How to Install a WordPress Theme the Right Way?


Do you know the types of WordPress themes and how to install a WordPress theme? This article is all about that. A WordPress theme is a collection of files that allow you to customize the way your site looks and functions. There are thousands of themes to choose from specifically designed for blogs, eCommerce sites, portfolios, etc. There are many free themes available in the WordPress Theme Directory and there are paid themes that offer better support and regular updates like the ones available from developer sites or marketplaces.

Themes can also be classified into ready-made and custom-made themes. As the name suggests, ready-made themes are created by developers keeping different requirements of specific industries in mind. So if you are in the travel industry, then you can look for themes that have been designed keeping your industry in mind. If you find one that meets your requirements, then you can save a lot of time and money in developing from scratch or customizing a theme for your website. Another benefit of a ready-made theme is that it offers good support and regular updates along with a huge online community to help you counter roadblocks if any.

Install a WordPress theme

As a WordPress user, you may have some questions in your mind?

  • How do I install a WordPress theme?
  • How to install a WordPress theme on Godaddy?
  • How to install a WordPress theme on Bluehost?
  • How to install a WordPress theme on the localhost?
  • How to install a WordPress theme in cPanel?
  • How to install a WordPress theme from ZIP?
  • How to install a WordPress theme via FTP?
  • How to install a WordPress theme from Themeforest?

Steps to install a WordPress theme

A paid WordPress theme is provided in the form of a .zip file that can be installed either from the Admin dashboard or by using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. While the dashboard method is more user-friendly and easy to manage, FTP-method is usually preferred by users when the server security doesn’t allow the installation of themes from the dashboard. Hence, it is important to know both the protocols to install the WordPress theme manually depending on the situation. Let’s look at both the methods to install a WordPress theme:

How to install a WordPress theme from ZIP?

Download the .zip file of the ready-made theme that you want to install. Then, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Dashboard
  • Click on Appearances >> Themes >> Add New

WordPress appearance theme-min

WordPress theme add new-min

  • Click Upload Theme

WordPress install themes upload browse-min

  • Select the theme’s .zip file
  • Click ‘Install Now’

WordPress install themes upload browse choose file-min

  • Wait for the installation to finish
  • Click ‘Activate’

WordPress installing theme activate-min

How to install a WordPress theme via FTP?

To use this method, either your control panel should offer FTP access or you need to have independent FTP software. Also, you need software that can unpack the .zip file (WINRAR, etc.)

In this method, the theme is extracted and uploaded directly to the themes folder of the website. Follow these steps:

  • Unpack the .zip file
  • Login to the FTP manager
  • Locate the folder “wp-content/themes” in your WordPress directory
  • Upload the unzipped themes folder to this folder
  • Log in to the dashboard
  • Click on Appearances—Themes
  • Click ‘Activate’ on the theme uploaded by you

While selecting the right theme is instrumental in the way users experience your website, there are many things at the back end that need to be in place for an optimal experience and functioning of your desired WP Theme. For instance, a theme may break or not function if the WordPress installation is not up to date because of compatibility issues. Moreover, theme settings are saved in the WP database which if not optimized, may become slow and reduce the overall speed of loading your theme. This is why, timely maintenance of your WordPress website including timely updates, and WP database optimization is very essential.

One great way to take care of this is by hosting your WordPress website on WordPress Hosting plans. Most WordPress Hosting plans include automatic WordPress updates and even optimization of WP-Database. They at times, also come with pre-installed plugins and access to free themes.

Here is a guide on how to install and activate a WordPress Plugin.

I hope this helps you and puts you one step closer to setup and install a WordPress theme of your choice and have the desired look and feel to your WP website that your visitors will enjoy!


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