How to Invite New Authors on Blogspot – Blogger Guide

Team blogging is a good idea to publish new articles on a regular interval. In this article, we will learn – how to create a team blog or invite more authors to your blog? A small team or group of people or friends may contribute to one blog and achieve their objectives in less time.

The Blogspot blog owner has the ability to invite new blog authors. The blog owner is also called a blog administrator. It is possible to invite more than one author at a time.

After accepting the invitation via email confirmation by the author, the blog admin can set the individual author as an admin with the same permission. It is advised to make admin only to a trusted person. Admin has the right to delete the blog and blog posts.

Other members who have only author permission can create, edit, and publish their posts anytime.

Only blog admin has the right to delete other author’s posts or have all rights related to published, scheduled, or drafted posts.

Only blog admin can modify blog settings and templates. Time management is key to success for team blogs.

Invite More Authors on Blogspot

1. Log in to Blogger dashboard and navigate to Settings and click on it.

2. Scroll-down to Permissions.

3. Click on the invite more authors link.

Invite more authors on Blogspot

4. Enter one or more emails to invite more authors and press the Send button. You need to separate email addresses with commas.

Enter emails to invite authors on Blogspot

5. You can see pending invites can like this. You can cancel the invite by pressing the X button.

Manage invited authors to Blogspot

6. The invited users receive an email with the Accept invitation button. He needs to click on it to accept your invitation.

The Accept invitation button

Invitees get more information about your blog after clicking the link.

An invitee accepts invitation to contribute a blog

7. When an invitee accepts the invitation, his email will display in the Blog admins and authors.

8. There, you can give admin privileges. Click on the Author and select the Admin from the drop-down.

Warning: It’s not advisable to give admin privileges because the admin role allows him to delete the blog and its content.

Manage blog admins and authors

9. Final step, click on the Save button. You’re done.

It’s all about inviting more authors to your blog.

Add Authors on Blogspot (Old Interface)

Still, using the old Blogger interface, you can follow how to add authors on Blogspot.

1. Go to Blogger Draft › Settings › Basic › Permissions › Blog Authors › Add authors

Add emails separated by comma and Click on the Invite authors button.

Add a team blog

2. You’re done. Invited members receive a request in their email. Clicking on the link given in the email, an invitee confirms the request.

3. After confirming the request, his/her name, and email will appear on the Blog Authors list.

Author and Admin permission on Blogger

4. Now, the blog admin can permit admin access to any of the authors. Don’t assign an admin role to untrusted users. They can delete your blog and content. They also get access to blog themes, gadgets, and settings.

Set author as admin on Blogger

Video Tutorial – Invite More Authors on Blogger

Summing Up

Team blogging is possible with Google Blogger. It is professional to run a team blog or website for small and medium businesses. Maximum 100 members can be invited, and a joint venture is ready to rock on the internet.

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