12 Benefits of Video Advertising That You Must Know

We live in an era of digital advertising today. All organizations, large or small, advertise their products. It helps to increase the sales and revenue of a company. The more entertaining and educational the video, the more sales will be. Video advertisements are a type of display advertisement that contains videos.

The trend of using online video advertising among marketers is on the rise. It levels the playing field for all business organizations. This article aims to educate people about the advantages/benefits of video advertising.

The Benefits of Video Advertising Online

Benefits of video advertising

The benefits of video advertising are given below:


People like to watch videos with eye-catching, smart, and relevant content. More than 80% of people around the world regularly watch videos online, and nearly 5 billion YouTube videos are watched online every day.

Marketers can target a wide range of audiences by using video advertisements on their products. Consumers invest time and sense while watching a video of their preferred product. They can make informed decisions about the products based on the information provided in the video. Human psychology plays an important role in advertisements.

One-third of people choose a product after watching a related video. You can add audio to your video advertisements to make them more impactful. Video advertising can increase the business volume by more than 50%. It provides a competitive edge over your existing market competitors. It is the most effective method of increasing a company’s sales.

Sales Conversion and Generation

Video advertising is an excellent way of generating and converting sales leads. Video ads prompt the consumer to go to a particular website and buy the product, so it is important to keep the video ad short, sweet, and simple.

A video with a tight and eye-catching message can offer value to users. Non-disruptive ads can help marketers attract more customers to their products. Incorporating a strong call to action in the video ads is important. Video ads can be used to build trust among the consumers of a particular brand.

Using a video ad in the product description can increase sales by 40%. It is also an excellent way of increasing product recalls. Consumers tend to remember the video advertisements they watch within a month. More than 40% of people purchase a product after seeing a video about it.

Shareability of Videos

Consumers love to share videos with family members, friends, and acquaintances. They share the videos they like on different social media platforms. Nearly 92% of videos are shared regularly on various social media platforms. It is the most effective way of organically reaching a huge audience.

The more the number of shares of a particular video advertisement, the greater the brand’s visibility. You must create tailored video content to target a specific group of consumers. It increases the level of engagement and exposure from the customers. It increases brand awareness and brand retention rates. It also allows a user to communicate with the brand, thus improving the personality of the brand. In other words, it helps the brands to humanize their products.

Device Friendly

People tend to watch video advertisements on mobile devices rather than computers, and the number of such people is rising continuously throughout the world. Most B2B customers tend to purchase a product after watching a short video about it.

Human psychology says consumers have a short attention span. Therefore, it is important to produce a video within a 30-second time limit. The first five seconds of the video should be engaging enough to captivate the audience. These are the reasons why mobile video advertisements are considered a convenient option.

Incorporating a call to action in video advertisements can play a vital role in increasing sales volume.

Information Sharing Media

Marketers can educate their consumers about a particular topic by incorporating audio-visuals in their video advertisements. Some of the examples of such videos are product tutorials and how-to guides.

Video advertisements are the most effective media for storytelling. This type of video can appeal to a person’s multiple senses and convey information within a short span of time.

The videos can educate, inspire, and entertain people. The video ads also have an emotional impact on the viewers. Marketers use video ads to build an emotional relationship with their prospective customers. Good video content can help consumers to digest the information correctly.

SEO Advantage

Search engines like Google, Bing, etc., love to show video content rather than other forms of content. They alter the algorithm to rank video content at the top of the page. Video content can help the marketer rank high in Search Engine results.

Distributing videos on different social media platforms can help you reach your target audience. You can post video advertisements on your blog to attract the attention of your consumers. Visitors reading the post will visit your site and make a purchase.

Embedding videos on websites can help the target audience to find relevant information and communicate with the marketer.  It is important always to optimize video content. A short video with eye-catching titles and content is more likely to go viral.


One of the greatest benefits of video advertisements is that they can be measured. The analytics of such videos are easily available on multiple platforms like Facebook and YouTube. People love to engage with video ads in various ways.

The marketer can use analytics to know how often a video is liked or shared. The likes, comments, and shares can help a marketer rebuild their marketing campaign.  It can help you to drive traffic to your particular website.

Consumers can provide feedback and interact with brands in real-time.  This feedback can determine the direction of a successful marketing campaign.


Online platforms like Google, YouTube, etc., are much cheaper than traditional mediums. Video advertisements stay online in Google search results for a very long time and cannot be removed easily. This can be extremely beneficial for you if you have engaging video content.

One can consider spending an initial amount of money to promote their video across various channels. However, unlike traditional media, these ads are not removed if the rent isn’t paid. Thus, it is a very cost-effective method to promote the products of a particular brand. Another important thing is that video advertisements are boundless.

You don’t have to spend extra money making video ads for traditional media. These types of advertisements are an effective method of sharing values among consumers for brands.


Video advertisements can be shared on multiple platforms, helping marketers reach out to more customers. The videos can stay on various devices, like computers, mobiles, and connected TVs. In other words, they increase the brand’s exposure and give you a competitive advantage over other competitors.

Using online videos, the campaign is no longer limited to local engagement but can get global exposure. It is an incredible tool that reaches every person in the world. The marketer has to create content that is worthy of viral status.


Marketers can often choose whether to force customers to watch the entire ad or whether they should be allowed to skip the video. However, it costs a lot more to force the viewer to watch the entire advertisement, and it will benefit some companies. It can alienate certain audience members who feel frustrated by the inability to click away from an advertisement.

Video Ads are Limitless

Video advertisements are not limited to a specific format. The digital universe is practically limitless. Marketers can design and build ads in rich media formats, including URL links, expandable banners, and call-to-action via hashtags or click-throughs.  These videos can be posted on various platforms to increase a company’s website traffic and revenue.

Helps to Launch New Products

Video ads can be practically effective in launching new products or services. Studies show that most people watch explainer videos about a new product. Having an explainer video on the homepage can do wonders for an organization. It can drastically increase the volume of a company regardless of its size. You can create an animated video to explain a difficult concept to the viewers. The animated videos are inspiring, innovative, and full of nostalgia.

Over to you!

Now, you are aware of the benefits of video advertising. Online video advertising has many advantages over other forms of advertising. Using video advertisements has many advantages, too. Videos are extremely popular, and they can drive traffic to the brand’s website. An increase in website traffic means an increase in sales. These ads are the most effective instrument for reaching a wide range of consumers on a massive scale.

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