Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Track Online Video Campaigns


Tracking your online video campaigns is imperative to the success of any business endeavor. In case you track the online video campaign of your newly launched business, you will be in a better position to judge the success rate of your initiative.

Monitoring of online video campaigns

Monitoring of online video campaigns

Look for viewership success:

One of the foremost areas you should be looking at is the viewership success. In case the video is generating many hits and views, you are almost on the right path. But in situations where the viewership of the online video campaign falls below your expectation, it is time to do a reality check.

You may need to rework your strategies and come up with a new concept campaign that is in sync with the needs of the present times. Keeping a count of your viewership success rates will help you keep upbeat with the developments in your sector. Additionally, you will be able to track the success of your online video campaign too by adopting this methodology.

Track your social media success

Social media websites as Facebook and Twitter offer innovative ways of promoting your concept. Have a Facebook page for your business initiative. This will give a platform to your readers and viewers to share their thoughts on the online video campaign you have initiated.

As your readership grows on Facebook, more people will connect and offer their comments. This is a viable method of accessing your success in the video arena, as most of the people who check out social media websites are competent enough of offering critical suggestions on any topic. The valuable comments you get from these readers will help you track your online video initiatives in a better manner.

Track your conversion success

The success of your online video campaigns is directly linked to the conversion rate of your products or service. In other words, the better sales your online video campaign is able to generate, more is it viable and practical. Look out for the conversion statistics on a regular basis. In case you find yourself preoccupied with some other work, assign the job of tracking the conversion rate to a competent professional in your establishment. The conversion rate is perhaps the most important success matrix and if you are able to keep a count of the same, your work is almost done.

Take help of technology

The advent of the internet has brought a rapid change in the ways business dealings were conducted. Act smart and use technology to your advantage. A range of online tools and software are available that will help you keep a track of your online video campaigns. YouTube analytic and Wistia are some of the online tools that will help you keep a track of your success in the online world. These software help you provide a key insight into the audience reaction and also provide details on the global impact of your online video campaign.

Follow the above-listed tips and you will be able to maintain a discrete lead over your rivals and move ahead confidently in the challenging world of online video promotion.


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