How to Use Quora Marketing to Drive Highly-Targeted Traffic to Your Website?

Here’s a cold, hard fact:

Regularly churning out content on your website is neither an efficient nor sustainable strategy.

Whatever your niche, your core audience is probably tired of reading the same information they’ve already seen a hundred times. This is especially true if the entire experience isn’t designed to lead to action and transformation by the end.

“People are beginning to realize that more information isn’t the answer to their problems,“ said Russell Ruffino, founder of Clients on Demand. “For example, they’ve already read a million articles about ‘The 7 Diet Secrets Everyone Should Know,’ but they’re still overweight.”

If you want your marketing efforts to yield good results, your focus should shift from publishing more information to providing actionable solutions that get results.

Quora marketing tips

You need to leverage platforms that will give you a direct line to your target audience.

Social media platforms are a great place to start. But if you really want a site where you’re guaranteed to find people who can use your expertise, a Q&A website like Quora is perfect.

These people are tired of the surplus of information, which is why they want direct answers to their specific questions.

“Smart CEOs are recognizing this and beginning to understand that the customer doesn’t want information. He/she wants transformation,” says Ruffino. “The customer wants to achieve certain outcomes in his life, and helping people do that should be the main focus of a successful business.”

What are the Benefits of Quora for Marketing?

Here is a quick look at the potential benefits of utilizing Quora for marketing:

  • Get Fast Results
    Traffic can start pouring into your website when you post valuable answers to the Quora questions. You can also use paid ads to reach users who search for relevant topics on the site.
  • Multiple Content Promotion Options
    Answering via image, video, or external links is a huge advantage for a Q&A site. These options allow you to showcase all the good stuff your target audience should expect from your brand.
  • Free-Forever Traffic
    Lastly, if you know the right strategies, you can continuously direct traffic to your website for free if you provide top-notch answers that get users’ upvotes.

Sounds cool, right?

But that’s not all.

Quora also allows you to specifically target the right prospects. This means your efforts will have a much bigger impact on your bottom line than most other forms of marketing.

Without further ado, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of utilizing Quora for traffic.

1. Building a Professional Profile

Before answering questions, an important prerequisite is to set up a professional business profile.

Don’t worry—the process is similar to building a profile on any other social media site. Steps like entering your name and uploading your profile photo are as easy as ever.

Create a Quora profile

What’s important, however, is to fill in your updated credentials and a description that says why Quora users should listen to your answers. You can also add your fields of expertise under the “Knows About” section of your profile.

Again, all these elements can be edited straight from your Quora profile page.

Below are a few guidelines that will help you create an authoritative profile:

Write the Perfect Profile Description

On Quora, you don’t need to write an entire article to introduce yourself.

A single paragraph that describes who you are and highlights your experience should be enough. Also, try to write using your natural voice to help users understand your personality.

Write Quora profile description

Add Relevant Links

Although Quora lets you add images to your profile description, a more lucrative approach is simply insert links to your social media pages. In addition to photos, they will learn more about your brand’s story.

Add website and social profiles

While you’re at it, don’t forget to insert a link to your website or landing page.

Use a Headshot Image

Keep in mind that you’re creating a personal profile — not a Quora page for your business.

Users don’t come to Quora to look at branded content. Rather, they come to the platform expecting genuine advice and insights from others.

To put things into perspective, notice that popular brands like Microsoft, Facebook, and Wikipedia are nowhere to be found on the site. Instead, you can find the profiles of their respective CEOs—Satya Nadella, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jimmy Wales.

Verified Quora profile

Highlight Your Top Achievements

In the “Credentials & Highlights” and “Knows About” sections, don’t hesitate to share anything that can boost your credibility as an information source, especially related to the topics you typically discuss on Quora.

Some key information pieces you should provide include your job, company, educational background, and central location.

If your company isn’t an existing topic on Quora, you can create one. This will incite discussion around your brand in the future and make your profile a bit more authoritative.

Update company info

Mind Your Tagline

Under your profile name, you can create a tagline that other users will see whenever you answer a question.

This should summarize your credentials, including the company you work for, your job title, and your experience in the industry.

Add profile credential

Similar to your description, you need to keep your tagline concise. After all, you only get up to 60 characters — make them count.

Edit profile credential

2. Start Finding the Right Questions to Answer

Answering questions is the bread and butter of Quora marketing.

However, you can’t just answer any question that aligns with your expertise. You need to find the ones that will expose you to as many users as possible.

First, you need to look for topics with a large number of followers. To do so, simply enter any keyword that describes the topic you’re looking for and click the top-most result.

Enter any keyword

Why couldn’t you pick one of the topics Quora has already suggested?

By selecting the top result, Quora may present you with a list of sub-topics you can also mine for questions.

Quora topics

From there, you can follow and bookmark the topics that catch your attention—as long as they also have an ample number of followers, you can capitalize on traffic.

At this point, you should be able to find many questions on your feed. But before you spend thirty minutes crafting an answer to a question, you must evaluate its potential for traffic.

Select Quora topics

Ideally, you need to find questions that only have one question for every five followers — a ratio of 1:5. This increases your chances of writing the top-voted answer and getting the attention of more users.

For example, the question below has a ratio of exactly 1:5, which makes it worth an articulate answer. Of course, just be sure that you can answer it with the information and, if possible, your products or services.

Select Quora topics

Once you find the right questions, you don’t have to answer them immediately.

A good strategy is to create a spreadsheet of all potential questions along with their answer-follower ratios and topics. Sort these questions according to their viability and work from top to bottom to answer them.

3. Write the Perfect Answer

Finally, you need to craft an answer to end all answers.

It must be an exhaustive answer written with readable, simple words and packed with actionable insights — something that would eliminate the need for Quora users to ask even more questions.

Of course, no one-size-fits-all blueprint guarantees you’ll write the top-voted answer every single time. There are, however, a few practices that will help improve your chances of turning heads with your answer:

Use Images

Quora welcomes visual assets like infographics, before-and-after pictures, and other images that help convey your points.

It will improve the audience’s willingness to read your answer and make data-driven information more digestible and easier to remember.

The general rule of thumb is to only use images relevant to your answer. Otherwise, the Quora community will definitely not appreciate your attempt at clickbait.

Write As If You’re Speaking to a Friend

The best thing about Quora marketing is that you don’t need an elaborate strategy.

You just type in your answer as if you’re writing a message to a friend — plain, honest, and genuinely concerned about their problem.

Answering as if writing a textbook is a surefire way to bore users. That said, use simple language and learn to use proper formatting such as bullet points, italicized text, and quotations to boost readability.

Sprinkle Your Answer with Links to Relevant Sources

To reap the benefits of Quora for marketing, don’t forget to weave in links to relevant pages — such as your contact page or social media pages — whenever they make sense.

The key here is to avoid forcing links that have nothing remotely related to the topic. Do so, and the community will see through your thinly-veiled attempt to utilize Quora for a self-serving cause.

Remember, if your answers and links really help users solve their problems, then it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sell a product, an online course, or a book—a handful of readers will be intrigued enough to know what your brand has to offer.


Quora offers brands an opportunity to generate traffic and sales quickly, but not everyone knows how the platform works.

The post above should help you build a solid Quora presence that could spur your brand’s growth. Who knows — you may even become a thought leader in your niche one day.

Good luck!

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