How to Claim a Facebook Business Page or Places Page?


Facebook launched its Facebook Places feature a few years back. The feature allows its users to share their ‘check-in’ at the places they are visiting to share their current location and the places they are visiting with their friends. This has an advantage because they can check-in if any of their friends are also at the place and they might catch up. Facebook is the most popular social networking site presently, with more than 2 billion users worldwide. Therefore, this feature has become popular and is of great advantage, particularly to businesses. This article explains how to claim a Facebook business page or places page.

Claim a Facebook Places page for your business
How to claim a Facebook business page?

Business houses maintain and manage their business name, Place’s address, contact information, business hours, profile picture, admins, and other settings with Facebook’s Places feature. They can advertise their business through Facebook Places. The customers can rate the business, check-in, and also like the Places page. The Places page also shows other businesses existing nearby, and that can include their competitors as well.

How to Locate, Claim, or Create your Facebook Place for your Business?

Anyone can create the Places page. Generally, the customers themselves create them when they don’t find a Facebook business page or want to check into that business location. When the customer searches a business name and can’t find it, then they are provided with the option of adding a new Places page. This leads to the creation of multiple Places pages for the same business, sometimes with varying a name, address, and phone number. Now, if the business has multiple branches and locations, this becomes troublesome since it has several Places page for every location.

Challenges when claiming a Facebook business page

The Places pages are not under your control until and unless you claim them. Claiming a Places page has its own challenges for the business owners:

  • People comment and rate the business without the owner’s knowledge.

Recommend Facebook Places page of a business

  • The Places page always pops up the nearby businesses, which include their direct competitors.
  • People often like and check into the unclaimed Places pages. The analytics of the business pages have information about the people who went through their claimed Places pages. The business can’t, in any way, communicate with these audiences who visited their unclaimed pages. So it’s a lost opportunity to communicate with customers (or the potential customers) who have already liked their page.

The business owners or the store managers should claim their Facebook Places page for their business. This way, they get admin access to the Places page and automatically convert it into the business page, which is then controlled by the business. All the restaurant businesses should claim all the Facebook Places pages that have been created for their business so that they can gain control of all the pages which represent their business. This step helps them consolidate their Facebook presence, correct wrong details if any, and forbid other pages from intruding into the likes, reviews, and check-ins that they were getting otherwise.

How to Locate a Page on Facebook Places?

First, you need to log in to your Facebook account (not through the phone), then in order to search for your business type, the name of the business in the usual Facebook search box. If the business’s Places page already exists, click on it. Here you should know that your business’s Fan Page is not the same as the Places page. Look for the search result that gives information about the number of ‘check-ins’ for the place.

Claim a Facebook Places page for your business

Didn’t find the unofficial Facebook page for my business?

If you do not find the Places page, then try checking in to the business through your smartphone. Once you complete a check-in into the page, there is a status update on the Facebook profile page that marks where you checked in and the link of Facebook Places page of your business. No problem, if you do not find your Facebook Places page. Many businesses do not have a Facebook Places page yet. So if you still can’t find your Places page, then move to ‘Creating a new Facebook Place’ option.

How to Claim a Facebook Places Page for Your Business?

Facebook had a change in their verification process. Now it is required to have the company email address listed on your personal Facebook account, or you can provide a scanned document of a utility or phone bill that includes the business’s name and address. After claiming the existing page, the Places page transforms into a business page, and you will be given the admin access. Then this page can be merged with the existing page of the business. There you’ll also find how to merge Facebook business pages.

The following steps are to claim a Facebook Places page:

Step 1- Keep Business Email address or documents

First, add a business email address to your personal profile example This is the easiest method to verify that you’re representing the business. It is not required to it as your primary email address; it will just be a part of your personal Facebook profile. If you don’t have the business email address, then you can upload a document that shows the business name and address. It can be anything like a utility bill, business license, tax file, certificate of formation, memorandum of association, articles of association, or articles of incorporation. Facebook accepts JPG, PNG, PDF, and DOC files.

Step 2- Click the link – Is this your business?

If you find your business’s Facebook Place, click on to visit the page. Then click the link at the bottom left of the page “Is this your business?”. The link directs us to Facebook’s “claiming flow”. The procedure is similar to other claiming processes where you need to do a phone verification in order to validate that you are the official representative of the physical place of your business. However, it is different from other claiming processes where you require supplying ‘official’ documentation such as a certificate of formation, local business license, better business bureau accreditation, etc. to prove your credibility.

Facebook Places page - Is this your business

Step 3- Merge to an existing page or claim with phone call or documents

A pop window opens and guides through the claiming process. It may ask whether you want to “merge to another verified page” or if you just want to “claim” it. If you only want to “claim” it, then you’ll get a pop up asking to click the “I am an official representative” checkbox and continue with the claiming process.

Claim a Facebook Places page for your business

Step 4- Complete your business details

Fill in the details regarding your business. Facebook asks to provide the following information:

  • The official name of the business
  • Business address
  • Business phone number
  • Business website
  • Third-party listing (like Business Bureau listing, e.g., Yelp)
  • Relationship with the location (whether you’re an owner)
  • The business name and address should be similar to the Places page, which you want to claim. The required fields are Name, address, and job title.

Claim a Facebook Places page - Verify with phone number

Step 5- Prove you represent the business

At last, to complete the claiming process, you need to prove that you’re the official representative of the business page which you’re trying to claim. If you’ve added the business email with the personal Facebook profile, select it from the drop-down menu. In case you don’t have a business address, you’ll need to upload a document showing the company name and address. The logos, business cards, and website screenshots are not accepted.

Claim a Facebook Places page for your business with document upload

After clicking on the “Submit” button, a popup window appears stating that they have received your email request and will inform you once they are done processing your request. It takes almost a week for Facebook to respond.

Here is the answer to How to merge Facebook business pages.

Once you complete the whole process, Facebook sends you an email and lets you know that the Places page has now been converted to a business page. You are now the admin of the page. The previous likes, reviews, and check-ins are transferred to the new page.

In case there are multiple business pages, you can merge them into one. Merging is beneficial since it helps retain everything from your business pages such as photos, posts, events, videos, and ads and adds a map, check-ins, and a place on the Page Timeline for recommendations.

How to Create a Facebook Places Page for Your Business?

  • Firstly you have to be physically present at your business with a smartphone.
  • Then download the latest Facebook app for your smartphone. If the apps don’t work, point the browser to
  • Now try and check-in at your place of business.
  • In case you do not find the Facebook Places page while locating it in the given section, click the “Add” button to the left of Places search box otherwise, click on the “+” in the upper right corner.
  • Now you will need to enter the name for your Facebook Places page as well as an optional description.
  • Then, click on the “Add” button.
  • Click the “Check-In” button to share your visits.
  • After creating the Places page, search for it again on the desktop Facebook. Then follow the “Is this your business?” link to begin the claiming process of a Facebook Place.

While creating a Facebook Places page or merging a Facebook Places page, there comes the option to add a button that Recommends the Places page. It appears on the right sidebar of the Page for those users who live near that business. This feature presents an excellent opportunity for the business. It allows the users to write recommendations of the business which appear in the News Feed and shows when you visit the page. Last but not least, it is very important for everyone to understand and follow their privacy settings with respect to Facebook Places.

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