Top 100 Computer Science Jobs with Highest Salary

Nowadays, computer science jobs are booming. More than 30% of graduates choose to study computer science. Technological advancements are taking place faster than in any other field. Computer science has a vast scope in the corporate world. There are more jobs for computer science students than students of any other field. People are interested in various programming languages to decipher codes and create new applications. With technical skills and logical thinking ability, computer science graduates are in high demand in multiple companies across the globe. That’s why many of us want to opt for computer science careers and know about jobs with a computer science degree.

Such talents are paid high salaries for their association with a company. Companies hire such people across the globe. With their high-end knowledge of computers, people must be creative to adopt new technologies and develop better solutions. They must have the enthusiasm to develop the latest technology for the company. There is no shortage of jobs for computer science majors. Every company needs technical employees who can manage the work based on computers, from using the internet to using the latest applications and having ample knowledge to troubleshoot problems.

“Software engineer” is the most common word heard by people across the globe. When people ask about work, software engineers hear almost 50% of such people work in MNCs (Multi-National Companies). Software engineers demand high respect in society.

Computer science jobs

Computer Science Jobs

Although there are numerous jobs in the computer science field, below are the top computer science careers. Let’s see what you can do with a computer science degree.

Software Developer

A creative mind behind useful software is known as a software developer. The work of a software developer is to create software using codes that perform tasks as required on other devices. They are also tasked with updating the software according to the latest trends according to the documents made for reference. With creativity skills, software developers generate unique codes in various programming languages. They are responsible for the maintenance of the software, checking its testing process, and smooth functioning without bugs (commonly called errors). Software developers are in the highest demand in companies that can develop software according to their work needs. A software developer is required everywhere, maybe a government organization or corporate company. It is one of the jobs you can get with a computer science degree.

  • Average Annual Salary: $136,297
  • Source: Glassdoor (2024)

System Analyst

A computer system analyst is granted access to the company’s computer systems, and their task is to recommend changes in the software to enhance the company’s efficiency. Also, system analysts must continuously learn the latest technology trends and adapt them to run the company’s hardware and software. They are also responsible for determining the costs and benefits of the system, analyzing and testing the running functionality of the system, and suggesting new developments required for the organization for better functionality.

  • Average Annual Salary: $89,296
  • Source: ZipRecruiter (2024)

Web Developer

The task of a web developer is to create a website for an organization using codes and modifying it according to the users’ needs. They must create a website that may be easily accessible through various devices running on different interfaces. Web developers tend to have technical and graphical skills to create eye-catching designs on the web page without facing technical issues when creating a web page. Their other tasks include maintaining and updating the websites according to the latest technologies, checking website traffic, and troubleshooting issues on the website.

  • Average Annual Salary: $94,998
  • Source: Glassdoor (2024)

Database Administrator

As the word administrator means to manage a system, the task of Database Administrator (DBA) is to manage an organization’s database. They use applications to store important data of the company, regularly check for errors, create a backup of the database, recover lost data, if any, store confidential data of the company, provide easy accessibility across the users, be aware of advanced trends and implement those in current database software to ensure smooth functioning of the company. The finance and insurance sectors have the highest requirement of database administrators.

  • Average Annual Salary: $99,890
  • Source: Indeed (2024)

Project Manager

The task of a project manager is to manage the project given to them by the company. They must create a roadmap for completing the project in a given time. Planning may include budget allocations to coordinate with the team members on a roadmap and schedule different tasks to complete the project. Project managers are responsible for creating a team of members with relevant skills who can work on the project efficiently by creating budgets and leading the team with managerial skills to execute the plan made and hand over the completed project to the team, who will carry it forward. Project managers have higher responsibilities, and only trained people are reemployed in this post by an organization.

  • Average Annual Salary: $95,000
  • Source: Glassdoor (2024)

Hardware Engineer

Companies hire hardware engineers who are creative in handling hardware components. Their task is to design, develop, and test such components for an organization’s better functioning. Recommend hardware according to the needs of the users. Troubleshoot failures occurring on routers, printers, and other storage devices. They design and assemble electronic circuits. Hardware engineers are the driving force helping in the growth of technologies.

  • Average Annual Salary: $146,230
  • Source: ZipRecruiter (2024)

System Architect

The role of the system architect is to design and implement the system’s networking. They are also responsible for designing and handling the company’s office internet, Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), VoIP, etc., by testing them and monitoring their usage, considering information security. They research the latest networking technologies and suggest the best of them to the organization, explaining why it is important to implement them and how an organization can benefit from the latest technology.

  • Average Annual Salary: $224,334
  • Source: ZipRecruiter (2024)

Data Scientist

A data scientist is capable of handling the company’s data. They advise organizations about new business ideas related to the data collected from the company. They are advanced in analyzing statistics, data mining, and new techniques to implement those technologies in the current working environment to boost a company’s business growth.

  • Average Annual Salary: $125,677
  • Source: Indeed (2024)

Web Content Manager

A website consists of words and pictures. Relevant content is required to be posted on a webpage. Web Content Managers are hired for the same purpose. They are responsible for collecting information and posting relevant content on a webpage. Their important role is to post relevant content that may engage the readers. Their task is not similar to that of Web Designers. They are responsible for managing the content to be posted on a website and not designing the webpage, which is a web designer’s task.

  • Average Annual Salary: $83,358
  • Source: ZipRecruiter (2024)

Computer Scientist

Their task is to design and implement the latest technology and improve the use of existing technology. They are known for studying and solving complex computing problems for the company. Some of them can write algorithms and create programs to control robots.

  • Average Annual Salary: $111,343
  • Source: ZipRecruiter (2024)

UX Designer

User Experience Designers, commonly known as UX Designers, tend to design the software’s interface flow by optimizing the user experience. They are tasked with creating visual design through feedback and advanced improvements and recommending design patterns that work best on websites or apps. When required, they may request changes directly from the developers. They must understand which technology is required and not required for a particular website.

  • Average Annual Salary: $107,249
  • Source: (2024)

Mobile Application Developer

Smartphones are a highly used gadget across the globe. Every person has a smartphone in their pocket. So, Mobile application developers are in demand who can create an app for the company that runs smoothly on smartphones. They are required to develop an app that may be installed and used by every smartphone user on commonly used operating systems, such as iOS and Android. With appropriate programming languages that can be used to create mobile apps, developers have advanced technical knowledge and mobile application development lifecycle to meet the company’s needs.

  • Average Annual Salary: $158,000
  • Source:  ZipRecruiter (2024)

Information Security Analyst

They plan the measures to prevent the company’s confidential information from being compromised. The demand for Information Security Analysts is increasing with the continuous increase in cyberattacks. Their task is to monitor an organization’s networking and plan security measures that may allow hackers to breach its system. They are required to investigate when the violation occurs, respond quickly to prevent data loss or any mishap, and report to the organization regarding such activity to plan and control data theft.

  • Average Annual Salary:  $96,652
  • Source:  ZipRecruiter (2024)

Portal Administrator

This role is to manage the company’s web portals. Knowledge of portal software is required to manage the web portal. As a website administrator, you get access to the functioning of a website, including the activities of the users and other groups, and manage what can be done for better functioning. They are responsible for researching the latest technology and integrating it into the portal system in coordination with the web administrator, as well as optimizing the performance of the web portal.

  • Average Annual Salary: $74,468
  • Source:  Indeed (2024)

Business Continuity Analyst

The key role is to recover from the disaster that occurred on computer systems. They must develop strategies for disasters, learn how to prevent them, resume functioning smoothly, and report risks to management. People must be enriched with risk management skills.

  • Average Annual Salary: $89,321
  • Source:  ZipRecruiter (2024)

Wireless Engineer

As the title suggests, this post requires employees to manage the organization’s wireless network. They must design a networking module and implement it in the required field. They must also document the processes, recommend system upgrades and setups, and run tests on wireless networks to monitor performance.

  • Average Annual Salary: $129,511
  • Source: ZipRecruiter (2024)

ERP Business Analyst

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Analysts focus on an organization’s back-end operations, including sales, SRM, accounting, and more. They must be efficient in using the company’s SRM software. They are required to create a report of the business’s stakeholders’ requirements and configure ERP software according to the data collected.

  • Average Annual Salary: $113,876
  • Source:  ZipRecruiter (2024)

Solution Architect

The role of a solution architect is not limited to IT companies but may go beyond that. In terms of IT companies, a Solution Architect tends to know the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) software. They are supposed to convert customers’ requirements into technical terms and understand databases.

  • Average Annual Salary: $150,000
  • Source:  Glassdoor (2024)

Cloud Engineer

Their work is to research new technologies related to cloud computing, design, and create a new service for the company, and troubleshoot problems to ensure the smooth functioning of the cloud systems.

  • Average Annual Salary: $133,882
  • Source:  Glassdoor (2024)

Game Designer

Video games are very common and in high demand, from kids to adults. Video games are stress-busters for many people, while kids enjoy playing for entertainment. The video game industry and the demand for game designers is growing. They create the required game’s characters, puzzles, animations, and various levels. Game designers are an internal part of the gaming team, coordinating with the developers to create the game. Their thoughts and ideas are documented and presented to the developing team so that they understand what techniques are required to create a game.

  • Average Annual Salary: $149,118
  • Source:  ZipRecruiter (2024)

Machine Learning Engineer

These software engineers have complete machine learning knowledge and are in a higher position than the Data Scientists. They learn the language on which the machine runs and deploy those production solutions. They monitor the data flow between both ends. They are also responsible for optimizing those solutions to ensure better performance.

  • Average Annual Salary: $128,769
  • Source:  ZipRecruiter (2024)

CRM Business Analyst

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Analysts tend to have less technical knowledge than other professionals in this field. They manage front office work, often requiring marketing and technical skills to use CRM software efficiently. Their role is to gain customer loyalty by analyzing data stored in CRM software.

  • Average Annual Salary: $107,235
  • Source:  ZipRecruiter (2024)

Telecommunication Manager

Their role is to understand the company’s telecom needs, such as voicemail, and to install such devices in the company. They are also responsible for maintaining the devices in the future to ensure their smooth functioning. They must be aware of the latest technologies available in the market and contact the vendors to upgrade them.

  • Average Annual Salary: $93,261
  • Source:  ZipRecruiter (2024)

Network Security Engineer

Responsible for network architecture, implementing and upgrading hardware and software according to the latest trends, and troubleshooting issues. They have access to the company’s network usage regarding security, analyze the data collected, and perform tasks to improve the network’s security system.

  • Average Annual Salary: 124,948
  • Source:  ZipRecruiter (2024)

Database Developer

Their task is to administer the database and check for issues in data integrity. They are responsible for conducting data tests and running recovery plans when necessary. They must have command of programming languages like Java, Python, etc.

  • Average Annual Salary: $86,499
  • Source:  ZipRecruiter (2024)

Computer Science Jobs with High Salary

S.No. Job Title Responsibilities Average Annual Salary (in USD) Last updated on
1 2D Animator Creating 2D animations, including character and design 66,323 Mar 2020
2 3D Animator Making objects move like in the real world 66,323 Mar 2020
3 Animation Technical Director Head a team of animators and provide technical assistance 95,294 Jan 2019
4 3D Modeler Creating a flat object into a three-dimensional figure 64,021 Mar 2020
5 Animation Supervisor Supervise animation artists in creating high-end & fine quality animations 72,129 Oct 2019
6 Animator Using the latest techniques in giving life to an object 66,323 Apr 2020
7 SEO Specialist Rank website on search engines 56,197 Apr 2020
8 Software Systems Engineer Upgrade the computer system of the company, run software tests on systems 86,554 Apr 2020
9 E-Commerce Analyst Different roles in the field of marketing, strategy, finance, communications, stats, and management 59,881 Mar 2020
10 Pre-Sales Engineer Communicate the guidelines of technical aspects to the sales staff 105K Apr 2020
11 Security Administrator Keeping track of activities of systems to prevent them from hacking 70,594 Mar 2020
12 CRM Technical Developer Develop and strategize CRM software for the organization 81,711 Jan 2020
13 Senior Web Developer Guide the team of web developers of the company 96,815 Mar 2020
14 Programmer Analyst Design an application using graphics and flowcharts 81,303 Apr 2020
15 Semiconductor process engineer Create a computer chip by managing processes at every level and being responsible for its maintenance 75,564 Sep 2019
16 Data warehouse developer Follow technical procedures using a database provided by the organization 101K Apr 2020
17 Data Modeler Plan and build the Logical Data Model 84,480 Feb 2020
18 Web Editor Manage and edit the contents of a webpage for optimal utilization 57,539 Feb 2020
19 Webmaster Update the website according to the specific requirements 75,672 Mar 2020
20 Web designer Design the outlook of a webpage 57,958 Apr 2020
21 Visual Development Artist Using advanced animation techniques to create visuals as required 58,914 Apr 2020
22 Product Manager Responsible for developing and maintaining the software products of an organization 107K Apr 2020
23 Software Tester Check for the issues while performing various parts of coding 63,608 Apr 2020
24 Software release manager Perform all operations before software handover to the client 72,680 Jul 2019
25 Sign Designer Specializes in creating signs for companies or communities with graphical skills 56,498 Feb 2020
26 SEO Consultant Advice the organizations on steps to improve their ranking online 56,197 Apr 2020
28 SEO Analyst Assure that the contents are appropriate and improve the rank of the website in search listings 56,197 Apr 2020
29 Artificial Intelligence Specialist Inventing software with advanced technology to connect human thinking 119K Mar 2020
30 Bioinformatics software engineer Develop software to pile up genetic info 97,215 Dec 2019
31 Applications architect Manage application portfolio for the company 123K Dec 2019
32 Manager Information Security Secure customer data, organization data, and systems performance 52,963 Mar 2020
33 Manager Applications Development Manage the organization’s created software 131K Feb 2020
34 Network Architect Design internal networks of an organization 92,225 Dec 2019
35 Manager Data Warehouse Data mining, analysis reports on data of the company, data interpretation, and warehouse database 49,271 Nov 2019
36 Data Architect Create data architecture using the organization’s database, create flow diagrams and metadata 115K Apr 2020
37 Manager Software Quality Assurance Manage quality assurance of all IT-related works of an organization 93,794 Apr 2018
38 Quality Assurance Analyst Overseeing software developer’s coding techniques and ensure in providing better software to the clients 62,012 Apr 2020
39 Information Technology Auditor Suggest compliance process, access risks due to technology, audit the computer systems of the company 83,175 Apr 2020
40 Business Intelligence Analyst Collect data on an organization and recommend improvement 78,464 Mar 2020
41 Information Technology Manager Manage a technical team of the developers 93,457 Mar 2020
42 Manager Help Desk Provide technical support to the users, monitor behavior of employees on call 35,002 Aug 2019
43 Manager Design & UX Monitor user experience for software developed by the organization 124K Feb 2020
44 Technical Support Provide technical knowledge to the non-employees 38,325 Apr 2020
45 Book Designer Create unique designs for books with graphical skills 62,148 Jan 2020
46 Character Designer Create imaginary visual characters 66,240 Jan 2020
47 Network Security Administrator Following the network security plan, including firewall protocols 72,420 Nov 2019
48 Network Manager Responsible for checking smooth running of networks of an organization 84,413 Feb 2020
49 ERP Technical Developer Check for technical glitches in ERP configuration 81,621 Sep 2019
50 Cinematic Artist Create animated graphics for video games to make it feel like a movie 46,803 Aug 2019
51 Computer Forensic Investigator Recover lost data of an organization during a cyber attack 52,726 Nov 2019
52 Compositor Combine animation and real footage to create a film 75,287 Jan 2020
53 Clinical Informatics Director Manage systems of the hospital, which are used to monitor the data of patients 93,133 Aug 2019
54 Internetwork Expert Use advanced technologies in managing highly complex networks 73,141 Apr 2020
55 Concept Artist Think of imaginary characters and put them up in video games 58,914 Mar 2020
56 Computer Science Professor Teach the students of a university about computer science 97,215 Mar 2020
57 Computer Support Specialist The major task is to help the users troubleshoot the problems 53,048 Feb 2020
58 Cybersecurity Strategist Create a strategy to prevent systems from cyber attack 77,647 April 2020
59 Business System Analyst Create technical reports for the business of an organization 73,326 Nov 2020
60 System Analyst Upgrade the systems of an organization knowing the latest requirements for better functioning 76,130 Apr 2020
61 Document imaging specialist Convert data files of the company into digital format 48,960 Feb 2020
62 EDI Systems Analyst Provide the latest technology to the company to transfer files at a higher speed 69,867 Mar 2020
63 E-commerce consultant Provide support to the clients on how to do business online 59,881 Nov 2020
64 Enterprise Architect Ensure that the systems of the company are sufficient to achieve the business goals of an organization 117K Apr 2020
65 Environment Artist Design the background of the video games 90,554 Aug 2019
66 Ethical hacker Find the loopholes in the systems of a company by hacking it in the traditional way 118K Nov 2020
67 Electronics Engineer Design creates new electrical devices 74,232 Apr 2020
68 Flash Designer Create animation using flash 58,013 Mar 2019
69 Food Stylist Display the delicious appearance of food items in a movie shoot or photoshoot 25,174 Jun 2019
70 Game artist Give visual effects for video game 56,390 Jan 2020
71 Game Programmer Write the advanced programming codes for video games 50,923 Mar 2020
72 Game Director Put in creativity to create visionary video games 79,860 Feb 2020
73 Game Tester Check for any bugs in a video game while playing 55,030 Feb 2020
74 Illustrator Design graphical images for stories 41,897 Mar 2020
75 Game producer Similar to a movie producer, the role of a game producer is to complete video game creation for business purposes, monitoring budgets and schedules to complete within the deadline 58,627 Jan 2020

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