16 Ways to Find the Best Deals Online to Get Maximum Discount

All of us love online shopping from your favorite online marketplace or browse several different stores to find the best deal online to get maximum discount and save more money in your pocket. Saving money is a good habit, and everyone will appreciate it. These days online retailers understand your psychology of buying goods, so they all are offering discounts and deals to attract customers to become the number one online retailer. But if you’re a smart buyer, you can understand their strategies and pick the maximum discount while shopping online.

Perhaps most of the shopaholics already know a few ways to save big money while shopping online. Most of them browse more than one store to purchase a single item to get the best price. Sometimes you can wait for markdown or vouchers if it is possible. After all, it’s shopping, not the puja path. You don’t believe but you can still save more money. I will tell you what to do if you are serious about this article.

Here’s how?

16 Ways to Find the Best Deals Online

How to get maximum discount while shopping online

Understand the Dynamic Pricing Trap

Online retailers know what you are browsing on the site when you spend and how much you spend. Also, they look for product demand and other factors to show different prices to different customers. Their website uses sophisticated technology to track your surfing and collect the required data to determine how much you can spend on buying a specific product. You may see a lower price, and your friend may see a higher price for the same product as per spending habits.

If you want to play safe and want to pay lower prices each time, then don’t forget to erase web browser cookies and log out from your account. Are you using the latest version of the browser? – Then you can use “private” or “incognito” mode to stay safe from a dynamic pricing trap.

Dynamic pricing is a strategy used by online retailers to offer different prices to customers having different interests. The price fluctuations are based on the market factors, demand, and the user’s spending habits & browsing pattern. The websites generally track your internet activity and gain knowledge about your online behavior. You might see a higher price for a product than someone else who has different spending habits. You can avoid it by clearing the cookies and logging-out your account. You can even sign up using the ‘Incognito’ Window.

Compare In-store and Online Prices/Deals

Prices always different when you compare online and in stores. On your smart device, you can check the online price quickly when purchasing online and then may call the local retailer to know the store price.

Sometimes sales price may be higher, but a better deal by some store may let you buy the product comparatively at a lower price.

It is another excellent way to save money while shopping online, as you know that many shopping websites provide you different products. You can compare the prices of the product you wish to buy on various shopping websites. Go with the one offering the lowest price. In this way, you can save a significant amount of money on your purchase.

Not only this, once you have found the website where your product is available at the lowest price, you can also search for the coupons and check if a further discount is applicable using the promo codes. If any additional discount is available using the coupons, you can save extra money.

Claim Cashback Every Time You Shop

Whenever you shop online, you can check cashback offer over the internet. Most of the online stores offer some percentage of the amount you have spent online as a cashback. Be it Amazon, Flipkart, Tatacliq oy any other portal.

During festive seasons, many banks offer cashback to their customers if they are shopping from a particular website. Find out such websites that allow your bank to offer you cash back at the time of your purchase. This cashback might be instant in the form of a deduction from the total or may come to your bank account directly after a few days of your purchase.

If you are using some of the recharge websites, then paying money through them might fetch you an extra discount in the form of cash backs. But, this is only possible if you are shopping from the website that allows such transactions.

Search for Discount Coupons and Deals

It does not matter you have not a coupon code. You can find discount vouchers online through coupons. Where you can browse coupon codes in different ways like – use search bar, popular coupons, latest coupons, and most popular stores. The most popular store’s section is a page where I can browse discount coupons and offers for any online store to buy the product at the best price.

If your favorite store is not sending you coupons or deals after adding items into the shopping cart, then there is an alternative option. You can search for discount coupons and deals on the web. Many sites provide exclusive discount coupons and offer the best deals for their subscribers.

If you are thinking about how I can use these sites to avail discount or deal, then open the site and look for available coupons and deals. You may also browse through the store list. A list of available coupons and deals will be shown, and you may pick your favorite.

If you have decided to shop online, then finding coupons online can be a great way to get discounts. Suppose if you are shopping on Amazon, you can search for Amazon Coupon that can fetch you discount on buying a product or making a recharge. You need to apply the coupon code before making the payment for your product.

Many websites provide discount coupons. You can reach out to these websites and find out the working coupons that can help you in availing the discounts. There are many renowned websites for finding promo codes and discount coupons online to save money on shopping.

Subscribe Newsletters and Alerts

It does not matter you’re a new or loyal customer. Online retailers want to increase sales. For this, they regularly send the exclusive coupons for single-use on your email or mobile number. You may sign up for these alerts via different emails and mobile numbers to grab the best offer anytime.

It is best to sign up for all the stores where you can find your desired product. This way, you can compare deals that may help to negotiate.

Another great way to save your money while shopping online is by signing to the alerts. You can sign up for email alerts on your favorite eCommerce websites. They will keep on sending you the best-discounted offers and coupons. If you find something cheaper in these email newsletters, then you can buy it at discounted rates. Moreover, you can get alerts for fixed time offers/sale and get discounts without applying the coupon codes. Signing up for the email newsletters will ensure that you don’t miss out on festive and fixed-time sales.

Leave Products in Your Shopping Cart

Yes, this works. If you don’t have an account on the particular store, then please create it first and then log in. Browse products that you wish to purchase and add these to the shopping cart and then sit and relax. Most retailers want to sell their products, so they will try to close the deal. For a reason, in few coming days, you may receive an email with a discount coupon or an offer for a better price. This trick works for most of the online stores, but not for all.

If you are not in a hurry to buy your favorite products from your favorite shopping website, then you can select the product(s), add them to your cart and log out your account. In a few days, you will be getting the luring emails from the website(s) to buy the products left in your cart. They will try to attract you by giving discount offers. It is the time when you can easily get your favorite product at much lower rates.

Call Customer Support

Suppose you wish to buy an expensive thing, but there is no coupon or deal available, but if you ask for customer support to give some discount or deal, they’ll assist you in selling the product. Sometimes customer support extends the expired coupon or deal. It is not a sure method, but you can try your luck.

Be A Follower on Social Media

Every online marketplace has a page of social media for news, product promotion, and seasonal offers. It’s the best way to make a loyal customer. Today online promotion through media is very easy because who can shop online also have social media account to keep connected with their friends. The only thing you need to do like or follow their social media page. Then you’ll be among those people who’ll be able to avail of the latest offers and discount coupons.

If you follow retailers’ Twitter or Facebook updates, as a reward, they may give early access to major sales and offer exclusive discounts and deals. It is so because you’re loyal.

Trench Home Delivery Charges

Almost every online shopping stores have no home delivery charges when you spend a minimum amount. In the US some stores are giving free shipping, it doesn’t matter how much spend but only for a certain location. We can expect it will come in trend very soon to attract more buyers. But till then spend a minimum amount to cut down shipping charges, for this, you can make a list of products that you want to buy and order them from your favorite store.

Buy Items Directly from Craftsman/Artificer

We all love to decorate our home. For this, we buy different things like handcraft and vintage things. You can increase savings by shopping through a site like Fab Furnish or Etsy. Such sites showcase handcraft like handbags, vases, artificial jewelry, wooden work, wall lamps, etc. made by talented artists. These sites give you the opportunity to items directly from an artificer, there is no middleman so no commission fees. If you buy products from a local craftsman, you save big on delivery charges.

Compare Prices Between Online Stores

On the net, several sites offer product price comparison between different online stores. You can take the benefit of them to save maximum.

Use Multiple Coupons Strategically

Some stores are offering coupons for the minimum purchase value, i.e., if you’ll spend more than Rs 1900, then you can apply a specific coupon to get a discount of Rs 200. If you use this coupon to the purchase of Rs 3999, then you’ll get only Rs 200 off. But to get a discount of Rs 400, you can make two orders wisely.

Use Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps are now top-rated because you can buy any product anywhere anytime with these. Some online retailers are providing exclusive coupons and offer only for smartphone app users. So you must check for such kinds of discount offers and deals too.

Pay through Card Offers

Nowadays credit card companies have different strategies to engage customers to buy through their credit cards. When you pay by credit card, you get reward points. After getting minimum reward points you may spend these to buy any item available in credit card mall or shopping site.

Deal with Affiliates

There might be many people who will be dealing with affiliate marketing. You just need to contact them and see what offer they give you if you purchase any product through their link.

Look for Giveaways

The best way to get a product for free is by looking for giveaways. But, it can only happen if you are too lucky to have the product in the giveaway.

The Bottom Line

The craze for online shopping is on a boom these days, but you should be careful while shopping online. Though many sites can be trusted, few websites might turn out to be a fraud and steal your hard-earned money. It is advisable to shop from a trusted website that has excellent reviews. You can find the coupons online and get a discount on your products. Be alert for the discount offers and coupons to save money on online shopping.

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