How to Build A Tech Startup without Technical Background?


You might have a good idea for a tech startup but you are feeling reluctant as to commence the business you require technical skills? You can certainly move ahead and start working on your idea without anyone’s tech support.

All my hard work, unique ideas for my startup would go down the drain if I don’t know coding. It hardly matters if I have a brilliant idea for my tech startup when I actually don’t know how to execute it. Are you also the one who thinks the same? If yes, then you’re completely wrong. Yes, you can definitely look forward to starting a tech startup without any technical background.

Did you know many business honchos had started their companies without having any technical skill? For example, Jack Ma (Founder, Alibaba), Andrew Mason (Founder, Groupon), Larry Ellison (Founder, Oracle), etc. are some of the names who just had a passion, skill sets to run and grow business while having no technical knowledge.

Build a Tech Startup without Technical Skills

Build Tech Startup

Now the question is what and how to build a tech startup without being a techie geek. Follow along to know:

Look for a ‘technically sound’ partner

To execute your plans and bring your idea to the market, you require searching for a partner for yourself who must be technically sound. He/She can work with you as a technical co-founder. Don’t just look for one but several partners and work with them for a while. Scan their way and focus towards work, check how they gel up with you when they work. Assign them small projects and examine their knowledge on grounds of how they execute the project.

Hire the one with whom your chemistry works as it is important when you are about to start a business. This will allow you not to suffer further. You can find a technical cofounder through LinkedIn, technical forums, by reaching out the ‘connectors’ in the concerned field, by attending the seminars, by meeting the investors, portals like craigslist etc. Fix a deadline to find your technical co-founder.

Alternate option: Now, what if you didn’t find a cofounder within the estimated deadline? You ought to keep backup options for yourself. I can suggest you two ways out for you here

a) Learn how to code: This may not be as easier as it sounds but at one point of time you can keep this option as a backup plan. Honestly, this option will soak much of your valuable hours but the best part of devoting sometimes on learning technical skills; will let you start your business without anyone’s technical support. Therefore, I would rather suggest you go with this option and learn the coding skills from the scratch.

b) Recruit a developer (or an entire team): If you think, you have no time to learn an entirely new subject then without much ado start looking for a team of an iOS or Android app developers or an entire iOS or Android app development company. The idea of doing an offshore app development may turn out to be a perfect idea for you. Start penning down your plans on how to execute your idea as weak planning may fail the outsourcing idea drastically.


Regardless of the fact, that you’re a technical geek or not, you should be able to explain the developers, what type of work is required from them. For this, you need to do a brief research work on JAVA, HTML, PHP, iOS, API, CSS, Python, etc. You as a founder should at least know what these programming languages do, how it works, how are they different from one another, etc. No matter however busy you are, take a time out for business meetings. This will let you acquire exposure and experience of the concerned community. Maintain an Excel spreadsheet sheet marking the gained information and data.

Update yourself regularly

Under no circumstance, you should miss a day of taking an update from your development team. Arrange a daily meeting and conference with your team of developers to have a sheer knowledge of the progress of the development. If it is an offshore development company then has a Skype meeting or video conference without missing a day. This will help you in knowing not only the development of the work but also let you foster a healthy working space where your employees would have a liability to share their thoughts too.

So now, after reading this piece, do you still believe that is it hard to build a tech startup without having a technical knowledge? I hope your answer shall be a big no!


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