Video Game Console History – An Interesting Infographic

Sometimes you need to look back to see how far you have come. Take a look at technology and be amazed! If you were to go back to the past for about ten years, you would appreciate the role that technology has played in virtually every sector. The computer revolutionized everything, opening doors to other gadgets and devices. Friends, video game console history, is fascinating.Β With the revolution came to video game console, a machine that has brought joy into the lives of many. There is something for everyone when it comes to gaming.

Video Game Console History

A nostalgic trip down memory lane will show you the best video game consoles, the best selling games, and how every new game console improved on the previous version. The PlayStation 3, for example, made us forget that we ever used corded controllers. However, the Bluetooth controllers did not override the popularity of Grand Theft Auto as it was still the most popular game in both the PlayStation 2 and 3. NES was also relegated to the past by the introduction of Nintendo 64 and the Wii, among others. Even though the Mario game was still a favorite although in different versions for each game. Any gamer will appreciate the old games, their simplicity, the new games, and their complexity as you take a video game console history lesson through the infographic below.

Video Game Console History

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