How to Use Custom Permalink on Blogger/Blogspot?


Now time to change old Permalink on Blogger for better SEO to get high search engine ranking. When you write a blog post in Hindi or Indian languages then you can easily notice that your post permalink is of the indefinite structure. This indefinite structure is called automatic permalink. In general cases, it is like ‘‘. Due to this reason, most of the bloggers were not able to choose custom permalink for SEO.

Custom permalink blogger

Now Blogger has an option for custom permalink and that is on the right side of the post editor. If blog post permalink has not correct structure then most of the SEO tricks for the blog does not work properly. Due to this reason blog rank get down in search engines. Those people are aware of permalink they publish their posts with English title and then change the title in mother language. But this method is not quite enough for SEO purpose, its only solution is custom permalink or URL for a post.

Example of Blogger Post’s Custom Permalinks

Now you are aware of post permalink. So now we’ll talk about how to change old post permalink to customize for better SEO.

  1. Land to Blogger dashboard
  2. Select the blog
  3. Click on ‘Posts’ tab given on the left side
  4. Here you’ll find the ‘published posts’
  5. To customize permalink of a post just hover the mouse on the post title, now you’ll be able to see the ‘Edit’ option
  6. Click on ‘Edit’
  7. After this, you can find ‘Revert to Draft‘ option next to ‘Update’ button
  8. Click on ‘Revert to Draft’ and then to Chain icon of the Permalink.
  9. Here you can see the option of Custom Permalink. Now can make the desired permalink for a post
  10. Again publish this post

Only characters (a to z, A to Z), numbers (0 to 9) and special characters like underscore (_), dash (-) and dot (.) are allowed in post permalink.

  1. edit-blogger-posts-permalink
  2. Edit-Blogger-Posts-Permalink
  3. edit.blogger-posts.permalink-123.45

Permalink 1 and 2 seem similar but they are different due to using upper and lower case.

Reference Images Tutorial:

Custom permalink Edit post
To use Custom permalink Edit post
To use custom permalink click on Revert to draft button
To use custom permalink click on Revert to draft button



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