How to Hide Instagram Posts from Certain Followers?

Cyberbullying and cyberstalking are harsh truths. That’s why we should avoid those Instagram followers who cyberbully and can harm our social media reputation. Similarly, Instagram stalkers can also harm our internet privacy and stalk our activities with the evil will. You can find your Instagram stalkers with apps. So, let’s return to the topic – “how to hide Instagram posts from certain followers.

Can you hide Instagram posts from someone?

Instagram does not yet have a feature to hide posts from certain followers. But you can hide Instagram posts from your followers after reading our article.

Our article helps those Instagrammers who what to share their content with a limited audience and are worried about their privacy over the internet.

Keep reading our tips to hide Instagram posts from certain followers to maintain your privacy.

How to hide Instagram posts from certain followers

3 Ways of Hiding Instagram Posts from Certain Followers

Instagram content creators and influencers want to grow their followers. So they quickly accept new following requests from almost everyone. But unfortunately, some of these followers may become tolls, stalkers, bullies, and spammers of your Instagram posts and stories.

So do you want to hide Instagram posts and stories from particular followers? Try one of our favorite methods given below.

Method 1: Switch to a private account

You should keep your Instagram account public to share your content with the rest of the world. But switching to a private account will help you review the following requests before you accept them. In addition, only followers can see your posts and stories and engage with them. So, it is better to switch to an Instagram private account. This way, you can hide Instagram posts from certain followers.

Don’t know how to switch to a private account, follow the steps given below:

1. Open the Instagram app.

2. Tap the profile picture icon.

Insta profile icon

3. Next, tap the hamburger menu in the top-right corner.

Insta hamburger menu

4. On the pop-up menu, tap on Settings.

Insta settings

5. It will take you to the Privacy tab. Please tap it.

Insta privacy settings

6. There, you get the “Private account” option. Tap the toggle button to make your Instagram profile private.

Instagram private account toggle

Note: Creator accounts can’t be private.

Instagram account private not possible

This way, a little tweak in your Instagram settings makes your account private. After that, only followers can see what you post. Your Instagram profile will be unavailable to the rest of the world. I’m sure it’s an extra layer of security to maintain your privacy on Instagram.

Are you still searching for another method – how to hide posts from someone on Instagram? Then, the next method is for you.

Method 2: Block certain followers

Making an Instagram profile private isn’t a problem-solving solution for everyone. Especially for celebrities and influencers who have creator accounts. So, you get an option to block followers to hide your Instagram posts from them. Instantly block troublesome people.

Does Instagram notify you are blocking particular followers?

No, Instagram does not have this feature. So you can block certain followers without worry.

Blocked people can’t see your future posts, so they can’t make likes and comments on them.

Don’t know how to block people on Instagram, follow the steps given below:

1. Open the Instagram app.

2. Tap on the Instagram profile picture icon.

Insta profile icon

3. Next, tap the number of followers.

Instagram followers

4. Now, you’ll see the search bar and list of your followers.

Search or select user's account

5. Search for the name of the person you want to block or scroll down your followers list to look for a certain follower.

6. Next, tap the person’s name to open his profile page.

7. There, see the three dots icon in the top-right corner and tap it.

Insta kebab menu

8. On the pop-up menu, tap the Block option.

Insta block people option

9. Finally, tap on the Block button to confirm your action.

Confirm blocking action

Thus, this follower will not be able to see your future updates and contact you through his Instagram account.

Once again, Instagram will not notify these followers when you block them. Their engagement, e.g., likes and comments on your posts, will be removed once you block these Instagram users.

If you block someone accidentally, then you can unblock them. Unblocking steps are very simple.

  1. Tap your profile icon.
  2. Navigate to the Hamburger menu › Settings › Privacy
  3. Next, scroll down to Blocked accounts and tap it.
  4. Search the blocked Instagram users and unblock them.

Note that their previous comments on your Instagram posts will not be removed after blocking someone from commenting.

Method 3: Hide Instagram stories

If you don’t want to hide your Instagram posts, but want to hide your Instagram stories from certain followers, then you can do it. Instagram has this feature on board. This way, you control who can see your upcoming Instagram stories.

Don’t know how to hide your Instagram stories from a follower, go through the steps given below:

1. Tap on your Instagram profile icon.

Insta profile icon

2. Tap the hamburger menu on the top-right side.

Insta hamburger menu

3. Navigate to Settings › Privacy › Story > Hide story from

Insta hide story from

4. Use the search feature or scroll down the list to find someone to hide stories from.

Insta search and followers

5. Select certain followers to hide Instagram stories from them

Select Insta followers done

6. At last, tap Done.

Thus you can hide your Instagram stories from certain followers but cannot restrict them from seeing your posts and your engagement on other posts. They can see everything posted on your profile apart from your Instagram stories.

Remember that the privacy settings on your Instagram account also limit who can see your stories.

How to mute someone on Instagram?

Your “followings” can post anything on their social media accounts. Some content may be inappropriate for you. That’s why Instagram has a Mute feature that can help you mute posts and stories from certain followings.

It’s an amazing feature because you can follow someone on Instagram but not see anything from him on your feed, mainly if he posts annoying and inappropriate content.

Hereunder we are telling you how you can mute one of your “followings” posting irrelevant content that appears on your feed.

1. Open the someone’s profile you follow.

2. You see a following button with a down arrow on their profile page under the bio. Tap the Following button.

Instagram following button

3. On the pop-up menu, Tap Mute.

Instagram following mute button

4. Next, you can toggle off Posts, Stories, and Notes. Tap the toggle button to make it blue.

Instagram muted following

Enjoy! You are done.

Summing Up

There’s no feature available for hiding Instagram posts from particular followers. We tried to help you with how to hide your posts from someone on Instagram. It also covered hiding posts of certain followings. I hope you removed certain users from your account and feed as well.

Now, happy Instagramming!

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