How to Edit or Change Permalink in Blogger or Blogspot?

It is good to write and publish blogs with Blogspot, but what’s worth it if your blogs do not rank on the SERPs. After following the best SEO practices, you will know the importance of SEO-friendly permalink structure. An understandable and readable custom permalink helps search engines and your visitors, what you are covering in your blog. Making it SEO-friendly is an art that is important for us to learn.

What is a Permalink?

Permalink meaning the full URL of your blog post, pages, and other content.

Example permalinks:


There are different types of pages on your blog like blog posts, pages, archives, media, category, tags, etc.

What is Permalink in Blogger?

Before we discuss how to change Blogger URL, it is important to know about what is permalink in Blogger or Blogspot.

You change the old Permalink on Blogger or create it for new blog posts. When you write a blog post in English, the blog title is taken as a post permalink. E.g.,

But, for Hindi or Indian languages, you can quickly notice that your post permalink is of an indefinite structure. E.g.,

Due to this reason, most of the bloggers were not able to choose custom permalink for their blog posts.

How to Change Permalink in Blogger?

How to change permalink in Blogger Blogspost

Now, Blogger has an option for custom permalink, which is given on the right sidebar of the post editor.

If a blog post permalink has not correct structure, then most of the blog’s SEO tricks do not work properly. Due to this reason, the blog post will not perform well in search engines.

Aware bloggers publish their posts with English titles and then change the title in the mother language. But this method is not enough to create an SEO-friendly permalink. The only solution is using the available custom permalink option.

Example of Blogger Post’s Custom Permalinks

Now you are aware of the post permalink.

How to Edit Permalink in Blogger (New Interface)

1. First, login into the Blogger dashboard.

2. Select a blog from the given drop-down.

3. Click on the Posts tab. It is available on the left sidebar. You see the published posts.

4. Click on a particular post to edit.

Steps to change permalink in Blogger 1

5. You will see a drop-down attached with the Preview button. Click on the Revert to draft option.

Change permalink in Blogger 2

6. Now, you can edit the permalink for the post. Make it SEO-friendly.

Change permalink in Blogger 3

7. Double-check the changes and Publish your post with a new permalink.

Hurry, you nailed it!

How to Edit Permalink in Blogger (Old Interface)

1. Login into Blogger dashboard.

2. Select a blog.

3. Click on the ‘Posts’ tab given on the left side. Here, you’ll find the published posts.

4. To customize the permalink of a post, hover the mouse on the post title, now you’ll be able to see the ‘Edit’ option.

6. Click on the ‘Edit’ option.

How to edit permalink in Blogger Blogspot

7. After this, you can find the ‘Revert to Draft‘ option next to the ‘Update’ button.

8. Click on the ‘Revert to Draft’ button.

9. Now, click on the ‘Chain’ icon of the Permalink.

How to edit permalink in Blogger Blogspot

Here you can see the option of Custom Permalink. Now can make the desired permalink for a post

10. After typing an SEO-friendly permalink, click the Done button to publish the post.

How to Get Post Permalink Correctly?

Only characters (a to z, A to Z), numbers (0 to 9), and special characters like underscore (_), dash (-), and dot (.) are allowed in post permalink.

  1. edit-blogger-posts-permalink
  2. Edit-Blogger-Posts-Permalink
  3. edit.blogger-posts.permalink-123.45

Permalink 1 and 2 seem similar, but they are different due to using upper and lower case.

Don’t Forget to Create Custom Redirects

After changing your blog post permalink, you should redirect your old permalink to a new permalink. It will keep sending your visitors to the blog, who have access to your old permalink. You can read our article on how to create custom redirects for more information.

How to Remove Date from Blogger Post URL?

A few bloggers asked me how to remove date in Blogger permalink. So, friends, it is not officially possible to remove date from Blogger post URL. You may find some of the javascript-based solutions to this question, but your blog’s feed will keep the original permalink structure. So, Google may penalize your blog for too many unnatural redirections.

I hope you guys find the article useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Happy blogging!

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  1. Avatar photo
    Manu Prakash Tyagi

    Oh, changing the permalink is too dangerous. It was easy to do. I changed my post as per your instructions.
    I found my internal links broken, showing error 404.
    I suggest update all posts where you added this link, otherwise, 404 errors will occur.
    It is better to create a custom permalink when you are publishing the post.

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    Alex Walker

    Really This is a good topic to discuss. You have to get some good knowledge about SEO.
    Dear friends, you get some more information from this link.

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    Alex Walker

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    Peter Egwuatu

    It worked for me, my good friend. Thanks a lot. I never things work like this. Now, I have realized that blogging takes dexterity to be successful. And am surprised I got information about custom permalinks for free. God bless you.

    1. Vinay Prajapati
      Vinay Prajapati

      NO, it is not possible to get a Hindi permalink. Most web browsers don’t support the Unicode text in the URL.

  5. Thank you but I can’t remove the date from the link on my blog for ex. gamebucket‌‌‌‌‌_in/2018/11/battle-royale-game-pubg-mobile.html

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    Monika Tangri

    I like your website. It has some quick and helpful posts like how to change the permalink in Blogger for blog posts.

  7. Hi! Nice blog. You have done a great job. Particularly, the section about how to remove date in Blogger permalink is very important. Keep on working.

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      Moses Niyonk

      Hey, I do really love how this content is a helpful and more breathable manner to read.

  8. Hello. It is no longer possible to change the date in the permalink. If I want to publish a post in 2020/09, I can still select the date, but the URL of that post will always have the current date, 2021/08. This mismatch is very annoying. In the Help Center, no one is giving meaningful answers. I wonder if all this is a consequence of an error in the system or a change of policies. In any case, Google should have warned us.

  9. Hi, I have successfully changed the permalink structure of blogger posts by removing the year and month to /blog/ server-side with the help of Cloudflare. Will changing permalinks have any impact on SEO? Does the old permalink structure redirecting to the new structure will not affect SEO?

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