Facebook is nowadays flooded with thousands of profiles. As soon as people start understanding the world of internet, the first thing they do is make a profile on social media, mostly Facebook. The main reason behind this is that they can be made for free, so it does not hurt people to make several profiles. Not to forget to mention that there are many advantages too. People can promote their business, stay in touch with relatives and friends far away, share memorabilia, socialize with other people, and many such others. Conversely, the Facebook profiles are also used to catch cheating partners, stalking ex, etc. Let us talk about how people catch cheating partners on Facebook.

Fake Facebook Profile
Fake Facebook Profile

The process starts with creating a fake profile with the opposite sex from that of the suspect. Then, it is followed by talking in luring manner, and the suspect gets trapped. Here, I will show you how to catch a fake profile to prevent yourself being trapped by your stalker. Whenever you receive any unknown friend request, check out these 5 things about the profile.

#1 Check How Old is the Profile

This is the good way to start. Check how old is the profile. If it is being created recently, chances are it might be fake. But, it is not a strong ground to judge.

#2 Check out About section of the profile

Most of the fake profilers do not put much effort to fill About section properly. They just fill anything randomly in a hurry to make fake profile. If the About section is incomplete, or you see any weird information, this is the first clue of the profile being fake.

Fake Facebook Profile About Section
Fake Facebook Profile About Section

#3 Check out Mutual Friends

If you see any of your friends in that unknown profile, ask them if they know that person. If your friends do not know, then this is a strong clue of a fake profile.

#4 Check out the Photos, Comments and Likes

The next thing you have to see is what kind of photos the person has uploaded. If you see pics of hot girls, or celebrities or erotic divas, this is the second clue of a fake profile.

Some smart people also upload profile pic of any random good looking person to make it look a real profile. In that case, you need to see what kinds of comments are posted. If the profile is not fake, then you will see the comments of friends stating their names, saying friendly (or abusive words, in case of boys, hehe) words to each other.

Fake Facebook Profile Photo
Fake Facebook Profile Photo, Comments, Like

But, if the profile would be fake, you will see strange comments like, “hi”, “how are you”, “nice photos”, “will you be my friend?”, and such comments. This shows that the commentators have no relation with that person. Do not judge this from a single comment or two, go through all the comments.

#5 Check What Kind of Posts the Person Shares

This is last, but not least. The shares by the person can also help you determine if it is fake or not. It helps you determine the taste and interest of the person. If you find no shares, the profile is possibly fake.

Check Facebook posts
Check Facebook posts

Words of Wisdom

Hence, you can go ahead by talking to the person only after you figure out all the above concerns. Be wise, be alert. Do not disclose personal information or get lured by the obsequious talks. If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to ask me.

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