How to Make a Good YouTube Video? – 7 Tips for Success

If you’re looking for a proven way to promote your business, consider creating a YouTube channel. If you know how to make a YouTube video, it will be easy to grow your business. YouTube videos can draw attention to your products and services, whether you’re a clothing manufacturer, a graphic designer, a financial professional, or a software outsourcing company.

But keep in mind there’s more to making a good YouTube video than meets the eye. Companies that benefit from video marketing don’t just whip out their phones and start shooting. They do a lot of planning in advance, use good equipment to ensure a quality outcome, and include finishing touches that draw the viewers’ attention. Here, we examine many of those steps to help you get the most from your efforts while making YouTube videos.

How to make a YouTube video
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How to Make a YouTube Video?

Making YouTube videos is an art. Hereunder is almost every detail to make a YouTube video for your business.

Find a Good Location

How to record YouTube videos? Your video location should match the topic. For instance, if you’re talking about software development, pick a background that includes computers to show your professional environment. If you’re showing how to cook something, get in the kitchen. You get the idea. If all else fails, use a neutral background that doesn’t draw attention away from your content. Also, consider the lighting and the surrounding noise, as both of them can disrupt your videos. Pick your location in advance so you don’t have to worry about it on the day you film. 

Script It Out

You want to sound natural in your speech, but it can’t hurt to take at least a few minutes to plan out what you’ll say. Start with an outline of the important points you want to cover, then fill in additional information about each one. 

Pay Attention to Editing

We all make mistakes, and you’ll likely hit some rough spots when you film your videos. But, no worries, that’s what video editing is for! During the video editing process, remove parts where you messed up your lines or where the content is boring, irrelevant, or doesn’t flow well. If you don’t have good video editing skills, hire someone who does. Alternatively, you can try a video maker like Flexclip or

Know Your Audience

No video will appeal to everyone. Remember, you’re not trying to entertain people; you’re trying to promote your business (though you should also aim to entertain in the process). If you’ve done your marketing homework, you know much about who typically buys your products or services.

Use that knowledge to develop topics specifically of interest to them. You can also use YouTube itself to learn more about them. The comments section provides good feedback, and you can use the Community area to post questions or create polls to understand better what they want to see.

Use the 10-second Rule

The 10-second rule is that you have 10 seconds of intro to get viewers interested enough to keep watching. It’s not much time, so use it carefully. Try one or more of the following angles:

  • Tell viewers what they’ll learn in the video, as in, “Today I’ll explain the software testing ”.
  • Tell viewers how the video relates to other videos, as in, “Today we’ll be continuing our series about how to do your own taxes. This week, we cover making sure you have the right forms.”
  • Tell viewers what bad things will happen if they don’t watch, as in, “A bad design can ruin your website, so let’s talk about how you can avoid that problem.”
  • Tell viewers how their lives will be better for watching, as in, “Making good fashion choices isn’t hard, but it does take a bit of know-how. Today, I’ll give you five easy tips.”

Use a similar strategy after you deliver your content. Review the key take-aways from the video and tell viewers what you want them to do next (such as visit your website for additional information or make an appointment for a free consultation). 

Choose the Right Length

There are different schools of thought about how long your videos should be. Longer videos are better from an SEO perspective, but you must provide a lot of value in return for people spending that much time viewing your content. Shorter videos are easier to digest and easier to “sell” in terms of viewer time commitment. You know your target audience best, so experiment to see what length of time you need to deliver your messages and what length people prefer.

Promote, Promote, Promote

A good YouTube video isn’t just something with good content that’s filmed well. It’s also promoted effectively so you can get the most from your efforts. Be sure to let others know about the value you’re presenting:

  • Take the time to come up with an eye-catching title, an interesting description, and a good thumbnail image.
  • Share the video on all your social media profiles.
  • Brand your YouTube channel so viewers can learn more about your offerings.
  • Optimize for SEO so people can easily find you. Read these video SEO tips.
  • Ask viewers to subscribe and allow notifications so they’ll continue to see more of your content.
  • Use it and reuse it strategically over time in different channels and social networks.

This way, you can gain more YouTube subscribers and watch time.

In Summary

YouTube can be an excellent tool for promoting many types of businesses. But it does take some preparation and advanced thinking. Take the time to learn about video marketing best practices to make sure your video content reflects the same high quality as your products or services.

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