Beats Solo 2: Introducing the Next Generation Headphones


Beats India has developed a new pair of durable headphones, Beats Solo 2, that are redesigned from inside out. They are the most popular headphones that come with updated and improved acoustics. These are known for providing high-end features that allow users to feel the music with better sound and enhanced clarity. These are streamlined, durable and lightweight headphones, which are comfortable to wear. Let’s look at the different features provided by Beats India’s Solo 2.

Beats Solo 2

The Ergonomic Design

The Beats Solo 2 looks similar to a mini version of its revamped over-ear Studio headphones. These best quality headphones are designed with swankier materials that make them comfortable to hold up for a long time. They come with soft ear pads that provide a slightly tighter seal for preventing sound leakage and better noise isolation from the world.

These lightweight and durable headphones weigh only 205 grams and are built sturdily without any visible screws. The curve of their headband gives a snugger and better ergonomic fit. These popular headphones come with a soft carrying case. They also provide a detachable cord with an in-line remote and microphone for making phone calls.

Beats Solo 2 Features

The original Solo headphones lacked clarity but with the new Studios, Beats has developed the best headphones featuring accurate sound profile and better detail. The new Solo 2 headphones match their smooth curves to provide superior full-range sound. They look stylish and provide attention to detail. Some of its high-end features include matching ear cups, cord and headband, which have a distinctive matte finish and reflective Beats logo detail.

World-class sound quality

In addition to providing world-class sound quality, the users can also carry these portable headphones in their bags. All they need to do is fold up these headphones and fit them in the bag. The Beats by Dre Solo HD 2 headphones deliver incredibly detailed sound, which is defined by the high frequencies and powerful, moving bass tones. They provide a more dynamic, comprehensive range of sound with clarity, which gives the artists what they need.

Titanium coated drivers

These Solo 2 headphones use titanium coated drivers that give users a high definition experience of the music they are listening to. This enables them to preserve the true quality of the music and feel every recorded shade and nuance.

Beats Solo Headphone

Facility to control the headphones

These headphones are equipped with matching remote control and microphone that allow users to adjust volume levels, change tracks and also take phone calls. Its controls are positioned such that the users don’t have to look for them on their phone or music player. These headphones come with a smart system that enables users to switch between calls and tunes effortlessly. They give users the facility to control the headphones without having to reach the device they are connected to.

Single-sided cable

The Beats Solo 2 headphones are recognized for their durability and have a robust design that features a metal strip with flexibility. They allow users to listen to their favorite music for a longer time. These headphones come with a single-sided cable, which prevents tangling of cables.

Experience better-balanced bass

These headphones are developed to give immense comfort to the users and enable them to get a custom fit feeling. They feature ergonomically angled ear cups that provide a natural fit with pivots for getting maximum comfort and minimal sound leakage. These headphones have a prowess in bass, which allows users to experience super impressive sound quality. They offer a cold, metal design, which feels comfortable and gives a high-end look and feel to the headphones. These headphones are best for those who want to experience better-balanced bass with the mid range and treble when they are listening to music.

The latest innovation of Beats, the Solo 2 headphones, are the best lightweight headphones for getting more refined sound experience with excellent build quality. They are ideal for users who are looking for a fast, exciting headphone with high-quality bass.


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