6 Tips to Manage Social Media for Teachers

With the booming success of social media, more and more individuals are creating their profiles on different social networking sites to gain global recognition.

Today, no genre of the population has been untouched by the positive effects of social media. Whether he/she is a youngster looking to make new friends online or a teacher thinking about developing personal learning networks, social media has served itself as an accessible platform for achieving all this and much more.

Teachers and social media are collaborating with quality education. Popular social networks such as Edmodo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have helped teachers learn about new and improved teaching techniques. These sites leave no room for confusion regarding innovative teaching methodologies.

This blog will walk you through some exciting tips for managing social media for teachers.

Tips to manage social media for teachers

Teachers and Social Media

Teachers should handle their social media accounts carefully to prevent disputes or controversies. You can use the same social media for educators to interact with parents and students and bring quality results.

1. Keep a profile picture professional

As a teacher, you must maintain a professional outlook over the internet. For this, you first need to keep your profile picture/avatar as professional as possible. Never upload casual pictures as your social media profile’s display picture. Always ensure you’ve dressed conservatively in the images you choose to post on different profiles created on social networks.

2. Stay away from controversial topics

When somebody creates an account with a particular social media website, he/she gets into the habit of liking every post that’s published on the site. Doing this is fine if you’re a non-professional, but indulging in something like this can get you in trouble if you belong to the elite group of professionals like the teaching community. Hence, it is recommended to “Like” only those posts that fall under the category of “Non-controversial.”

3. Always write positive comments

Someone who posts positive feedback about an individual/organization is bound to receive positivity in return. As a teacher who’s continuously exploring the social media world for better teaching techniques, you must never post negative/derogatory comments for your colleagues or students. Ensure all your comments are logical and have a positive vibe. Doing this will make it simple for you to leave impressive digital footprints.

4. Watch out for images you’re tagged in

Photo tagging is one of the most common activities undertaken by social networking freaks. Hailing from a teaching background, you must check the images you’re tagged in. It is simply because some of your college buddies or fellow teachers might post and tag you in some pictures that will be unacceptable to the educational institution you’re employed with.

5. Create a healthy friend list

As yet another social media tip for teachers, it is recommended to create a “healthy” friend list. By the term “healthy,” I’m referring to individuals who are genuine and whom you’ve met either in person or online. Being a teacher, you can choose to segregate your friends using different categories such as students, fellow colleagues, school/college management, and so on. For all such categories, you may choose to adjust the privacy settings to gain complete control over everything that the concerned people can see on your social media profile.

6. Always report spam

Every social networking site has a reporting mechanism for you to report any problems such as hacked accounts, phishing, misinformation, etc. As someone working in the teaching domain, you also might have to face similar issues while unveiling social media secrets. Hence, report all your concerns to the site to maintain a flawless social media presence.

Wrapping Up

Social media is a tool with its unique pros and cons. It is entirely up to us to leverage the pros and dump the cons. As a teaching professional, don’t forget to analyze the purpose of your social networking. Doing this will help you achieve your goals amicably.

Do share your views/opinions on the above post. Also, if you have a social media tip to share, don’t hesitate to use the comments box provided right under this post.

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  1. Teachers who are on social media are generally more in tune with their students. The best way to go about social media for a teacher is to be a little more careful about your digital presence.

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