How to View Private Instagram Profiles

Does any private Instagram profile viewer exist? Are you worried about what your significant half (girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband) is up to on Insta but can’t find out? It’s probably because they have set their account as ‘Private.’ Is there any option to view private Instagram? It’s a feature offered by the social media giant, effectively ruling out any possibility of unknown entities encroaching on their privacy. The account owner decides who can view their accounts. Anyone wishing to follow such an account must send a request to the account owner and can only view it if permission is granted.

Well, good for them, but what about you? How do you view a private Instagram account/profile without explicit permission from the person involved?

How to View Private Instagram?

Is there a way to view private Instagram? A simple Google search will yield thousands of results, promising you a Private Instagram Viewer in exchange for money or completion of surveys. The number of such sites has recently increased as they have piqued the interest of the masses.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles

Is A Private Instagram Profile Viewer Really Work?

Now, to be very frank, all of them are dubious and wouldn’t in the least help you achieve your objective. Moreover, there’s a pretty good chance that you would be duped of your hard-earned money.

So, beware. Before falling into such a trap, here is a list of pointers you need to remember before you click on any such links. Some even hack sites, which are very dangerous compared to others!

(And despair not, fellow stalker. If you make it to the end of the article, you’ll find a legit way to access a private Instagram viewer.)

Grow some sense (duh)!

Instagram is a multi-billion dollar corporation. It would cause much wonder and shock if any random site could break into their security. Someone wouldn’t likely develop software that could breach the security of one of the top corporations and publish it without causing a public outcry. Thus, the chance of getting the desired results from these is practically nil.

All these sites are created in such a way as to give you the feeling that you can view any private Instagram account/profile. But in reality, you can’t view any of the secure private accounts. If you don’t believe me, then you can try, and I’m damn sure that you will be asked to go through step-by-step ways to view the profile at the final stage, but actually, you will never see that at any cause.

How does Instagram Private Profile Viewer Earn?


In case you were wondering what the point of setting up a website that doesn’t serve its purpose is, the answer to this is “they earn money.”

In a variety of ways:

  • Some ask for money upfront to avail of their services.
  • Some others ask you to complete surveys and through clicks on advertisements.
  • Others demand credit card numbers and sell other private information to shady companies.

It is shameful how people fall for these scams. It’s imperative to be vigilant and think logically whenever you are trying to navigate a legal or moral grey area, as there are many frauds prowling.

Are you looking for a private Instagram viewer without surveys? Then, read our tricks.

Tricks to See Private Instagram Profiles

Now, coming to what had been promised. How can you see private Instagram profiles?

  • Private Instagram viewer, no survey
  • Instagram Private profile viewer no survey

Well, you could always send a request legitimately. But what if you are out of luck there?

1. Search username on Google Images

Google image search

You could try searching for the person’s Instagram username on Google Images. There is a slight chance that he or she might have shared some of the photos on other platforms before the privacy measures were switched on.

2. Create a “Fake” Account

Not recommended, as it is highly unethical and breaches trust. However, this is just a demonstration of how social engineering could, in all probability, crumble the best defenses.

Fake Instagram account

Here’s what you should keep in mind when making a fake profile:

First and foremost, it will take time. The more work you put into it, the more real it would seem.

#1 Create a fake email. Use it to create your fake account.

To create a fake email, you can even try temporary fake email generators like Mailinator service, which will let you temporarily use any email with @mailinator to create your Insta account.

#2 Use a name that sounds real.

Use a name that sounds real. Don’t go overboard or use celebrity names. It should preferably belong to a fictitious (or not) female individual. Females seem much less predatory than guys (well, citation needed), and you have a higher chance of getting accepted.

#3 Click and share some real photos.

Upload enough photos to make sure the account seems real. Space it out evenly. Don’t upload them all on the same day. And try to stick to the safe ones, such as nature or cute animals. If you are ready to face legal ramifications, you could go on to post somebody else’s photo, too, although I wouldn’t suggest that. It’s much better to take a selfie and make it unrecognizable with layers of filters and clever editing.

#4 Fill the profile details and make them realistic.

Make sure you are following some mutual contacts of the person. It automatically brings about a level of trust. Also, follow some celebrities, for good measure, you think maybe followed by the person in question. You could follow random people, go to any regional celebrity page, and start clicking randomly for 2-3 minutes. Out of the 100-odd people you just followed, you will find about three who followed you back, too. Repeat with another celebrity page.

#5 Do comments and likes.

Interact and comment on other people’s posts. It is best to keep these positive, as it sends out good vibes.

3. Try to Ask that Person Directly

If you want to see that person’s profile for any reason, you can ask them directly by sending them a follow-up request. Once you hit the follow button, that person will be notified about your request. After checking out, the person can accept your request to follow him/her, but it’s not 100% sure that s/he will allow it.

Follow Instagram profiles

Usually, 90% of those who use a private Instagram account intend to be private, right? So, this method won’t work in most cases. But you can still give it a try by giving the following request.

Finally, you could go on to send the much-awaited request. Good luck!

Wanna learn how to make Instagram private?

Don’t Try Instagram Profile Viewer to See Private Profiles

Are you still in a dilemma and wanna know how to view private Instagram profiles?

But still, if you don’t believe any of the above methods and think that a private Instagram viewer or IG viewer can provide you access to private Instagram accounts/profiles. It is never going to happen. You might get trapped in survey forms to confirm you are a human, not a bot.

Over to you!

Finally, I’m trying to say that you can see a private Instagram profile using any of the ways mentioned above or even through any third-party services you think may work. If you try to find any working solutions or ways to check out a private Instagram account, kindly comment on your solutions in the comment box provided below, which will be helpful for many readers like you to do the same. Thanks for reading!

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    Jasmit Kaur Sahi

    Very nice article. I tried to use some of your mentioned softwares but they are turned out to be scam and asking to go through futile surveys. Just wasting money and time of the user.

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    Smruti Sagar

    There is an app in play store and it works in some accounts.With it, we can actually view private insta profiles without following them😎.

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