A Hi-Tech Swiss Made Breitling Smartwatch Exospace B55 — Review

It’s an exciting time for science & technology –the era of ‘wearables’ is upon us. With the launching of the Apple watch and then the Moto 360in early 2015, the smartwatch sensation spread across the world. Finally, after major tech brands introduced the wearable technology phenomenon, brands like Breitling brought in an era of luxury smartwatches –a neat addition to the rapidly booming market.

Breitling Smartwatch

Though high-end watchmakers have pioneered technology since the beginning of time, luxury brands had been skeptical about joining the recent smartwatch revolution. Until a year ago, luxury watchmakers did not quite take to the new age smartwatches. But today, leading brands like Breitling are carving out a niche in the world of wearables, packing what may well be the strongest asset –an element of luxury.

As a brand, Breitling has always believed in innovation–pioneering many horological achievements and breakthroughs. With certified Breitling Watches dealers like Ethos Watch Boutiques, Breitling has entered the smartwatch revolution with a bang.

The Exospace B55 Review

At Basel World, March 2015, Breitling revealed the prototype of their venture into smartwatch technology by unveiling the Exospace B55. Later in December 2015, the tech timepiece hit the markets –and since, it’s been ticking away, making history.

Breitling Smartwatch

Furthermore, up until that point, only majorly tech brands had entered the market for smartwatches, besides a few low-key attempts by other luxury lines. Seeing a window of opportunity to introduce a bona fide element of luxury to the mix, Breitling one-upped the scene with its Exospace B55, lending a truly luxe allure to the phenomenon. Cranking it up a lot many notches, the tactical move on Breitling’s part opened up a world of success and amassed an admiring fan following.

What Breitling got right with Exospace B55 was its offering of digitized luxury. But at the end of the day, the brand stayed true to its roots and kept the timepiece largely true to its traditional self–giving horology an edge over technology.

Watch First, Gizmo Second

Breitling Smartwatch

The Breitling ExospaceB55 is the lovechild of technological evolution and traditional timekeeping.

With its beautiful analog dial, look & feel, you’d be wrong to call it ‘just’ a smartwatch –the Exospace B55 is more of a ‘connected’ watch. What’s the difference? Simple — a smartwatch trades up to the traditional analog dial for a larger, completely digital interface that offers detailed, technical functionalities, screens, and applications. In a nutshell, a smartwatch is essentially a wearable computer, mimicking many of its services. On the other hand, a ‘connected’ watch is, as the name suggests, a timepiece that is connected to your smartphone. It has the ability to communicate with your smartphone to send and receive data, displaying notifications, etc. on your watch. With the Exospace B55, your smartphone can also control your watch through an app. To sum it up, a connected watch is basically a traditional chronographic timepiece with advanced digital benefits.

Unlike a full-blown smartwatch, a connected watch keeps conventional aficionados and tech enthusiasts happy –taking the best of both worlds of horology and technology.

The Future of Pilot Watches

The Exospace B55 is the natural progression in the evolution of the pilot watch.

While many smartwatches are still on the hunt for a unique feature to set it apart, most simply pack all the possible functionalities into one device. This is where Breitling comes out stronger.

Embracing the electronic edge, this connected chronograph has found its unique offering as a technically advanced timepiece for aviation professionals (but of course, it has a killer look and functionalities are a winner among aficionados, geeks, and commoners akin!)

The Exospace B55 was specially designed to be functional to serve a very specific purpose –to continue to assist aviation pros, as the brand has, since times immemorial. Seeing as mechanical pilot watches have become somewhat redundant today, in terms of its technology offerings to pilots, it is great to see Breitling revamp their approach. Brand ambassador Scott Kelly reaffirms the position, believing it’s the future of what pros would wear in space travel and aviation.

Navimeter Pilot

Evolution of the pilot watch, from the Navimeter

Exospace B55 Specifications

The first thing about the connected watch that catches your attention is its electrifying blue strap –an intoxicating and indicative mark of the experience of wearing and using the watch. The next-gen connected chronograph comes with a powerful titanium casing. And the fact that it comes in different colors, from blue to black and grey rubber, and even a professional titanium linked strap, only adds to the charm. But there’s a lot more to the beauty than its looks –it’s what it packs inside that makes it a truly remarkable and unique timekeeper.

Exospace B55 Flagship

The Exospace B55’s flagship specification is its exclusive ‘Super Quartz’ movements. The impressive technology allows the watch to display an analog dial, in addition to two more digital displays. Another striking feature of Breitling’s handiwork and one of my personal favorites is the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers the device –the latest and most viable technology in the field of power.

Additional features include a countdown timer, 7 daily alarms, Count Down/Count Up Clock, (max. 99 days, 23 hrs 59 min. 59.99 sec.) with independent alarm, UTC world time; exclusive smartphone app for data transfer, notification display, etc.

Suffice to say Breitling’s made an inspiring breakthrough in the smartwatch phenomenon. The Exospace B55 is a watch that packs luxury, technology, tradition, and the brand’s characteristic service to aviation professionals.

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