How to Remove Apps from Your Mac Computer?


When it comes to downloading the app, then it is a simple task. However, when you need to uninstall or remove apps, then it is not at all a left-hand task. On the Android device or the Mac, uninstalling an app is a herculean task. But do you really know how to remove apps? On removing the app to the trash, you get rid of the main app, but the files that are somehow related to it keeps hovering here and there on your system.

Many a time, the question might have struck your mind on how to remove unwanted apps? Here we are to satisfy as many queries of yours as we can. Prior to delivering you the information about how to remove apps on Mac, there are certain things that you should know, and these are as follows.

How to remove apps on Mac

Why Don’t They Go Away?

There are primarily two types of Mac apps. One is bundled, and the others are unbundled. You can easily uninstall the first one by dragging the app to Trash. The latter one can also be deleted in the same way, but these one leave behind the traces. Getting rid of these files that are associated with the main app is a difficult task. It is very hard to find these files that lay scattered all around the places on your system. This calls for the need of using the app uninstallers. These are designed for the same.

How to Remove Apps from Your Mac?

If you wish to delete apps as well as the files associated with it, then you can follow two ways. Firstly, you can do it manually, and secondly, automatic uninstallation is there. In case the app that you want to delete comes with an uninstaller associated with it, then we suggest that you should go in for using the same prior to following the manual approach.

How to Manually Uninstall Apps and the Associated Files?

Let’s say you want to know how to remove Mackeeper from your Mac. Simply Drag and Drop the app into the trash by picking it up from the Applications folder. You’re not discarding a single file, but you are actually getting rid of the bundle of files. You can view this by right-clicking on the app and then selecting the “Show Package Contents”. You have surely removed the app but not the associated files. To do so, locate the associated files in the library folder on the hard drive.

Next search the app by entering the app’s name in the search bar. If you do not wish to follow this process, then the automatic approach is there. There are many apps that can do this task for you without you having to put in the efforts.

All in all, this is the reason that you are unable to get rid of the app you want to uninstall completely. Also, we have briefly explained to you how to remove apps and all associated files from your system with great ease.


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