8 Types of Social Networking Sites

Social media has become the most popular way to share valuable information. Many famous social networking sites equally host social media. Several people use different social network sites to promote themselves or their business products and services.

What are the different types of social media? Today, social networking is a real tool for anyone. For those individuals who are new to social media, they can know the different types of social networking sites as mentioned below:

Types of social networking sites

Types of Social Networking Sites

1. Blogs

Most people want to share their lives frankly and openly. Weblogs are personal journals that have advanced a lot. There is no doubt that some personal journals continue to exist, while blogs talk about a particular topic or awareness.

2. Micro-Blogging

Micro-blogging is very analogous to blogs, and this is a sort of micro journal of the latest episodes. These micro-blogging sites can share the latest happenings in an individual’s life. It can be the information that the person desires to share. Nowadays, major news/events are breaking online through microblogs. Twitter is the best-known and most famous microblog.

3. Photo Sharing

Social networking sites behave as the best tool for sharing of vital information, including photos. Many users upload their beautiful pictures to major Photo Sharing Sites. There is no need to send individual pictures to anybody; instead, you email a particular link. Moreover, you can tag the photos and allow other users to post comments. Instagram and Flickr are some of the most popular photo-sharing sites.

4. Video Sharing

The most famous video-sharing site is YouTube. Most popular videos can be shared online, and keywords are inserted so that people can efficiently search for the relevant video title. Other users can post comments if permitted by the video owner. Video-sharing allows for a more distinctive look of the actual user.

5. Professional networking sites

In professional circles, networking has been widely acclaimed as a positive feature. It allows an individual to connect with other individuals and, through these connections, meet or call other professionals. More professional social media networking sites allow for all these types of opportunities online. You can always remain connected to your experienced friends and other family members. One of the topmost professional social networking sites is Linked In.

6. Social media

You can have friends from almost every sphere of life. It can be people with whom you’ve worked, school or college friends, and even friends in the locality where you’re staying. Social networking sites are sites that allow users to keep in touch with individuals known to them. The current leader is Facebook, which is emerging as the most popular social networking site. There are more WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, etc.

7. Bookmarking

The primary purpose of major social networking sites is to share valuable information. If you find a web page that is informative or interesting, you may decide to bookmark it. It certainly means that you like this page. In the event, your friends will hear what you want. They can pick to read the same. Mix (StumbleUpon), Digg, and Delicious are the most popular bookmarking websites.

8. Forums

Forums are perhaps one of the first sites to permit social interaction. Generally, these forums include groups of people with a related interest. The forum users can discuss a particular topic and upsurge relationships with each other. Much information is provided about any topic, and it is a beautiful way to share your acquaintances.

Many other types of social networking sites have a primary form of socializing. Many people love to interact and socialize, and this is a growing field worldwide.

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