Online service is always doing surprising things and adding value to its user’s choice. Millions of users prefer to use social networking sites like Google, Facebook & Twitter in time of promoting their products, brands or Business. And social media is a source through which you can connect with others to sell your products and advertise your business. Online advertising and marketing are much easier & cheaper than a physical marketing and advertising processes. It’s a great beginning for business professionals for selling more products as well as gaining new customers. Many companies are applying developing strategies to their social media posts, links to connect with their online customers which engaging them with the social channel.

Product: You

People used to get connect with Google, Twitter & Facebook to communicate with friends, build relationships, and stay in touch and also creating a strong customer network to buy & sell their products & brands. Social media marketing is growing in a faster way to touch the roof of the online business and Social media sites getting revenues through advertising. Google getting 96 percent of its total revenues through ads and its services including Google search, G+ posts, share, Maps, Gmail updates etc. Recently Facebook increased to 70 percent of its revenues. Out of that earns 53 percent of ad revenues are mostly from smart devices like smartphone or tablet. Like other sites, Twitter is also getting 75 percent of its total advertising revenues and mostly coming from mobile use. Check out the graphic Product You for more detailed information about online services.