Google Input Tools is revolution to support different languages on the web. This feature is now available in Google Email i.e. Gmail. Most of people are getting advantage of it. But this post is for those who are newbie to setup Google Input Tools in their Gmail. Here is step by step installation guide. Now in Gmail hundreds of new virtual keyboards, transliteration tools, input method editors are available to use. Now you can easily type in your mother languages in a better way. If you know more than one languages you can switch to next language in one click. Presently Google supports 75 input languages.

Google input tool for Gmail

Hereunder is a short idea about Google Input Tools for Gmail – How it works?


To use Google input tools in your language follow these steps –

1. Go to Settings › Languages › Enable Input Tools › Tick the check box

Google Input Tools Language Switch
Language Switching & Input Tools Settings

Now you’ll able to see Google Input Tools icon as shown in figure. You can enable or disable or selection of different language while typing is possible with this button only.

Using such kind of feature for free is great gift from Google development team to support all languages on the globe.

To learn more about ‘Google Input Tools in Gmail’ you can see this link –

Steps to Enable Google Input Tool in Gmail

1. Login in to Gmail › click on Gear Icon › then click on Settings

Enable Input Tools
Enable Input Tools in Gmail

2. Under General Tab tick the check box to Enable Google input tools

Enable Google Input Tools Check Box
Enable Input Tools – tick the Check Box

3. A nag screen will appear, here you can ON Input Tools feature and can select langauges of your choice to type. Finally click on OK button the save the changes.

Input Tools - Languages
Input Tools – Select and Set Languages

4. Now you can see the Google Input Tools icon in your Gmail Inbox. Next you are ready to type in your language(s).

Input Tools Icon in Gmail Inbox
Input Tools Icon in Gmail Inbox

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