WhatsApp Account Hacked? What to Do to Prevent Hackers?

Among all texting apps, WhatsApp is one of the most extensively adopted apps. It has built a reputation for itself as the first messaging app to provide unlimited free texting. This feature gave WhatsApp fame in its initial years. Since the character limit no longer constrains the user, this service has even outgrown SMS. Users may type as much as they like without worrying about splitting or transmitting texts in pieces. So, there’s no need to worry about the texting limit because the maximum limit is above 65,000 characters.

Additionally, since WhatsApp doesn’t require a username, users don’t need to bother about choosing one. To connect with people, all it needs is your mobile phone number. Once that’s done, you’ll show up in the other users’ friend list using the name they assigned you in their phone contacts.

Regrettably, your WhatsApp account can be hacked even if it uses end-to-end encryption technology. Thus, a hacked WhatsApp account can damage our social or personal lives.

Isn’t it surprising? How can WhatsApp be hacked?

What comes to mind when something similar happens? What could you do to get your hacked WhatsApp account back and safeguard it to avoid subsequent dilemmas?

This article covers the following things to recover hacked WhatsApp account:

How to Know if My WhatsApp is Hacked

How to know if my WhatsApp is hacked

“How do I know if someone is reading my WhatsApp messages from another device” or “WhatsApp hacked how to know” are the most frequently asked questions.

Unknown contacts on your list

Finding new unknown contacts on your WhatsApp contact list indicates someone has intruded into your account. Since WhatsApp automatically sync new contacts when someone uses WhatsApp on their phone or device. Therefore, if someone else uses your hacked account on their phone, their contacts may appear on your WhatsApp contact list.

Suspicious conversations

Texts you didn’t send might be another clue of WhatsApp hacking. Someone is probably exploiting your WhatsApp account. If you access your hacked account can discover suspicious conversations.

Unusual messages from WhatsApp

An unusual message (SMS) from WhatsApp is another red flag indicating a hacked WhatsApp account. You may also receive an email about a change in your account. If you’ve experienced something similar, never ignore these things, and take immediate action.

Notification from WhatsApp

Cybercriminals or hackers constantly try to infiltrate WhatsApp servers. They intrude into servers to get user data. It’s harder to identify such a kind of attack on the user level. When WhatsApp discovers such a severe issue, it will immediately notify its users.

You may read this article to learn more – How can I see if my WhatsApp is hacked?

WhatsApp Account Hacked What To Do

WhatsApp account hacked what to do

It’s essential to comprehend how to respond since you’ve learned clues on how to know if my WhatsApp is hacked. Try to act promptly to safeguard your private information and control your hacked account.

1. Notify all your contacts

Hackers soliciting a verification code while posing as your contact is one of the most recent scams. For example, users may WhatsApp login with their phone number and a verification code.

Hackers might send messages to your contacts if they gain access to your WhatsApp account. For example, they can send messages to your contacts seeking the verification code, pretending the company sent it. Afterward, attempt to get into that contact’s WhatsApp account using the same verification code. Therefore, informing your contacts about your compromised account and WhatsApp hacking should be your first step. This security measure prevents unauthorized access to your account and others’ accounts in the future.

Since hackers may be digging for your private details, you should perhaps alert your contacts that your WhatsApp got hacked. Hackers will deftly try to acquire as much of your sensitive data as possible, including your private conversation, shared photos, email addresses, and financial data.

2. Never log out from WhatsApp if receiving verification codes

Hackers use verification codes to lock you out. This thought might sound a wee bit strange, but this is one of the tricks hackers use most to gain access to your account. Since WhatsApp may send many verification codes at once, this approach becomes effective. You have to wait for 12 hours to get another attempt once the hacker exhausts all of your tries. Hackers can easily obtain the verification codes to access your WhatsApp account since they are more proficient than you. They’ll successfully bar you from accessing your WhatsApp account.

Consequently, ignore unsolicited WhatsApp messages containing verification codes. Instead, use WhatsApp as usual without being panic.

3. Adopt cybersecurity best practices

Whatever horrible hacking incidents people may have encountered. Many cybercrimes are avoidable if you take the appropriate precautions.

Phishing attack

Users inadvertently give hackers access to their computers and mobile devices most of the time. For example, hacking becomes possible when users open a phishing link or file from an untrusted source.

Never open a message or link from an unknown sender. Additionally, download apps from trusted app stores, and avoid shady websites to get premium apps for free. Therefore, blocking installations from unidentified sources seems like a good idea. You can enable this option on your Android phone.

Public Wi-Fi network

Another thing you should handle cautiously is unprotected public Wi-Fi networks. Due to their frequent unreliability, users should stay away from these unencrypted internet networks.

Screen locking

The best backup plan is to enable the screen lock option for WhatsApp. Then, you need to use your Face ID or fingerprint to unlock your phone.

Two-step verification

Finally, for an additional tier of privacy, remember to turn on two-step verification under the Account settings to prevent hackers.

Third-party app lockers

Alternatively, you may use a third-party app locker. Using app lockers, you may lock any app on your smartphone. It’s extra protection for your apps. Hackers won’t be able to access your phone without first unlocking the app locker in this way. Many locker apps exclusively for WhatsApp are also available.

Deactivate WhatsApp account

If nothing works for you, it’s better to deactivate your WhatsApp account for a few days.

4. Log out of WhatsApp Web

Log out of WhatsApp Web is another smart move. Only informing friends and family about your hacked WhatsApp account and staying logged into WhatsApp on your phone isn’t sufficient when you are receiving activation codes in your Messages app.

Under Linked devices, you get an option, “Tap a device to log out.” This option is what you ought to select.

In addition to checking whether any of the devices are unknown, the feature shows you a list of the devices and browsers that you recently used to access your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp does not always show you a correct linked location. It’s a single drawback of this feature. You may see the wrong linked location if using a VPN.

An unknown linked location, however, might be another clue that someone else is using your WhatsApp account from another device.

5. Report problem to WhatsApp support

Be quick to alert people and publicize it on all social media platforms where you have an account if you realize your WhatsApp is hacked. Do it before someone asks you about unusual activity from your account.

Don’t forget to report unusual activities on your account to the WhatsApp team. They will assist you in determining what to do next.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t fret too much, probably. Most likely, these attacks aren’t primarily aimed at you. If you aren’t divulging too much personal information in your social media posts, at least.

Limit what you share and try to utilize these applications only for social purposes. For further protection, don’t forget to take precautionary measures like enabling screen lock and two-step verification on WhatsApp.

FAQs –  WhatsApp Hacked

Can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone?

No, not really. WhatsApp transfers all messages and media files among two devices, nothing stored on a cloud server. All text conversations exist only on two devices. All WhatsApp conversations are end-to-end encrypted. No third person can read them without you knowing. All your prior interactions won’t download to a third device, even if someone gains unauthorized access to your account.

The above might not be true if someone is accessing your WhatsApp after scanning the QR code on their device from your phone. All future conversations will be synced to his device until you forcefully log out of this unknown device.

How to know whether my WhatsApp is hacked or not?

There are a few signs to know whether your WhatsApp is hacked.

Battery draining fast

The first thing you need to make sure of is whether your battery is draining dramatically or not. It may be a sign of a hacked WhatsApp account if the answer is yes.

Increased data consumption

Additionally, look at how much internet data your WhatsApp or phone consumes. If suddenly the data consumption graph rises, someone has hacked your phone, WhatsApp, or another app.

Phone overheating

Most people search on Google, why is my phone hot? Your phone becomes hotter if an app constantly runs in the background and consumes data. You are undoubtedly fully acquainted with this situation.

Consider it alarming if your phone begins to overheat even though you aren’t actively running any massive, resource-intensive applications.

There’s a risk your phone has malware on it. Perhaps, a spyware app is running in the background without your knowledge.

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How to contact WhatsApp for more help?

If you lack technological expertise or your account was severely compromised by the hacker. Sadly, there isn’t a phone number to contact the WhatsApp support team. So instead, use the WhatsApp Contact page to report any challenges you’re experiencing and get aid from the support staff if you need extra assistance.

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