Innovative Ways to Boost Employee Productivity through Games

Everyone knows that one of the keys to running a successful business is making sure that you have a happy and cohesive workforce who work well alongside one another. But socializing at the bar or having numerous parties to help increase bonds can also lead to detrimental effects on your employees- namely hangovers at work. Then boosting employee productivity is a real need to overcome this situation. There are other ways to help build a stronger relationship between members of the workforce that don’t involve drinking and dancing, though. Here are a few ideas that you may not have considered using before.

Better employee productivity with game

“Teambuilding ” (CC BY 2.0) by jugendpresse.deutschland

Employee Productivity is Possible with Games

To keep employee productivity on the track, you can do the following things to grow business.

1. Boot Camp

One way to get everyone moving and help them to blow off steam, while also improving teamwork and leadership skills are to take them on an army boot camp team-building outing. There are hundreds of companies that cater to large groups and are used to dealing with businesses that wish to develop stronger bonds between employees. Army boot camp days consist of activities like military-style assault courses, tire challenges, rifle shooting, and tugs of war. These kinds of events can help boost morale, focus, and ignite a competitive streak among employees which will help them strive to hit their targets at work.

2. Poker Tournaments

Although days like these can be extremely beneficial, companies usually use them as special events that occur maybe once or twice a year. Something that could be held more often, possibly as a weekly or monthly event, is a poker tournament. But while competing in the endless amounts of Texas Hold’em tournaments available at any given time is enjoyable, there are also other benefits.

Studies have found that people who play poker are able to deal well with high pressure, maintain control of the situation, and deal with stressful situations. They also develop stronger decision-making skills, are better at assessing risks, and are good at reading other people’s behavior. These are all valuable qualities that could be applied in the workplace to increase productivity. Business owners can easily find out about poker rules, and encourage their staff to read more about tips, terminology, and strategy for beginners and intermediate players before they dive into a friendly tournament.

3. Chess and Other Childhood Classics

You could mix things up a bit by hosting other games nights for your employees as well. Some of the brain-boosting effects of poker have also been discovered among chess players. The only problem is that chess is a two-player game, so it wouldn’t provide an opportunity for large groups to socialize at the same time. There are other indoor games that could be fun ways for your workforce to unwind and get to know each other better, though. Things like Twister, Giant Jenga, and other board games could make for a fun an entertaining evening.

If you feel like your workforce could do with a lift in terms of working together and bonding as a team, you may well find that using some of these ideas can really help. There are some even more extreme methods as well, which are used by companies like Uber and Facebook. These include espionage-themed adventure games and music video competitions.

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