How to See Deleted Tweets of Others and Yours

So, one day I was scrolling through my Twitter feeds and visited my friend’s profile to check an old tweet, but it wasn’t there. After a while, I realized that the tweet had been deleted. This left me wondering How to see deleted tweets?

Twitter Blue now allows editing original & quoted tweets, which gives users more flexibility. Sometimes, people tweet something out of mood swings or anger, later regret it, and delete it. This happens to a lot of users. If some celebrity deletes his tweets, it leaves many people wondering.

If this also happened to you & you’re curious about How to see someone’s deleted Tweets, then you are at the right place.

Twitter is a popular microblogging platform that allows people to share their opinions. Many celebrities & politicians use Twitter to share their views & engage with their followers. Unfortunately, tweets have become so crucial that a single tweet can make or break someone’s image & ultimately, their career. Thus people keep editing & deleting their tweets.

Is there a way to see deleted tweets? Still, there are many ways to find deleted tweets. Although some are unreliable, you can still use them with a pinch of salt. So let’s look at some of those approaches.

How to see deleted tweets of others and yours

How To See Deleted Tweets Of Others

Twitter does not have the option to see users’ deleted tweets, but you can use third-party services to get the desired result. For example, using the following methods, you can find someone’s deleted tweets as well as yours too.

1. Find Deleted Tweet Using Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is like a time machine of the Internet. It crawls and keeps records of many popular web pages on the Internet. Currently, it has listed more than 807 billion web pages. To check deleted Twitter accounts and tweets, just copy-paste the link into the search bar and press enter. It will give you a calendar; you can select any date to view the tweet history.

Steps to search deleted tweets in Wayback Machine:

  • Open the Internet Archive website on your web browser.
  • Copy the Twitter profile or tweet URL & paste it into the search bar.
  • Next, click the Browse History button.
  • You will see a calendar; select a date (& time) from which you want to view a tweet.
  • There you will also see snapshots of deleted tweets with photos or media.

This is the simplest way to find deleted tweets. But there are chances you won’t see the tweets, as it mostly keeps records of big Twitter accounts and crawls sites periodically. In that case, you can try an alternate method. Let’s see how you can access this.

2. View deleted tweets with Google Cache

If you can’t find the tweet you’re looking for using the Wayback Machine, you can view them in the Twitter profile’s cached version. Here are the steps you can follow.

  • Search the Twitter profile or tweet URL in Google Chrome.
  • Click on the kebab menu (⋮) just right to the webpage URL.
  • On the popup menu, find the ‘Cached’ button in the lower right corner & click it.

Thus, you can see the cached version of the tweet. This option is unreliable as sometimes the ‘Cached’ option is unavailable for a Twitter URL.

3. Find the Screenshot of a deleted tweet

Who doesn’t make mistakes? So celebs and politicians can do. They can tweet something weird and later delete them after being trolled on Twitter. If tweets you want to view are deleted from popular accounts, then fair chances are people retweeted and screenshotted them. Even sometimes, big media houses also made news around them. So you can search for deleted tweets on Google, the place to find almost anything. For instance, search for “Donald Trump’s deleted tweets,” Google will populate hundreds of results.

How to See Your Deleted Tweets

If the same question is revolving in your mind, and none of the above methods work for you. Then, how can you recover your deleted tweets? You can download an archive of your Twitter data to view your deleted tweets quickly.

Twitter Archive is a good way to see a deleted tweet. You need to simply go to Twitter settings and request a zip file to download your Twitter account data. Here are the steps for mobile:

  • First, Open the Twitter app and login into your account.
  • Next, tap on your profile icon at the top left corner.
  • Tap Settings and Support > Settings and Privacy > Your Account.
  • Now tap Download an archive of your data > Request Archive.
  • In 24 hours or more, the “Download Archive” button will be activated.
  • You can download account information, including your tweets, by clicking the download button once it’s active.

Here are the steps for the Twitter website. You can follow them.

You can unarchive the zipped data using an unzip tool to view your account information, tweets, retweets, and other data. It will be easy for you to navigate tweets as they will open as a Twitter webpage (HTML format). You can sort them by dates, media, or text only. This way, you can go back in time and view complete information about your account and get deleted tweets as well.


Twitter is a popular social media platform that influences a lot of people. Every tweet is taken seriously by people & can be used in the future harmfully. Thus it is important to monitor deleted and old tweets. There are many ways to recover and view deleted tweets, but we have discussed only the ones that actually work.

Further, the deleted posts sometimes continue to appear if they were retweeted. If any user takes screenshots of tweets, they can be viewed forever. Twitter keeps on updating its policy to protect its users from any harm.

The important thing to note is that you should tweet responsibly; even if you delete a tweet, websites like Internet Archive can save the data. Anyone can dig and use those tweets to target you. Many celebrities have faced the consequences because of their past tweets. Thus it is advised to tweet responsibly.


Can you see deleted tweets?

Yes, you can see someone else’s deleted tweets on or Google Cache (if they are saved there). But if you want to see your deleted tweets can download the Twitter archive for help.

Can you recover deleted tweets?

You can retrieve deleted tweets from Internet Archive and Google Cache. But if the deleted tweet you’re looking for is from your account, then download the archive of your Twitter data.

Can you use Snapbird to search and find deleted tweets?

Previously people used Snapbird and Twipu to find a tweet, but unfortunately, both services have been shut down.

Does Twitter archive include search history?

Of course, it includes almost complete information about your Twitter account.

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