The Best and Funny Kahoot Names for Boys and Girls


Before coming across some best and funny Kahoot names for boys and girls, let’s get a short overview of what Kahoot is?

Kahoot is a kind of magical and fun-learning application that helps the students learn more easily and simply through games, quizzes, and polls. It helps teachers and educators across the globe create learning interestingly by creating games within a few minutes.

It is a very engaging platform for the students. Each student participates actively in the games and learns a lot from Kahoot. Kahoot is used by all kinds of educational institutions, whether schools, colleges, or universities. It is a very helpful virtual tool nowadays. Kahoot helps in the creation of multiple-choice quizzes also.

Kahoot allows the visibility in the flexibility of names to the other users. Before coming to the list of cool and trendy names, let’s get some insights about changing the name on Kahoot?

Best and funny Kahoot names

Sign Up on Kahoot

You can create a Kahoot account using your email ID, Google account, Microsoft account, or Apple account. If you sign up using Google, Microsoft, or Apple account, it does not require to remember your email and password.

Creating a Kahoot account on your smartphone is a three-step process. We recommend to sign up using Google account. You may also go with your choice.

Steps to sign up on Kahoot are-

  • Download and open the Kahoot app (Android/iOS)
  • Click on the profile icon

Kahoot profile icon

  • Next, press the “Sign up” button

Kahoot sign up button

  • Enter your date of birth and press the “Continue” button

Kahoot enter your dob

  • On the next screen, enter the Username in the given box and press the “Continue” button to create a username

Kahoot enter username

  • Now, you may sign up to create an account using any of the following methods-
    • Sign up with your email
    • Continue with Google
    • Continue with Microsoft
    • Continue with Apple

Kahoot create an account

  • We prefer to sign up with a Google account. Choose a Google account.

Add Your Name on Kahoot

Add your name on completing Sign up on Kahoot. It is no more a complex process. You can easily do that by following a few simple steps:

  • After clicking on the “Continue with Google” button, sign up process will complete. There is an option “Add your name” with a pencil icon.
  • Click on “Add your name” with a pencil icon.

Kahoot add your name

  • Tap on “Add your name” with a pencil icon. A pop-up box “Add name” will open.

Kahoot add name

  • Enter a funny Kahoot name of your choice or your real name. It is all up to you.

Change Your Name on Kahoot

Follow the below two steps, if you don’t have the Kahoot app on your mobile and you have an active Kahoot account.

  • Firstly, download the Kahoot app on your phone.
  • Then, open the Kahoot app.

If the Kahoot app is already on your smartphone, then a registered user may follow these steps to change the name (Not the username; name and username are different.).

  • Click on the profile photo on the left side of the screen on top of the navigation menu.

Kahoot profile picture

  • Then, click on “your name” just below your profile picture.

Kahoot change your name

  • Lastly, select and enter any cool and trendy name of your choice from the list given below.

Funny Kahoot Names

Exploring a trendy and cool name for Kahoot! You have come to the right place. Given below is the list of some funny names for Kahoot for both boys and girls:

Best Kahoot Names for Boys

  • Fun Pitara
  • Jiggly Puffy
  • Super-Duper Kahoot
  • Jaw Dropper
  • Magically Magical
  • Kahoot Bie
  • Funkie
  • Kahoot the Instructor
  • Laughter King
  • Virtual Bluff
  • Kartoot Kahoot
  • Fishie Fish
  • Scribbly Spark
  • Moving Encyclopedia
  • Fun Grabber
  • Flippy Flops
  • Kahoot the Hunk
  • Roller Coaster
  • Stimulator
  • Kahoot the Gravity
  • Kiddos Klub
  • Eye Catcher
  • American Nuts
  • Nutties Couch
  • Kiddie love
  • Ctrl V= Victory
  • Buttery Candie
  • Little Hearts
  • Browsing…
  • Little Kahoot Packet
  • Fun Haunter
  • Stylo Player
  • Enlightened Heart
  • Homer Joy
  • Joe Foe
  • Angry Bird
  • Racer
  • Crispy Potato
  • Shiny Little Star
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Smart Treasurer
  • Extra Delight
  • Snowy Panda
  • Dancing Bear
  • Junior Avenger
  • Jolly Star
  • Cool Bachelor
  • Majestic Look
  • Undertaker
  • Kahoot the Rockstar

Best Kahoot Names for Girls

  • Girlie Talent
  • Cheeky Pink
  • Miss Diva
  • Silk
  • Smoothie Crush
  • Jelly Candy
  • Hide n Seek
  • Cinderella
  • Blueberry Smoothie
  • Munchie Munch
  • Lovie Dovie
  • Cozy Barbie
  • Hunter Girl
  • Treasure Love
  • Girly Magic
  • Miss Googly
  • Bunnie Bun
  • Haunt the Magic
  • Lady Pie
  • Fear Fighter
  • Princess Fighter
  • Marvelous Queen
  • Appy Fizz
  • Girly Beauty
  • Super-Duper Lady
  • Miss Kitty
  • Kahoot Beauty
  • Oreo Delight
  • Queen of Kahoot
  • Lady Fixer
  • Gracie Leader
  • Cheesy Lover
  • Calm and Cool
  • Lady Love
  • Reveal the Magic
  • Goddess of Kahoot
  • Victory Queen
  • Cute Muffin
  • Fair n Awesome
  • Rosy Girl
  • Vibrant Beauty
  • Tweety Tweet
  • Lady Pumpkin
  • Laurels of Grace
  • Miss Trendy
  • Wonderful Player
  • Adorable Sizzler
  • Fair Teen
  • Kahoot Love
  • Sweety Pie

These were some funny Kahoot names for both boys and girls.

Co-author: Ms. Manpreet Kaur, BEd, Educator


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