How to Create A New Twitter Account on iPhone

Twitter is a microblogging platform where the users can create short content, famously known as Tweets. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is mainly used to break the news, share thoughts, voice opinions, and start a movement. This platform is user-friendly, but sometimes, it can confuse new users, especially those using different devices. Around 80% of Twitter users access this platform using their mobile phones. Do you have an iPhone but can’t find a guide on how to create a new Twitter account? Don’t worry; we have got your back. Follow the step-by-step process to create Twitter account using your iPhone today.

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How to create new Twitter account

How to Create A New Twitter Account on iPhone

Do you have the same question, how do I create a new Twitter account? Here are detailed steps on Twitter sign up process on iPhone

Step 1: Download the Twitter application from the App Store and open it when the installation process is complete.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Create Account’ option to Sign up from the iPhone Twitter app.

Step 3: Enter your full name, phone number, and Date of Birth in the given sections. Tap Next when done.

Note – If you don’t want to register your Twitter account using the phone number, you can opt for ‘use email instead’ instead.

Step 4: Customize your experience – Tap on the toggle button to either enable or disable this setting as per your need.

Step 5: On the new page, verify your account details to start the Twitter sign up process.

Creating new Twitter account

Step 6: You will receive a verification code on your registered mobile number or email address that you used to sign up. Enter the OTP (One-time password) code to authenticate your account details.

Note – If you missed the code, click on the ‘didn’t receive code’ to get a new OTP on your email address or phone number.

Step 7: Once done, pick up a strong password (around eight or more digits) for your account to finish signing up for a Twitter account.

Verify account and password

You have completed your Twitter account’s sign up process, but you haven’t set up your account yet. Find the steps below to continue completing your Twitter profile.

How to Set Up A New Twitter Account on iPhone

The process of signing up and setting up Twitter account goes together. Once you have learned how to create a new Twitter account, you can start adding details for setting up your profile. Follow the steps given below to finish setting up your Twitter profile –

Step 8: Pick a profile picture – Tap on the plus ‘+’ to add an image for your Twitter profile. You can either click a fresh photo to upload it on your profile or choose an already saved image from your phone gallery.

Step 9: You can edit the uploaded picture by moving and adjusting it on the screen. If you want to see the preview, tap on the apply button. Click next to save the preview.

Step 10: Describe yourself – You can write your short bio in this section describing your job profile, interest, or skills. But remember, you get only 160 characters. Use it wisely.

Twitter profile photo and bio

Step 11: Connect your address book – If you want to join with your friends and family on Twitter, you can opt for ‘sync contact.’ This function will let you quickly find people who have made their accounts using their phone numbers.

Step 12: Languages – Twitter lets its users select languages that they speak and understand. It helps them find content in that specific language. Tap on the toggle button to select your preferred language.

Note – The user can select multiple languages at once.

Step 13: Interests – This platform provides its users with a wide range of topics. You can pick the ones which interest you the most to find the most famous personalities related to that field quickly.

Contacts, languages and interests

Step 14: Suggestions – Based on your interest and trending topics, Twitter will show you the profiles of famous public figures and personalities. Tap the Follow button in front of the ones you want to follow.

After completing this last step, you will enter your Twitter profile home page. You can view the latest tweets, fleets, and trending topics here.

How to Finish Setting Up Twitter Profile on iPhone?

If you think your Twitter profile is complete after the sign up process, you are wrong. There are still a few details in your profile that you haven’t completed yet.

Step 15: As you are on the Twitter home page, tap on the hamburger menu icon (the three vertically stacked lines) in the top left corner. And select the Profile option.

Step 16: Once you reach your Profile page, click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button to see which details are missing.

Twitter edit profile on your iPhone

Step 17: Header picture – The function to upload a header or background picture is common among different social media platforms. To add an image, click on the blank image there. You can either click a fresh one or select a picture from your phone gallery to upload your header image.

Step 18: Location – Adding your current location helps Twitter find the most relevant or trending Tweets and profiles for you.

Step 19: Website – You can add your personal website, portfolio, or blog URL to this section. It will enable your followers to find information related to you quickly.

Twitter header, location and website

These details are optional, and you can skip them if you want. But we will recommend you to fill up every detail to complete your Twitter profile. After the details are complete, click on Save to update your Twitter profile.

How to Set Up A New Twitter Account If You Skipped Some Steps

Some users usually skip the steps to set up a profile after learning how to create a new Twitter account. Are you one of them or accidentally closed the app? And now, you must be wondering how to complete the set up process for your Twitter account. Here, you can find all the steps you need to know to complete your profile.

Step 1: If you are logged out of your profile, log into your Twitter account and enter your home page.

Step 2: Click on the three stacked lines or hamburger icon in the top left corner and then choose the Profile option.

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Set up Profile’ option to begin the process. Some users may see the ‘Edit profile’ option if they have completed a few steps earlier.

Set up Twitter profile on iPhone

Step 4: First, add your profile picture by tapping on the plus + button. You will get an option to either click a fresh picture or select an already saved image to upload.

Step 5: After the profile image, click on the plus ‘+’ button to upload your profile’s header image.

Pick a photo and header

Step 6: Prepare a short bio for your personal profile introducing yourself and adding some of your skills and achievements. For a business profile, you can add your company or brand details. Keep in mind that you will get only 160 words limit.

Step 7: Twitter handle, or username, is a unique identifier of the Twitter profile, making it an essential part of someone’s profile. Choose it wisely, as it will help people find you and connect with you on this platform.

Twitter describe yourself on iPhone

Step 8: Finally, add your current location details to personalize your account and get updates relevant to your country or state.

Click on the ‘See Profile’ button to see your Twitter account’s preview after completing the details.

Twitter location

It’s all done.

How to Change Display of Your Twitter Account

Step 1: Open your Twitter home page.

Step 2: Tap on the hamburger icon in the top left corner and select the Settings and Privacy option.

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Display and Sound’ option in the General section.

Twitter display on iPhone

Step 4: Tap on Dark Mode under the Display section. After that, you get a toggle button to enable or disable dark mode.

Alternatively, you can tap on the bulb icon on the pop-up sidebar.

Twitter display bulb icon on iPhone

Step 5: You can enable the toggle button to switch on the Dark mode option. Also, it is possible to choose a ‘Theme’ out of three available options.

You can view the effects or changes done on the background display from the settings you choose. Tap the back button of your iPhone, and it will automatically save the display settings.

I hope you find our article on how to create a new Twitter account on iPhone informational. Comment below to let us know.

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