your YouTube Channel

YouTube subscriber list
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Getting a lot of subscribers is important for the growth of your new channel. So, when you buy YouTube subscribers, you should expect an increase in this number. A high number of followers will also increase the number of users that come organically from YouTube.

On your channel’s YouTube Studio, you can immediately check the number of your subscriber list. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Click on the profile picture in your screen’s top right corner.
  • Step 2: Click the “YouTube Studio” button from the menu.
  • Step 3: On your dashboard, choose the button “Analytics.” This menu will show your channel’s watch time, views, and subscribers. You will also see which videos are performing better and real-time statistics. You can also change the timeframe to check your YouTube channel’s progress.

However, remember that not all subscribers will appear in your recent subscribers’ section. In more detail, you will see only the users who have chosen to follow your channel publicly and have joined it in the last 28 days. On the contrary, you will not see all those who have joined privately or whose channel has been suspended.

In any case, you can buy YouTube subscribers according to your channel’s needs.

Why is There a Difference between the Public Subscriber Count and the Real-time Count?

Many creators have a common question when checking their subscriber count because there is usually a difference between the subscriber list on the channel and the analytics. This means that the numbers are not consistent, resulting in further confusion. You might think the service is not working if you buy YouTube subscribers. However, this is not the case, as it happens to everyone.

This happens because YouTube takes time to update the real-time list in analytics. More specifically, the count is updated after 48 hours, so you should wait before you check the results. Additionally, as mentioned above, you will not see the subscribers who have followed your YouTube channel in private. For this reason, your subscriber count will always be slightly inaccurate.

However, if you buy YouTube subscribers, you will see an impressive increase in followers without worrying about private accounts.

Why Does YouTube Delete Subscribers from Channels?

Another great problem many YouTube creators face is that the platform often deletes a few subscribers. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about that, even though it will decrease your subscriber count. After this incident, you must buy YouTube subscribers and give your channel time and effort.

Every three or four months, YouTube will check many of its users. Through this progress, the algorithm spots the spam and inactive accounts and deletes them. If these accounts were on your list, they would be removed. If you are lucky, the change from this will not be a big one. Unfortunately, this process isn’t scheduled, so it can happen any day.

Yet, keep in mind that you can always recover from it. Buy YouTube subscribers to boost your channel again and take advantage of a new and more engaged audience.

The Way to Hide your Subscriber Count from your YouTube Channel

Like the platform users, as a channel, you can also set your subscriber count to public or private. As we have explained above, if you have set it to the public, the number of users joining your channel will be displayed. However, no one can find it if you set it to private. In some cases, you might benefit from hiding your subscriber count, while others want it visible. Therefore, it’s useful to know how you change this setting. You can easily do this through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Click on your profile picture in your screen’s top right corner.
  • Step 2: From the menu, click the “Settings” button.
  • Step 3: Click the “Privacy” button. You will find it on the left side of your dashboard.
  • Step 4: You will see the “Keep all my subscriptions private” option, which you can turn on and off by clicking.

With this easy process, you can change this setting. Buy YouTube subscribers and then make your subscription count public to attract more users to your channel.

The 10 Most Subscribed Channels on YouTube

Now that you know what subscribers mean and how to manage them, let’s look at the platform’s most popular channels. The channels are all very different, even though they have gathered millions of followers. The only way to reach their success is to buy YouTube subscribers and follow all the tips mentioned above.

The most subscribed channels on YouTube, as of today, are the following:

  • T-Series: 261+ Million
  • MrBeast: 244 Million
  • YouTube Movies: 179 Million
  • Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes: 172 Million
  • SET India: 169 Million
  •  ✿ Kids Diana Show: 120 Million
  • Vlad and Niki: 114 Million
  • Like Nastya: 113 Million
  • PewDiePie: 111 Million
  • Zee Music Company: 105 Million
  • WWE: 100 Million

As you can see, most YouTube channels are English-speaking, even though many are from India and are in the top 10. Moreover, no clear trend is emerging for the niche of YouTube channels. This means that if a YouTube channel is great and releases high-quality content, it can easily win over the audience. Keep these facts in mind and buy YouTube subscribers to expand your YouTube channel to even more users.


Subscribers are an important part of growing your YouTube channel. Understanding how they work and how you can attract more of them is essential. Remember that you can always buy YouTube subscribers to increase traffic and make the algorithm favor you. In any case, subscribers enable you to gain even more followers and monetize your content.

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