Website Do’s and Don’t Do-It-Yourself – When to Hire A Professional

83% of small businesses with a website feel they have the edge over competitors who do not operate online. Although six out of 10 small businesses do not, a survey conducted by RedShift reveals most now plan to launch a website in the near future. Bottom line: if you are serious about your business, you need to build a business website, and there are things you should know before you start.

Website hire a professional

Create An Appealing Site

The consensus is you do need a website. Even with the growing capabilities of social sites today that drive business and allow consumers almost all the functionality of a website, customers still feel better when you have one. So, create a website that represents your business in the best light. If you have a brand look and feel already, make sure you apply it across all marketing channels. There are many important things to consider when building your website and if you aren’t sure how to translate your brand, one of them is to hire a graphic designer. Even if the site is simple to navigate, it still needs to be appealing or visitors will click out. If you don’t have a logo, the graphic designer can create that as well. In short, consider your site your online business card.

Do Not Launch A Slow Moving Or Confusing Website

Some business sites require little content, therefore they are agile and easy to use. But if your website is more complicated and its contents seem to be causing a lag in speed, do not let that slide. Although it may cost a bit, a talented programmer can make all the difference in keeping online visitors engaged. They can also help in streamlining the traffic so your customers don’t get confused and check out. Easy links in all the right places are key, so do not assume “they’ll just figure it out”. Or that they will wait while your site is “thinking.” They won’t.

Do Be Objective About Your Copy

You surely know your business better than anyone, and perhaps you are the best person to create the content for your site. Websites need to be concise, with text strategically placed to engage and keep your visitors moving in your desired direction, to more information or to purchase. And your copy needs to speak to your target market – personas that use your product or service. Do think about hiring a professional writer to establish your brand voice, and/or a marketing strategist who can tweak your language for optimum results.

Do Keep It Together

Whether or not you are the architect, designer or writer of your own domain, make sure your brand carries the same tone and appearance across every online channel. Brand identification creates brand loyalty and, just like a dear friend, you want your target audience to recognize you wherever they are browsing. So, do think about hiring the same team for all your marketing when bringing help onboard. See you on the web.

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