Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Profile, Story, Videos, and Page?


When you talk about social media, Facebook is the first name that comes to mind. The most commonly used platform by every person across the world. Started using by the youngsters, now people of every age group above the age of 13 have an account on Facebook. The Internet has made our lives easy. So did Facebook. Earlier Facebook was used just to socialize, connect with friends and families. Now, businesses are done over a large scale on Facebook.

People find other user’s profiles on Facebook, commonly known as Facebook stalking. Users are curious to know who are the people trying to view their profile. There are various ways to get over this curiosity- who viewed my Facebook profile. Can you see who views your Facebook? Is it possible officially or unofficially? Let’s check out.

Can you see who views your Facebook

How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook?

Let’s get started with the list of methods on how to see who views your Facebook profile.

1. Facebook Profile Source Code

To check who viewed my Facebook profile, you can use the ‘InitialChatFriendsList’. Google Chrome is suggested to use this trick. Other browsers may face some issues. Follow these steps:

  • First, log in to the Facebook account.
  • Now come to your profile page.
  • Right-click on the page and select View Page Source (You can Use CTRL+U on Windows and Command+Option+Uon Mac to see view page source)
  • Press Ctrl+F to open the search bar
  • Now type and search InitialChatFriendsList

Facebook IntialChatFriendList

  • You will see a list of users who views your profile most. Their profile IDs will be listed between ” “. E.g. “100006525035225-2”
  • Simply copy profile id without “-2” i.e. “100006525035225” which is the profile ID of the Facebook user and in new tab type (number here refers to the profile ID copied). E.g

2. Flatbook Extension for Chrome

You can install a Google Chrome extension “Flatbook” which is available on Chrome Web Store. It seems like Google Chrome is the only browser allowing users to do so. Funny though!

Follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and install Flatbook extension. Search for this extension on the Chrome Web Store.

Flatbook Facebook unfriend

  • Click on Add to chrome option and wait for few seconds for the installation to complete in the Chrome browser.
  • After installation is completed, now login to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the Flatbook extension icon, which is available at the top right corner of the page.
  • From the list of options, click on Profile Visitors
  • You will get a list of 20 people who view your profile most
  • You can also check who has unfriended you on Facebook

Not satisfied with the above methods? Here is another method to reach your goal.

3. Super Viewer for Facebook

This is another extension that can help you in finding who views your Facebook. This is again a Google Chrome extension. It seems Google Chrome is leading in the browser’s race. Thank you, Google Chrome, for helping us out. Funny again!

Installing this extension in Chrome is as easy as the previous one. Just follow simple steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser
  • Search for this extension and click on the Add to Chrome button. Wait until the installation completes

Super viewer for Facebook

  • Now, login to your Facebook account
  • The ‘Visitor’ option must be visible at the timeline bar
  • Click on that option and check who views your profile

4. Who Viewed My Facebook for iOS

Still not over with curiosity – who viewed my Facebook? Here is the last and final hack to calm your nerves down. Yes, you read that, right! iOS users its time to rejoice over Android users. Facebook got a tie-up with the most famous and widely used brand Apple. Using the iPhone, Apple management tried to do something out of the box for its users. After various meetings with Apple management, Facebook is finally testing this special service for iOS users, which is a nightmare for Android users.

The above-listed techniques are a bit frill. Need not worry now. iOS has simplified everything for its users.

Excited to know? Let’s get started to check who viewed my profile:

All you iOS users, you just need to:

  • Open your Facebook app
  • Open Menu on Facebook
  • Scroll down to the Settings & Privacy option
  • You will find a new feature called Privacy Shortcuts
  • Search for the option Who viewed my Facebook and you are done!

Who viewed my Facebook Profile

To be informed, this is just in a testing mode, and we are waiting for its rollout. I hope they roll out soon for iOS users.

When tried to contact Facebook for its launch, Facebook clearly stated that there is no such feature on which Facebook is working on. Facebook, under its strict regulations and privacy policy, clearly states that this feature would never come out for any kind of user.

Yes, you read this right. But we hope this feature comes out soon, and the preferred date would be first April (year unknown).

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook?

The question “who viewed my Facebook profile” can come in the mind of any user. Above are listed techniques to check who viewed your Facebook profile. Although Facebook respects everyone’s privacy, and so does, Facebook has its policy. Facebook officially declared that there are no such methods, tricks, or hacks to check who views your Facebook profile. Few third-party apps claim to do so, but being unauthorized, your data may be stolen and used anywhere else may be in the wrong way. So, beware of those apps claiming to do so.

Although Facebook stores all information about its users’ activities, but is unwilling to share the data to its users. Every action of the user is monitored by Facebook, including who’s profile a user is stalking at. But, framing its policy, Facebook is not willing to release their data through any source of the mean. Facebook keeps these data confidential, and as the word confidential states, no one can have access to these data. This is not a tool built by Facebook.

Third-party apps that claim to do so, Facebook asks its users to report the same to Facebook so that they may take appropriate actions against them violating the laws. Using third-party apps to check who views your Facebook profile, your data may be collected by them and may be sold to the advertising agencies for money. Do not share your password with those third-party apps else all your data may be stolen. If Facebook wanted, they might have provided this feature in their built-in tool, but they did not.

Facebook allows you to make friends only when you accept anyone’s friend request, or they accept yours. Then only you may view their complete profile. Friends are meant to share their thoughts, photos, stories, and videos. But, any other person who is not in your friend list, have no right to keep a check on your profile. Fair enough!

Fake ids are so common on Facebook. A Facebook Stalker usually create a fake id and send friend requests to stalk their Facebook profile without revealing their original identity. Not a good act, but there are over millions of fake ids made on Facebook just to check the activities of the users they want to stalk over. Once you accept their friend requests, all your data is visible to these Facebook stalkers.

Fake ids may be of –

  • Your ex
  • Enemies
  • Parents, who want to keep an eye on the Facebook activities of their children
  • Relatives, who are not allowed to reach their Facebook profile
  • Boss or staff of a company, where you are being employed
  • Others, who want to have access to your activities

It is not a good sign of activity in some cases.

For a person who is not in your friend list may only view your personal information like age, city, birth date, relationship status, religious views and many such more as provided by the user. These data may be only seen to outsiders only when a user wants to share their details and mark them public. It’s again upon their choice to whom they want to share their information with. If they chose to share their information only with their friends, then it’s a nightmare for you as you cannot see their complete information.

Simply NO is the answer to the question: Can you see who views your Facebook profile?

Don’t get disheartened and continue using Facebook, leaving behind this curiosity to check who views your profile.

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Story?

Share your story is a new feature; users can post their stories where they may include texts, photos, and videos. These stories would be active for the next 24 hours. Then check on your stories after posting, a list of people who have viewed your story by far may be visible to you. It’s up to users’ choice with whom they want to share their stories. Users mostly prefer to post stories very often to check on the list of people who are watching their stories.

Now you can answer this question- how to see who views your Facebook profile, story, videos, and page.


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