If you have a photography blog or a travel blog, in which you share and publish your photos. Then it is very important to do SEO for pictures and photographs. Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex search engines have a specific rules to show your images in the search results. By doing the SEO for images you have a chance to increase you readers from search engines.


Do image SEO by alt and title tags

It is really simple to do SEO for images. Blogger has this feature by default. You just have to use alt and title tags for all images i.e. declare the alt and title attributes. This option is not known to new bloggers and they are missing the chance to improve search engine rankings. For this you have to define the image properties.

What are alt and title tags?

alt – In this attribute we define the alternative information for the image. It is very important when due to some reasons image does not load then alternative text appears.

title – In this attribute we define the title of the image which is a short description and appear when you hover your mouse over the image.

How to add Alt and Title tags for images?

When you upload an image to blog post in Compose mode. After successful upload of an image to the blog post, you have to do left click on image. Now a light blue color strip appears and when you click on Properties, a new popup or nag screen appears as given below and two options are available, first is TITLE text and second is ALT text. In TITLE text box you can fill the title of image and in ALT text box you can fill the alternative text for image.

In short –
Post EditorUpload Image › Switch to Compose ViewClick on Image › Select Properties link › Pop Up box › Fill TITLE and ALT text › Click OK

Blog Image Properties

Now if you switch to HTML mode of post editor then you can find title and alt image tags have been added to the image code.

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