What Does OPS Mean on Snapchat?

Every day new acronyms like OPS wonder thousands of new users on social media. The use of slang OPS on Snapchat stories isn’t surprising, but do you know what it means?

Snapchat vocabulary is growing fast with time and regional reach. We should stay updated about new abbreviations and jargon like IFK, WRD, YK, WSG, WTW, etc.

The abbreviation OPS stands for “opinions.” People frame sentences with it. For instance, OPS on me. In this example of OPS, the person is seeking opinions about them. In addition, they use OPS on Snapchat to express a mistake or surprise. The context matters the most for understanding the meaning of OPS. We’ll take a few examples to put light on its usage.

In this blog post, you’ll learn what does OPS mean and how it is being used on Snapchat and other social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc. We have also covered different examples so you can understand this slang term and its use in texting and online platforms.

What does OPS mean on Snapchat

What Does OPS Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat spices up your leisure time with your family and friends. You can engage them with posts, stories, and chats. During spending quality time on Snapchat, you can come across known and unknown acronyms having different meanings.

On Snapchat, people use ops for “opinions.” When you see people using ops on their Snap stories, they are actually seeking your opinion about them.

Those who spend enough time on social media know “OPS” is an alternative to “TBH,” which means accepting genuine opinions about something. When you ask people to be honest about yourself or something you shared with them, you care about their opinions.

In a Snapchat conversation, if someone texts the term “ops,” they are ready to answer your questions without hesitation. So be comfortable asking anything because it’s an open conversation.

How to Use OPS on Snapchat?

After knowing what ops mean, you can easily use it in your Snapchat posts or stories to see people’s opinions. In addition, you can text “ops” to someone in a conversation so they feel free to ask you anything to get your reply.

The slang OPS is a common term on Snapchat that people use in different ways.

For example, when someone posts a story with the caption “ops on me,” they welcome your honest opinion. In the same way, they can post “ops on Jim” and want to know what you think about Jim or his acts.

Sometimes, OPS can be an expression of surprise, most in comments and conversations.

Occasionally, the term “ops” is used to ask questions in a private conversation instead of posting a public story.

Now, the next time you come across it, you won’t confuse.

How to Respond to OPS on Snapchat?

In an ongoing conversation, when your friend texts you “ops,” he wants your opinion on the topic you are discussing. Then, you can share your opinion with him. It can be about someone or something. If it is about a person, then share your point of view about their personality or character. Otherwise, it may be about something like cars or bikes. Then you can put your opinion about the make or model.

Example #1: Someone

Alisha: Is Joe angry with me?

Jim: Don’t you know?

Alisha: Ops on Joe.

Jim: He’s a nice guy.

Example #2: Something

Karen: Do you know about cars?

Joe: Yes! Of course.

Karen: Ops on BMW.

Joe: A luxury car for business owners.

Other Meanings of Ops

The usage of ops depends on the context and area.

  • Opposition (Rival gangs)
  • Operations (Business and sports)
  • Opportunities (Games)
  • Office of Public Safety (Government)
  • Outpatient Surgery (Medical)


On Snapchat, the acronym “ops” mostly refers to opinions on me, but its meaning can differ according to context. Someone can text you “ops” to invoke you to ask anything that you want. Occasionally, people write “ops” instead of typing oops, then it means a mistake or surprise. I have also covered what “ops” means in text messaging. So you can understand the context correctly and respond accordingly.

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