Blogger has made some new exciting changes related to search engine optimization (SEO). As I have told you about how to change permalinks of old posts for SEO purpose or other reasons. It is most important to reduce the 404 Error on your blog by diverting old missing or deleted links/pages to new updated links/pages. It is important because old links may have been crawled and indexed by search engines on the world wide web and if some user follow up these indexed urls which have been edited or deleted will cause 404 Error. To minimize 404 Error Blogger’s new Custom Redirects feature can help you for sure. In this article I will tell you how to create a custom redirect for Blogger blogs.

Custom Redirects for Error 404 Pages

For this consider an example:
Suppose you’d old post and post link was:

and now you’ve a new post and link is:

Now go to –

Blogger Dashboard › Settings › Search preferences › Errors and redirections › Custom Redirects › Edit

So you’ve to type in box opposite to From:


and in box opposite to To:


and click on Save

The following image will guide you step by step to setup custom redirects for deleted posts and pages.

Blogger Custom Redirects

Again if have another url for custom redirect then you should click on button and repeat the entire process.