5 Logo Designing Tips for Beginners

Logo Designing is not an easy-going job. It has to be carried out methodically and meticulously. Don’t forget that any minor mistake can ruin your time on your work. Designing a logo is not as simple as drawing a geometrical shape and placing the brand’s name. It is beyond just highlighting the company’s name. A company’s logo is its first impression on its clients, so it should be created in such a way that it appeals to viewers at the very first sight.

For those who have decided to make their career on the grounds of graphic designing, it is very integral that they know how they can improve their skills at the initial levels of their careers and dazzle everyone with their exceptional expertise. Here are a few tips to help them grow as a professional and creative logo designer.

Logo Designing Tips for Beginners

Logo Designing Tips for Beginners

1. Keep it unique

Create something different from what others have done before.

A logo for a brand is its identification. It should differ from the brands working in the same area of services or product lines. If you are doing logo designing for an online shopping website, make sure that it doesn’t match in any way with other online shopping websites. To make it unique and different, you must spend brainy skills to drive the best idea out of your mind.

2. Describe the brand story

Don’t forget to consider the brand and learn about its story.

It is imperative that you understand the type of brand which has hired you for logo designing. You must know what kind of logo would go well with its introduction. To come up with the idea of logo design, try to think of the brand in your mind and then draw something that you think should go with the name and type of their products and services. Be sure not to follow the logos designed by your seniors. Always make sure to create something that fulfills the demands of a brand name and helps it to look unique.

3. The name of the brand

The name of the brand helps you to draw something relevant to it. For instance, the logo of McDonald’s carries a big vibrant yellow “M,” which serves the purpose of representing the name of the brand. A logo doesn’t just make a company look unique and exceptional, but it also helps it to advertise itself. You should know what the brand seeks and design a logo to help it achieve its aim. The design of the logo should represent a positive and clear image of the brand.

4. Keep it easy and quirky!

It is important to maintain a perfect combination of simplicity and peculiarity. If you go too gritty about making it different and unique, you may end up creating something that looks too quirky and repels the customers instead of appealing to them. On the other side, it shouldn’t be effortless that it seems far below the brand’s status. You can create a perfect logo even by using the alphabet of the brand name. For instance, the logo of Amazon has its name with an additional yellow arrow to symbolize its wide variety of inventory, making it simple yet unique.

5. Choose colors wisely

Make sure you do not underestimate the color of the logo.

Colors play a very prominent role in attracting customers; the choice of colors for the logo must be rich and attractive before you design a logo for a company. Survey to know the following things about their customers.

  • The age group
  • Culture
  • Likes dislikes
  • Occupation

You must have seen and observed that the logos of baby products are not vibrant in color; this is because the company wants to maintain the gentleness of their product. On the other side, the logos of companies selling alcoholic drinks always prefer a logo with a tad of adulthood which makes it look hypnotic. The selection of color should be made, considering the nature of products/services and their consumers.

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