How to Pin Someone Else’s Tweet

Micro-blogging platform Twitter lets you post almost anything. You can share your thoughts through 280-character text, images, gifs, videos, and polls. There, your posts are called tweets. On Twitter, you can not only pin your tweet but also pin someone else’s tweet as well. These tweets stay on your timeline until you remove them manually. You can use this feature to gain followers and monetize your Twitter account.

You can pin your tweet. Simply go to your Twitter profile page, scroll down through your timeline, pick a tweet you want to pin, click/tap on the more option in the top right corner of the tweet, and click/tap Pin to your profile. This pinned tweet will appear above all tweets on your profile.

But how can you pin someone else’s tweet? In this article, you’ll see our guide on how to pin someone else’s tweet so that you can pin any tweet to your Twitter profile.

How to pin someone else's tweet

Why Pin A Tweet To Your Profile?

When you pin a tweet on Twitter, it appears at the very beginning of your profile. So, anybody who views your Twitter profile can see the pinned tweet. You can pin any tweet to the top of your Twitter profile for various purposes. The following can be the reasons to pin a tweet on your Twitter profile:

  • Highlight any tweet to your profile visitors.
  • Alert people with some notifications.
  • Share important information with your audience.
  • Promote special offers and deals.
  • Promote affiliate links.
  • Earn money with paid banners, gifs, and videos.
  • Engage more people on your profile and tweets.
  • Bring more traffic and Twitter followers.

Can You Pin Someone Else’s Tweet?

When you try to pin anybody else’s tweet on your profile, you don’t get the option because Twitter has no such option. People who wish to pin any tweet on Twitter search for various tricks. Many third-party apps out there promise to pin someone else tweet to your profile. Never authorize your Twitter account to third-party apps for pinning tweets from other accounts. It’s also against Twitter’s existing guidelines. Your device and account both have the risk of getting compromised.

Keep scrolling down the article to learn the working method.

How To Pin Someone Else’s Tweet To Your Profile?

You can quickly pin your tweets, but to pin someone else tweet on your profile, you need to retweet it first.

Access Your Twitter Account

  • Open the Twitter app or website on your device.
  • Sign up or sign in, whatever is required.

Select A Tweet That You Wish To Pin

  • Search for the tweet you want to pin on your profile.
  • Tap/click the Retweet button under this tweet.
  • Next, tap/click the Quote Tweet option and add a comment to this tweet.
  • Now, tap/click the Tweet button.

Locate This Tweet On Your Profile

  • Open your profile and scroll down until you see the retweeted tweet.
  • Next, tap/click on the More icon (three dots in the right corner of the tweet) to get the option to pin it.
  • Now, tap/click on the Pin to your profile option.
  • Finally, tap/click Pin on the Pin this Tweet prompt.

Twitter doesn’t allow you to pin an original tweet from someone else, but you can pin a retweet. So leverage this opportunity. The pinned tweet appears on the top of your profile, so now you can check it there.

You can pin only one tweet at a time. When you pin another tweet, the previously pinned tweet automatically unpins. In addition, only quoted tweets have the option to pin. You won’t see the pin option on directly retweeted posts.

Till now, you learned how to pin retweets. Moreover, learning how to unpin a tweet is also essential.

How To Unpin A Tweet

Once the promotion period got over, you can unpin the tweet from your profile in the following steps:

  • Open the Twitter app or website on your phone/computer.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap/click the three-dots icon in the top right of the pinned tweet.
  • Next, click/tap Unpin from profile.
  • Finally, click/tap Unpin on the Unpin from your profile prompt.

It’s how a pinned tweet gets unpinned.

To delete the pinned retweet, repeat the same steps, except choosing the “Unpin from profile” option. Instead, choose the Delete option.

Final Words

One pinned tweet can bring more engagement to your Twitter profile. So, pin one tweet per day to grow your Twitter account fast. Do you have any doubts about the pin feature? Kindly let us know in the comment section below.


How to pin other people’s tweets?

You can use the quote tweet option before you retweet other people’s tweets. Because only quoted retweet has the option to pin it.

How many tweets can you pin?

You can pin only one tweet at a time, whether from your profile or someone else.

Can you pin more than one Tweet?

No, you can’t pin multiple tweets because the new pinned tweet will replace the previous tweet automatically.

Can you pin any tweet with its embed tweet feature?

Of course, you can use the embed tweet feature to retweet and pin a tweet on your Twitter profile. Just copy-paste the tweet URL and tweet it.

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