Top 7 Instagram Photography Tips for Brand Building

The best slogan for Instagram should be, talk less, write more. Instagram is dominating social media. It has beaten Facebook and other platforms that started long ago. The platform has considered everything to ensure that photos and videos have a place worldwide. At the moment, Instagram claims 2 billion monthly active users. All these users are hungry for nice photos, including yours. So, we wrote these Instagram photography tips for you.

Coupled with ideas, Instagram could be everything you need to complement your online portfolio. Whether for a business or an individual account, dominance as an Instagram photographer can mean you are the king of online channels.

The more you publish on Instagram, the more you raise your brand awareness. It means that you are not only an artist among all Instagram photographers but also a brand. Every picture you take represents the perfection of your brand. It draws you closer to achieving your marketing needs.

Instagram photography tips

Instagram is swarming with curators, agencies, and potential clients looking for talent. That means your photos here carry your image. You can potentially meet something or someone that will change your life forever.

It would be best if you looked at these Instagram tips for photographers.

Useful Instagram Photography Tips

But the competition is tough. There are so many Instagram photographers, each trying to be the best on the platform. They are all looking for their daily portion of hearts, comments, and followers. Generating an appealing profile is the best way to keep up your game. The seven Instagram Photography Tips we have shared below are a start for you.

1. Utilizing hashtags

Instagram hashtags for photographs or reels can bring magic to a profile or brand. There are thousands of images being published every day. With this number, the chances that someone will stumble on your image are minimal unless they are your followers. And that is where the power of hashtags comes in.

Hashtags allow a business to expose its images to curious new eyes without paying for post-promotion. It is simply texting on a certain topic preceded by a #.

The user can search for a hashtag to find a specific item. Every time you add a hashtag to your photo or reel, you increase the chances of it being found.

Therefore, consider using hashtags to boost your chances of being discovered. If you have something to show, it will favor you if users can find it.

That’s why we recommend photography hashtags for Instagram.

2. You need to be everywhere

It is called (h) ubiquity. Hubs or feature accounts are pages that curate and share the more beautiful pictures you have taken. This is some kind of art gallery for photographers. The only difference is that you will not make any money from it.

There are different categories, with some working around a specific gear and others distinct photography, like wildlife and nature. But it is not that easy. You feature by using one of their hashtags and hope for your picture to be noticed. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you should not use plagiarized photos or upload someone else’s picture and give credit to the original photographer. Reverse image search is a recommended process to avoid copyright strikes.

3. Use the Instagram photo editor

In the past, you could only take Instagram photos in square mode. Many people still use this approach, making composing very hard. The good news is things have changed, and you can now compose your photos and post them vertically and horizontally. Instagram may cut the thumbnail version, but you will have something you want to create. You can also pick an Instagram photo editor to make your photos awesome.

You can also download Photoshop and apply Instagram Photoshop actions to make your photos look stylish and edit them in one style.


4. Consistency

The secret to achieving great relevance on Instagram is to stay consistent. There is no special day or hour to post. Images will work any day of the week. So, stay on the cause and post as regularly as possible.

5. Use Caption

You don’t need to write a lot on Instagram. But there comes a time when you will need to write a caption. Make your caption inspirational and catchy. Funny Instagram captions seem to attract more attention. You can read our post on the best Instagram captions and selfie quotes for your photos.

6. Make up your profile

This one is the most important Instagram tip for photographers. People will see your bio first when they arrive on Instagram. This is the most significant part of your account and must be well-optimized. Add all the necessary information about yourself.

7. Make it fun

Your Instagram account is different from a photography account. You can use it both formally and informally. Please don’t make it appear too serious. Make it easy because people want to find inspiration, delight, and have fun.

Use funny Instagram captions and emojis that add fun value to your posts.

Once you have set your account on the right course, remember to reply to comments. This will make your followers feel like you listen and care.

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