7 Different Types of Headphones – How to Choose Headphones?

Listening to music with a set of comfortable headphones is indeed rewarding. But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you a pair of headphones. Do you know the different types of headphones? You would not want to invest in something that works for a few weeks and consider headphones that provide maximum durability. This headphone guide is designed, keeping in mind the needs and factors that every user takes into consideration. Read further to know the types of headphones and buy a pair of headphones.

Different types of headphones

Different Types of Headphones


They’re the most common form of headphones around us because it happens many times that you get a free stock pair of earbuds with your new smartphone. They sit outside your ear canal. That’s why don’t expect good noise cancellation from them.

The earbud headphones are quite popular these days and used with portable players. They are perfect for those who want something handy, lightweight, and compact. You can keep the headphones in a tiny case, pouch, or pocket very easily. Most of them are equipped with a microphone and track navigation controls. Extra features, such as a variety of ear tip sizes and materials (foam, rubber, silicon) are provided in some models.

These tiny earpieces rest on the outer ear or need to be inserted into the ear canal. Some models feature clips that provide a tailored and secure fit. Earbud headphones are perfect for a stringent budget and convenient to carry around. Avoid buying cheaper ones as they hurt the ears and fall out. You can purchase earbud headphones online at a reasonable price.

On-ear headphones

These types of headphones are one of two types we know as full headphones. Others are over-ear headphones.  These types of headphones sit just around your ears. There are a few other pros and cons of these headphones. They are the most comfortable type of headphones, and since they sit on your ears, your ears don’t get too hot. Their open-backed construction also provides good sound.

On the other hand, since they lack noise isolation, you can use them in exceptionally loud places like an airplane or a crowded place.

On-ear headphones are excellent if you need to put them around your neck while walking from one place to another. From inexpensive to high-end models, you can choose the one that suits your budget. These on-ear headphones have a closed design that covers the ear. The models are known for their increased sound isolation that does not leak sound.

People working in offices prefer to buy earpad or on-ear headphones as they are the best for noisy environments. Some models even fold up and are easy to transport. They do have a less powerful bass as compared to full-size headphones but are a great buy.

In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones and earbuds are just look-a-likes of each other except for the fact that they reside inside your ear canal. It is the reason they have a good amount of noise isolation, usually. In case you like them, we have a recommended guide about the best in-ear headphones.

Over-Ear Headphones

Unlike on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones wrap them around your ears. They are also called Supra-Aural Headphones. They’re known for their good noise isolation.

Full-size headphones

Also known as circumaural headphones, the ear cups fully enclose the ear so that you can listen to crystal clear music. These full-size headphones are suitable for home use. The large ones offer maximum bass and create a diverse sound-stage. The surround-sound blocks outside noises and seals music.

Wireless headphones

You can buy these headphones online when you need to get rid of dangling chords that interfere with your music listening experience. The Bluetooth function transmits wireless music and makes this auxiliary device perfect for workouts and portable use. You may have to sacrifice on sound clarity as the compressed audio files will make the music quality less dynamic. This buying guide recommends advanced wireless headphones and within your budget.

Noise cancellation headphones

These headphones cancel external noises and let you enjoy music. They don’t disconnect you from the outer world but reduce noises emitted from ambient sources such as airplanes and air-conditioning systems. You will hear more details about your music. Buy these headphones online to experience quality bass sound.

How to choose headphones

How to Choose Headphones?

A good headphone pair is a critical piece of hardware for almost every person. That pair can bring you a lot of benefits. But the problem is most people find it hard to find a headphone pair that doesn’t suck. To help you out, here is an infographic about how to Choose headphones – Earbuds, In-ear headphones, Over-ear headphones, On-ear headphones, etc.

Many of us listen to music even when we are on-the-go. For such enthusiasts, music is like a therapy that will wash off the unnecessary stress from our lives. Likewise, choosing the best quality pair of headphones is of the utmost importance. Without them, the fun and happiness the music creates will fade away. Though you may find it challenging to get excellent headphones within your set budget, invest in a reasonable amount of time to research them. Here’s how to choose headphones or a pair of headphones when it comes to buying one. Let’s take the answer- what headphones should I get.

That is a very important question because not every headphone pair is the same. If you search online, there are different types of headphones. I will go one after one on each of these types of headphones:

Sound isolation

Evaluate how well the headphones keep the music inside and outside of them. Nothing can be more frustrating than turning up the volume to eliminate the sound of the train. Turning up the volume may help the cause, but it will also give the people around you a piece of your music. This is where sound isolation comes into the picture. It keeps the background noise out of the distracting equation and helps you save precious battery life. Sound isolation is better experienced on earphones.

Frequency range

The recommendation is to use a broad frequency range, such as 10 Hz to 25,000 Hz. Anything within this range is enough to judge the quality of music. The more full the frequency, the better the music quality.

Noise cancellation

Headphones with noise-canceling features burn holes in your pocket. Buy such headphones only if you are a frequent traveler and use the noise-canceling feature 90% of the time. Otherwise, scrap the idea of buying them. However, if you need noise reduction, choose the headphones that have spongy earplugs that occupy the ear canal. The easiest and cheapest way to wash off background noise is to use over-ear hearing protectors available at the hardware store. If you want a perfect blend of affordability and noise cancellation, go for earphones.


The only way to know if your headphones can go loud enough is to use them and analyze the sound yourself. There are very few electronic stores that will let you try them. You’ll have to work harder to find stores that will allow you to do so. Just a friendly suggestion, clean the wax out of your ears before testing the headphones.


The first 5 minutes of using headphones usually make you feel comfortable. The trick is to test them over 15 minutes or even longer if you’re allowed to. You feel comfortable when you put on most of the headphones, but few of them can hurt after a certain period. You can’t wear them for hours and sit at the store. However, wearing them for at least 15 minutes will help you make a decision.

Follow all the aspects mentioned above and get a pair of best headphones you were looking for. Invest a little time in researching them and enjoy music therapy.

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are cable-free and let you roam effortlessly without having to adjust the wires. The most used type of headphones is Bluetooth, which not only gives you play music but also pause and skip songs right from the headphones. Though the sound quality isn’t as good as the wired headphones, they are more convenient to use and more comfortable to carry. Plus, you have to recharge them or replace batteries to keep them up and running.

Online Reviews

If you are an online buyer and want to analyze the performance of the headphones, go through the online reviews written either by experts or users. It will help you strike out the ones that don’t suit your needs.

Where to buy

The best place to buy headphones online is the one that specializes in audio and sound engineering. Such companies spend endless hours researching the user’s need to provide top-notch sound quality. The other option is to browse through the manufacturer’s website and find the retail locator that sells their products. Especially look for those who render a good return policy as you want to test them before buying. If you don’t like them, you can send them back without paying an extra buck.

How to Choose Headphones


It is important to check features of a pair of headphones such as bass, sealed vs. open, comfort, weight, durability, and cable length. So, turn up the volume and enjoy listening to pristine audio clarity on your headphones.

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