How to Backup Your Theme or Upload a New Theme on Blogspot/Blogger?


As a blogging platform, Blogspot/Blogger is simple, and theme editing is not that much tough as someone can think.

Recently Blogger has made some critical changes for better blogging. Many new options are now available, and old options have been enriched.

One of the new features is taking the backup of the current Blogspot theme before making any changes in the existing theme.

If you get any error message after making uncertain changes by mistake, then you can quickly restore the backup theme.

How to Backup your Blogger Theme/Template and Restore It

Taking a backup of the theme on Blogspot is a work of less than one minute.

How to Backup your Blogger Theme/Template and Restore It?

I have created a pictorial representation to understand all steps in a better way.

Steps to Take the Theme Backup on Blogspot/Blogger?

› Go to Blogger dashboard
› From the Drop-down, select your blog
› Then click on the Theme tab
› After that look at the top-right corner there is the Backup/Restore button
› Now click on the Download theme button which is of orange color
› If you want to upload a new theme then click on the Choose file button and choose theme file in XML format
› And then press  the Upload button just below file browse option
› One you’re done, you can press the Close button

Taking Backup of your Theme or Uploading a New One

Hereunder are the screenshots to take a backup of your theme

Steps to take a backup of theme on Blogspot/Blogger?

On the pop-up screen, you can see the Download theme button and option to Upload a theme. Follow the instructions given on the screen and click on the button Choose file to upload or restore a theme of your

Steps to upload a theme on Blogspot/Blogger

I believe you will find the tutorial useful and share it with your friends. Cheers!


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