5 Ways to Increase AdSense CPM and CPC

For many site owners, especially bloggers, AdSense is a prime revenue source. If that is the case for you, you must learn all about ad optimization. The most crucial target of an AdSense optimization campaign is increasing CPM. You want to increase AdSense CPC, i.e., get a higher Cost Per Click. Even if you have an excellent CTR, you may need the earning potential.

You can say many things about increasing AdSense CPC, and you will surely see many articles on the topic. Most blogs discuss blogging, ranging from Blog For Web to Pro Blogger. Remember that many factors influence CPM and CPC, so learn that, too, before you make modifications. For instance, read about how niche influences AdSense CPM and CPC and how content quality affects click rates.

Increase AdSense CPC tips

Want to Increase AdSense CPC? Learn These 5 Rules

1. Use the Ad Review Center

You must go to the Ad Review Center in your Google AdSense account. This is where you get the possibility of seeing the amount that the ad category currently pays you. In addition, you can look at various ad categories that presently appear on the website. If you see that one does not pay that much, block it to increase AdSense CPC. This simple tweak can help much more than many believe, but only professionals make modifications.

The categories that are irrelevant to the site’s niche or content have to be blocked. For example, let us say you are blogging about Tech-related topics. In this situation, ads from Religion or Dating would be irrelevant and decrease AdSense CPC. Do not believe that such ads do not appear. You can see that they do in the Ad Review Center. Learn more here.

2. Use The Competitive Ad Filter

This is another feature that is included in the Google AdSense account. You can use it to block general or specific ads from the pages that you own. It is possible to block such ads from a website. The increase in CPC will not be that high unless you eliminate ads from the competition.

3. Take the Viewer Platform Into Account

Sites are accessed using different devices like laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones, and so on. It is essential to always look at the various platforms that visitors use to access your site. Generally, CPC will not be affected too much by the platform. However, we all know that the more you target, the higher the success. We currently have most readers coming from laptops and desktop PCs. That will change in the future.

In most situations, the ads that appear on mobile devices are of higher quality. Because of this, you have to be sure that your site is perfectly optimized for mobile users. Many blogging platforms, like WordPress, allow you to do this through plugins easily. However, larger websites without open-source CMS systems will require financial investments for the modifications to be done.

4. Attracting Users From Specific Countries

This is a factor that has a drastic impact on you when you want to increase AdSense CPC. It would be best to target some countries as they have better deals available for you. For example, a USA ad-click can even give you $3 per click. However, that same ad would only generate 30 cents if a visitor from India would click.

It is crucial to tailor the site’s content to audiences in English-speaking countries. If you have a lot of traffic from countries that are not great in terms of click value, there is a big possibility that you will need to use something else instead of AdSense to maximize revenue.

5. Experiment With Ad Sizes And Location

Two factors that impact how much you get per lick are ad size and ad location on a site. Based on the site that you run, you proved specific positioning to bring in higher earnings. You must keep experimenting with these two factors to increase AdSense CPC. Change ad location for one week so that you see how that impacts your CPC. Regarding ad sizes, stay focused on standard ones since they always bring in higher revenues than weird sizes because of the volume of advertisers that use them.


Following the tips above can help you a lot, and you should expect a CPC increase of up to 30%. Everything is allowed in Google TOS, so you do not have to worry about that. Just make sure that AdSense is the best option for your site.

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