Router Login Password – Complete Details

It is a well-known fact that every Internet-connected device has its own IP address. Different routers come with different IP addresses but is the most common IP address. This IP address can either be a public or private address for devices. router IP address is a private address for D-Link and Netgear router models. It is a private IP address for IPv4 network, only accessible to the user.  The router can be accessed by typing the IP address on the browser. Sometimes, people confuse between ‘0’ and ‘o’ and type in the wrong address. This is why it becomes impossible to access the router.

How to Access Router IP Address?

The steps mentioned below should be followed in case the router cannot be accessed repeatedly:

  • Please check if you have entered the correct router address, ““. Sometimes people type 192.168.o.1 in place of the correct IP address. If you still cannot access the router, then there is a possibility that it is not the correct IP address Router IP Address

  • There is a possibility that your router is improperly switched on. So try resetting it.
  • Check the firewall filtering enabled of your router and set it accordingly.
  • Examine whether the LAN wire is properly connected to your router and your computer or not.
  • Check if the device or the wire is broken or not. Repair the broken parts of the device
  • If all else fails, you can try resetting the router by pressing the reset button of the router for 15-20 seconds
  • If the problem still exists, call your provider and ask for their expert opinion

Router- Default Username-Password and default IP address

Router Manufacturer IP address Username Password
Cisco admin password admin W2402 none 233897301
D-link admin admin
Huawei admin admin
Linksys admin admin
Netgear admin admin
Netgear admin password
TP-Link admin admin/password

How to find the Router IP Address?

If you are thinking how can I find my router IP address or my wifi IP address. Then these following steps are to find the router IP address or wifi IP address on Windows:

– First, open Command Prompt dialog box from Start menu and type ‘ipconfig’.

Command prompt ipconfig

– Next press Enter

– A list of IP addresses will appear. Among them, the IP address listed as Default Gateway is the IP address of your router.

Command prompt ipconfig output

Find Router IP Address on Mac

The following steps comprise the second method to find the router IP address in Mac:

– First, click the Apple menu on your Apple computer

– Next, choose ‘System Preferences’ and click the ‘Network’ icon.

– Choose the relevant network connection with respect to your device.

– Select the ‘Advanced’ button and click the ‘TCP/IP’ tab to see the IP address of the router.

– On your Chromebook, click the notification area situated on the right side of your taskbar.

– Then click the “Connected to” option in the list. It will also show the connected networks. From there, select the name of the wireless network you’re connected to.

– Next, click the “Network” tab and you’ll see the router’s address listed as “Gateway.”

How to Configure the Router/ Wireless Router?

These are the steps to configure the router or wireless router for the first time:

– First, connect your computer to with the router with a LAN wire.

– Next, you need to open any browser on your computer and enter or in the address bar and press Enter.

Tp-link wireless router login

– Next, a login page will be displayed. Enter the default username and password written on the router. The default username and password is generally admin.

TP-link wireless router login close look

– After successfully logging in, you must restart the router and set the SSID name. SSID name is the name of the router visible to others.

TP-link router wireless access

– Change the password in Network Security Settings and click Next.

TP-link router wan

– In the next step, reboot the router one more time to save the settings. Now your router is fully functional.

These steps can also be followed in case of reconfiguring the device.

How to access on the desktop?

These are the steps you need to follow to access the mentioned IP address:

  • First, you have to connect your router to your computer via a wired or wireless connection.
  • Next, you have to open any browser on your computer and type the address ‘’ on the browser address bar and press Enter.
  • A popup box will appear, where you have to type the username and password provided to you.

In case you don’t remember the details you can use the following technique to access the IP address.

TP-LINK Router Login

TP-link router login

  • To access Router Admin panel, you need to connect it to your computer with an RJ45 cable
  • Then open any browser and type into the address bar
  • Now a small window will appear and ask for username and password
  • You cannot log in to the router unless you know the username and password. In this case, you can either check the model or call your Internet Service Provider for the login details.
  • Then you can see the router homepage where you can see some options for Wireless Settings and Advanced Settings.

Netgear Router Login

Netgear router IP address login

  • First, all you have to do is power on and connect your router and computer with an Ethernet cable.
  • Then open a browser and enter IP address in the address bar of the browser.
  • Next enter username and password in the designated box. The default username and password is ‘admin/password’.
  • After successful login, you can go to Wireless Settings and change the router settings according to your ease.

Asus Wireless Router Login

Asus wireless router login

  • First, power on your computer and router and connect them with each other either wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable.
  • Next, you should open the browser and type in the IP address.
  • Then, enter the default username and password. Type admin in both of the boxes.
  • After successful login, you must change WiFi password and router username. Choose a strong password, a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers.

In the case of other routers, you can type ‘admin’ as the default username and password. Sometimes, you can also type ‘pass’ or ‘password’ in the password box.

Resetting the Password

To change the password of the router, first go to advanced settings and from there you must choose an admin password. Then click change it and Save Settings and then it is done. Pressing the reset button of the router for 20 seconds will reset both the username and password to the default ones.

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