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Perhaps most of the shopaholics already know a few ways to save big money while shopping online. Most of them browse more than one stores to purchase a single item to get the best price. Sometimes you can wait for markdown or vouchers if it is possible. After all, it’s shopping, not puja path. You don’t believe but you can still save more money. I will tell you what to do if you are serious about this article. These 5 shopping secrets will keep big savings in your wallet.

save big shop online

  1. Follow stores on social media

Every online marketplace has page of social media for news, product promotion, and seasonal offers. It’s the best way to make a loyal customer. Today online promotion through media is very easy because who can shop online also have social media account to keep connected with their friends. The only thing you need to do like or follow their social media page. Then you’ll be among those people who’ll be able to avail the latest offers and discount coupons. As I followed Myntra Facebook page to get Myntra promo codes as soon as possible.

  1. Trench home delivery charges

Almost every online shopping stores have no home delivery charges when you spend a minimum amount. In the US some stores are giving free shipping, it doesn’t matter how much spend but only for certain location. We can expect it will come in trend very soon to attract more buyers. But till then spend a minimum amount to cut down shipping charges, for this, you can make a list of products which you want to buy and order them from your favorite store.

  1. Always check discount sites

It does not matter you have not a coupon code. You can find discount vouchers online through coupons and offers database like Where you can browse coupon codes in different ways like – use search bar, popular coupons, latest coupons and most popular stores. Most popular stores section is a page where I can browse discount coupons and offers for any online store e.g. Myntra Coupons to buy the product at best price. To check the validity of the coupon code you may find green tick mark with the quote “tested on dd/mm/yy”. People usually give hit to like button if they find offer useful for them. You may check the valid coupon at first sight on this basis. This way you’ll be able to make extra savings like me.

  1. Buy items directly from craftsman/artificer

We all love to decorate our home. For this, we buy different things like handcraft and vintage things. You can increase savings by shopping through a site like Fab Furnish or Etsy. Such sites showcase handcraft like handbags, vases, artificial jewelry, wooden work, wall lamps etc. made by talented artists. These sites give you the opportunity to items directly form artificer, there is no middleman so no commission fees. If you buy products from a local craftsman, you save big on delivery charges.

  1. Use credit card reward points or cashback offers

Nowadays credit card companies have different strategies to engage customers to buy through their credit cards. When you pay by credit card, you get reward points. After getting minimum reward points you may spend these to buy any item available in credit card mall or shopping site. In India, ICICI bank has such a system where you can collect reward points while shopping through their credit card and redeem these earned points to buy a product from their online shopping mall.

Apart from this, some companies/banks offer cashback offer, when you use their credit cards. For example, State Bank of India (SBI) provides 5% cash back if you use a credit card for shopping.

I believe these ideas will be tools to increase your savings from next purchase. If you liked this post please leave a comment and let me know – how I helped you?


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