How to Block Someone on Facebook?


With higher expectations and higher usage comes lots of problems. There is no denying the fact that people face problems while using Facebook. Facebook stalking is one big trouble among them. You must know how to block someone on Facebook to avoid cyberstalking and other issues.

Facebook, regarded as the highly used social media tool by people of all ages, still people block others for some of the other reasons. Blocking on Facebook is much harsh than unfriend someone on Facebook.

How Do You Block Someone On Facebook?

How to block someone of Facebook

Don’t get confused with unfriending, blocking, unfollowing someone on Facebook, they have different aspects. No two methods are similar.

When you unfollow someone on Facebook, their post and updates won’t appear in your news feed while maintaining friendship on Facebook. They can still send you messages or tag you in their posts or watch your posts and updates.

When you unfriend someone on Facebook, you remove them from your friend list. They may not have access to watch your posts and updates anymore.

When you block someone on Facebook, they may not contact you through any means on Facebook. You can not watch their posts and updates either. Blocking someone is like completely removing someone from your Facebook account.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Facebook?

  • Facebook does not send any notification or message that you have blocked them.
  • They can know that whether you have blocked is when they will search for your name on their friends’ list or in the search box.
  • They may not be able to send you a direct message or tag you in any of their posts.
  • Meanwhile, many people are not anxious to go through your profile. Such people may not know that you have blocked them.

You can block people on Facebook at any point in time.

How Do I Block Someone On Facebook?

Let’s know how to block people on Facebook.

Block Someone on Facebook on Desktop

Method 1

1. Open Facebook on a web browser and log in to your account

2. Go to the profile of the person you want to block

Block someone on Facebook

3. Click on the three dots (…) icon placed next to the message button

Block someone on FB option

4. Click on the ‘Block’ option

5. Click on ‘Confirm’ to block them

Block someone on Facebook > Confirm

Method 2


1. Click on the inverted triangle button placed at the top right of the screen

2. Click on the ‘Settings’ option

Block someone on Facebook triangle

3. Click on the ‘Blocking’ option from listed options at the left side of the screen

Facebook blocking option

4. Type the name of the person in the search box

5. From the list of the result displayed after your search input, click on the ‘Block’ button placed to the right of that person

Facebook blocking add name or email

6. Click on ‘Block’ to confirm

Block People on Facebook using App

We have seen the above method of blocking on Facebook. You can also use a FB app for blocking people on Facebook.

Method 1

1. Launch the Facebook app on your mobile phone

2. Go to the profile of that person whom you want to block

Block people on Facebook > Search

3. Tap on the three dots (…) button placed right side of the screen

Block people on Facebook > Click on three dots

4. Tap on the ‘Block’ option

Block on Facebook

5. On the next screen, tap on ‘Block’ to confirm

Block people on Facebook Confirm

Method 2


1. Tap on the three horizontal lines placed at the bottom right corner on the app

Click on the Facebook app triple bar

2. Go to ‘Settings’

Facebook settings

3. Scroll through the listed options and tap on ‘Blocking’

Blocking on Facebook app

4. Tap on the + icon (Add to Block List) and type the name of the person in search box

Facebook Add to blocked list

5. Tap on the ‘Block’ button placed at the right of that person’s profile

Block people on Facebook search app

6. Again, tap on ‘Block’ to confirm

Block friends on Facebook confirm

Don’t worry, It is simple to unblock people on Facebook. You may unblock someone on Facebook after reading our article – How to unblock someone on Facebook. I hope, you will find it useful.

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