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Most of people submit blog sitemap to Google Search Console but forget to submit to Bing Webmaster Tools. Bing Webmaster Tools is very good tool to analyze your blog’s traffic. If you want to know why people came to your blog, else you want to improve your blog Bing – Webmaster Tools can help you better. It can help you improve your blog via research tool to grow your blog in a better way. Submitting blog sitemap to Bing is very easy; no technical knowledge or expertise is necessary because I am going you to explain entire process step by step. I have also prepared and hosted a video on Youtube for more help. Believe me after using Bing Webmaster Tools you will get more output from your dream blog.

First we’ll talk about sitemap types for Blogger –
1. For blog without custom domain (For example:
2. For blog with custom domain (For example:

For blog without custom domain i.e. for,, etc.

For blog with custom domain i.e. for, etc.

Sitemap 1.
Sitemap 2.

Note: Custom domain sitemap have limit of 500 post, so we can submit two or more sitemaps (each have 500 post) if have more than 500 post.

Steps to Submit Sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools

1. Land to

2. Click on Sign in, if do not have Microsoft account you can sign up

Bing Webmaster Tools

3. After that type blog address and click on ADD button

Bing Webmaster Tools - blog url

4. On next page you have to enter sitemap of your blog and click on ADD button

Bing Webmaster Tools - blog sitemap

5. Now you’re on next page where you’ll find meta tag for owner verification and you have to add this meta tag to Blogger template

Bing Webmaster Tools - meta tag

Note: Learn about Blogger template editing

Bing Webmaster Tools - meta tag in blogger template

6. After that click on VERIFY button

7. After successful verification of your blog you’ll receive a message, for e.g. is verified.

8. Now you can click on ‘My sites’ which is given on the left hand side

9. Click on ‘My sites’ You’ll get the list of you blogs, if have more than one blog added.

Bing Webmaster Tools - stats

10. And an overview of stats of a blog is on this page.

11. By clicking on the blog domain (e.g. you can get detailed stats

12. From this page you can submit more than one sitemap again for your sitemap. You are Done!

Video Tutorial


Bing webmaster tools are helpful to analyze and improve a site/blog. It is necessary to submit blog sitemap to Bing webmaster tools and keep tracking you page views and need of improvement of your blog as traffic flow and keyword research. Submitting sitemap is just task of 5 minute and no technical expertise is necessary after reading this article.


  1. Nice blog i never thought about Bing webmaster tool for blogs and continue working on Google’s webmaster tool. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Thanks for sharing this useful information till now i didn’t hear much about Bing webmaster. To be frankly i thank to you.

  3. Yes Brother, Bing is vary good website analyse tool. But I have submitted my sitemap before 10days But it still pending. I don’t Know why?


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