7 Benefits of Document Management Software/System


With the rising popularity of Document Management Software (DMS), the goal of the paperless office is getting closer. DMS is like the electronic filing cabinets that stores manage and track all the digital and paper documents.

DMS helps a business organize all the documents in a central location, where everyone in the office can access these documents. Document Manager today also ranges in size and scope from small to large enterprises and has now become a common component found within an organization.

Document Management Software System Benefits

Document Management Software Benefits

There are two types of Document Management System, one is Self-hosted DMS and another is Cloud-hosted DMS. In self-hosted, all the documents are stored on the company’s own server, while in the Cloud-hosted system, software is managed by the provider and accessed online.

Here are some benefits of going paperless with the Document Management Software:

1. Better security and control

Document Management Software keeps the data safe and secured from being stolen or accessed. DMS stores the data in encrypted form, which require special credentials to be accessed. Without these credentials, it is impossible to access these data.

2. Easy document retrieval and backup

Retrieving files with document management system is easy. Backing up physical files means making photocopies of these files is simple and inexpensive with the DMS. The documents are backed up in the form of digital data or files and can be accessed whenever and wherever needed.

3. Improved client service

When documents are digitalized, it becomes easy to manage them, thus increasing efficiencies and also results in better client service.

4. Cost saving

DMS can open up tremendous cost saving opportunities for the organization. It can cut on the cost of storage and maintenance of physical documents. In DMS there is just the cost of scanning and filing technologies. Once documents are digitalized, the cost of digital storage is low.

5. Saves time

Document Management System can save time and improve productivity. It allows multiple employees to access the same document at the same time, Document imaging can simplify the workflow. Moreover, employees can access documents from their workplace or from any other place via the internet.

6. No more emails

Many DMS provide the facility of sharing files. This feature removes the need to share or distribute content via email. This provides better control over regulated content and also eliminates security and storage burden.

7. Provides more consistent content

DMS provides latest templates, better distribution capabilities, and document revision feature. All these things ensure that content is published in a uniform manner.

Document management system can perform various functions such as,

  • It can store various document types such as PDF, word files, emails, spreadsheets
  • Facilitates accessing, editing and sharing documents via Smartphone
  • It can monitor who is viewing the document and when
  • Provides various features that restrict access to certain confidential documents
  • It can access hard-to-find content with help of just the keyword inserted in it
  • Track any edits made in the document

Today lot of options are available in the market with various features, this can complicate the selection of right Document Management System for the organization. The only thing organization should keep in mind while choosing DMS is that it should fulfill all the business needs and make the whole process of handling the documents easy.


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