How to Make Money as A Web Developer?

After completing your degree or a web development course, you definitely search for how to make money with web design and how do web developers make money. There are many skills you can utilize to make money as a freelance web developer.

There was a time when web developers only built custom websites, not from templates but rather from coding everything from scratch.

Over time, web development began to take on a whole umbrella of services from content writing to videography, and everything in between. While some of the more successful web developers offer all those services, you will typically find that most will build a site, populate it with content and perhaps provide ongoing consulting and analytics unless other packages are purchased.

If you are a freelance web developer, you might wish to make money with all of your skills. Here are some ways of making money as a web developer.

Let’s see how to make money as a freelance web developer by thinking of how much do web developers make and how much does a web developer makes. Such questions seem hard to answer, but dedication and smart work will be helpful to achieve success.

There is no freelance web developer salary; only the sky is limit. How much do freelance web developers make is depends upon their skills and business strategies.

How to make money as a web developer

Tips for Making Money as a Web Developer

1. Staff Recruitment

In today’s economic climate, there are still tens of thousands of professionals still unemployed from the last financial crash of 2009. Some have gone on to freelance while others have been searching for placement within their industry with another employer. Some university students have just graduated and are seeking employment as well.

Today there are many job recruiters out there who simply market online through various job placement sites by writing the adverts for their clients. Many times they aren’t even the ones who do the preliminary interviewing. Their sole focus is to write adverts that appeal to professionals to draw top-of-the-line applicants. Why not offer this service as a freelance web developer? Your content writers can compose the adverts, saving your clients a tremendous amount of money they would have paid to a recruitment site. You earn extra cash, and your clients will save a ton of money.

2. Web Hosting Reseller

When you build a website for your clients, the one thing they will be unlikely to have already is a hosting plan. As a web developer, you need web hosting for your website and also to run trials on sites you are developing. Have you considered becoming a web hosting reseller?

When you purchase a hosting package, you could resell bandwidth you are not using. In fact, the larger the package you buy, the cheaper it tends to be per GB. You could quickly become a reseller to offer a service your clients need and become a one-stop-shop. You won’t need to buy and maintain the physical servers yourself. You are only selling off a portion of the disk space and bandwidth you are purchasing at a profit. Are you looking for a hosting company that has reseller options?

3. Lead Generation

Another excellent service you could provide your clients with a benefit would be a lead generation package. With the right strategy, you could be giving your clients a list of potential customers who are verified leads, not just someone filling out a form. While this typically falls to marketing agencies, you have marketers within your organization who could provide this service in-house. A freelance web developer can have a marketing team; if so, why not put yours to work generating leads for your clients.


These are just a few of how a freelance web developer can generate extra profits. By providing a well-rounded number of services that your clients will need on an ongoing basis, you can be assured residual income. It was – How to make money as a web developer; this is how you do it. Offer more services so that your firm can handle virtually everything they need to maintain a successful website.

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