8 Types of Retail Window Displays and Window Dressing Tips

Retailing starts with attracting people to visit your store. The first thing that attracts people is the exterior of the store. A beautifully decorated storefront is one way of free advertising, and it makes people wait and look at the fantastic store window display you have created. The retail window displays play a very important role, allowing viewers to visit the store and check out the products. What if the exterior of the store is gloomy? Would you like to visit the store and check out their products? Certainly not! It is known to be one way of turning passers-by into customers.

Window dressing is another word for retail window displays. Different elements are considered to make certain that window dressing is a success. These include graphic designs, placing the products, etc. One cannot go about retail window dressing but needs to learn about it. It involves a lot of things to be kept in mind. Suppose the store has to display economical or expensive products and prices to be displayed. Should you change the display every week or on alternate days? Should you follow a specific theme and such other aspects?

You need to keep the window dressing neat and clean. You would certainly not want the viewers to have a bad image of your brand or confuse them with unrelated products that are not arranged properly. The simpler the retail window displays are, the better for the viewers. Confusion is one thing that does not let people enter the store.

Types of retail window displays
Retail window displays

Types of Window Display

Different types of retail window displays should be known to visual merchandisers, and below mentioned are a few:

1. Closed Window Displays

Closed window displays have large glass panels on the front and walls behind them.

2. Open Back Window Displays

Open-back window displays are the ones that have large glass panels on the front and no wall behind them so that the store can be seen.

3. Semi-closed Window Displays

Semi-close window displays have large glass panels in the front and are half-covered behind so that some parts of the store are visible.

4. Open Window Displays

Open window displays have no glass panel or wall behind.

5. Corner Window Displays

allow the people to view the products from two sides, and as the name suggests, it is located at the corner of the store.

6. Elevated Window Displays

The elevated window display might be open or closed. They are located above ground level.

7. Shadowbox Displays

Shadowbox displays are small windows in a box shape that jewelry and cosmetic stores usually use to display their products.

8. Island Window Displays

The large department and flagship stores can only see island window displays. Such a window display requires a huge space. Retailers use this type of window display to create a sense of focus on the latest products or promotions.

The main idea of the windows is to display its products most effectively.

Window displays
Window displays

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Tips for Window Dressing at Your Store

Follow these tips if you put together a retail window display at your store.

1. Take Measurements

It is very important to take precise measurements of the window for the display. During measurements, note any obstructions, such as beams, lights, etc., which will help you design the display better.

2. Check what the Competitors have done

Checking out the window displays of your competitors is very important for you. It is important because, as a viewer, you need to note what you like and dislike.

3. Display Plan

After your research, you will know what you want in your retail window displays. Create a plan according to the research and implement it.

4. Lighting

Use adequate lights so the window looks attractive at night. If your store ambiance is dark during the day, you may want to use yellow lights to make a golden glow near the windows.

5. Props

Apparels require mannequins. Pebbles, jute, and Buddha statues can be used to decorate a window that displays aesthetic items. Liquor stores can have stoles stuffed about a quarter length into hanging bottles. Just let your imagination flow!

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    Olivia Pearson

    I like how you said that storefront window displays are crucial in encouraging passersby to enter your store to see your products. My friend is thinking of opening his own store but isn’t sure how he would effectively market his product and get people who’ve never even heard of his business to come in and make purchases. I’m sure that, if he did start his own store, he’d benefit from finding a company that specializes in storefront windows and doors so viewers from the street can clearly see his products on display and become interested in entering the store. I’ll pass these tips on to him. Thanks!

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    Rebecca Gardner

    It made sense when you said that window displays need proper lighting so they look attractive even when it gets dark out. My brother told me he’s looking into having a glass storefront installed on his small retail building so he can create displays to showcase his products. The tips you shared here should be helpful for him to keep in mind after the storefront’s installed by a commercial glass service!

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    Levi Armstrong

    I like that you mentioned an open back window display and how the glass panels do not have any wall in the back so the store is seen. My sister is planning to use her retirement fund to open a boutique shop downtown. If ever she proceeds with her plans, I’ll definitely tell her to hire a commercial retails store glass installation service for her shop so her shop can have a gorgeous window display. I believe an open back window display will suit her future shop since it’s just a small boutique. Thanks!

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