How to Fix Err_Connection_Time_Out: This webpage is not available in Google Chrome?

Sometimes, the Google Chrome browser shows the message “Err_connection_timed_out: This webpage is not available.” Because of this error, the website does not load.

It can also be fixed, such as the DNS error in the Google Chrome browser. A few people are searching the internet to find a solution—how to fix the “Err_connection_timed_out: This webpage is not available” error in Google Chrome. You may or may not encounter the same error while browsing websites. Do you know why this error happened to a webpage, and what the solution is?

How to Fix Err_connection_timed_out in Google Chrome?

When this problem occurs, people think the website is down, but this problem may be related to an internet connection. A few reasons for this error are:

– Internet connection is not working properly
– The website is down
– The website server is responding late

Err_connection_timed_out: This webpage is not available

The first reason for the error “Err_connection_timed_out: This webpage is not available” generally points towards your internet connection not responding. After getting proper connectivity, Google Chrome tries to reload the webpage, and the content loads properly. You may check if another website is loading and there is no issue related to internet connectivity. If other websites are working, then internet connection error is pointless.

Now you should work out why is the Err_connection_timed_out error occurring.

Check MS Windows Hosts File

A user with admin rights can block certain websites through a file called “hosts” on the Windows operating system. Check if the “hosts” file is blocking the website that you want to visit. Follow the steps to open the host’s file-

1. Search Notepad, click, and Run as administrator

Notepad Run as administrator

2. Go to File > Open, and a dialog box comes up

3. In the File name box, enter the following location and press Enter key


4. Next, from the drop-down, select “All Files (*.*)”

Notepad open hosts file

5. Open the “hosts” file

6. If that website is listed in the file, then delete that particular line

7. Save the “hosts” file and close Notepad

8. Restart your computer

Again, when you are on your desktop, open Google Chrome and check if the webpage is not giving the Err_connection_timed_out error. If the problem remains, follow the next option.

Refresh/Flush DNS

You can Refresh/Flush DNS with the following command-

1. In the Run box, type cmd and press the Enter key.

2. A black screen Command Prompt will come out. In this command prompt, you need to use three commands-

1. First, type ipconfig/flushdns and hit the Enter key

2. Second, type ipconfig/renew and press the Enter key

3. Last, type ipconfig/registerdns hit the Enter key

Command prompt Flush DNS

These commands will flush, renew, and register DNS. Now, try to browse that webpage in Google Chrome and check if it is working or not.

You can flush DNS to resolve the Err_connection_timed_out: This webpage is not available” problem. If the problem persists, then try the following method.

Change LAN Settings

If the computer is connected to the Internet through a LAN, tweaking the proxy server settings can be helpful.

1. Open Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options

2. A dialog box will pop up. Go to the Connections tab and then click on the LAN Setting button.

3. A New dialog box will open. Here, uncheck the “Automatically detect settings” and “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.

Local area network LAN

4. Press the OK button

5. Restart the computer

Check if the webpage is loading. Else,

Extra efforts

  • Clean Google Chrome Browsing data from the beginning
  • Reset Google Chrome profile settings
  • Automatically detect settings in Internet options
  • Uninstall network filter software
  • Turn off the firewall
  • Turn off the Antivirus
  • Use Google DNS
  • Use the Google Chrome Cleanup tool
  • System Restore

If all stated methods fail, then maybe the website is down, or ask for help from your Internet Service Provider. You should try to open the webpage on a different device or internet connection. If the website is not loading, then it is down for sure.

We believe the article is helpful and solves the “This webpage is not available” problem. Let us know your method of solving the same problem.

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  1. other option
    Run “services.msc” -> find “Cryptographic Services” and select “properties” -> click on “log on” and select “local system account” and “allow service to interact with desktop” -> press “ok” and then restart the Cryptographic Services

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