How to Receive AdSense Payments by Wire Transfer?

Google AdSense is now paying through wire transfer in India. It is good news for all AdSense publishers because they will get earnings directly in their bank account without waiting for a payment cheque/check. Wire transfer is also known as EFT, i.e., Electronic fund transfer. Through wire transfer, earnings will be credited to publishers’ bank accounts within 3-5 business or working days. After receiving the first payment, the next payment will be available in the next 24 hours after reaching the threshold. Google AdSense payment threshold is 100 USD.

Add bank account to Google AdSense Wire Transfer

Steps to Get Payments for Google AdSense

1. Click on the gear icon and select Payments
1a. Then opt sub-option Payment settings

2. In the Available Forms of Payment section, click on Add new bank account or Add a new form of payment

3. After that, you’ll be on a form page where the following five fields are mandatory
3a. Account Holder Name
3b. Bank Name
3c. Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) (India only)
3d. SWIFT-BIC Code
3e. Bank Account Number
3f. Bank identification code (BIK) (Russia only)

4. The following information below is optional, and you should only provide it if required by your bank –
4a. SWIFT code of the intermediary bank
4b. Name of intermediary bank
4c. Any “For Further Credit” or “For Benefit Of” instructions your bank requires

5. Enter your bank account information and click Confirm and continue.

If you do not know any bank account-related details, please contact your bank and ask for instructions to receive a wire transfer from abroad.

Google AdSense will issue payment in US dollars. Your bank exchanges this fund to the local currency to deposit the money into your bank account. A bank will generate an Electronic FIRC for taxation purposes. Depending upon your country and bank, your exchange rate will be determined by your bank. If you have any queries, then please contact your bank directly for more information.

Note that payouts for accounts in Russia can only be paid to bank accounts denominated in USD.

If you have any queries, please let us know!

20 thoughts on “How to Receive AdSense Payments by Wire Transfer?”

    1. Avatar photo
      Vinay Prajapati

      It will depend upon your bank, contact your bank’s branch for more detail. Google does not charge anything.

  1. Avatar photo

    Adsense sent money 3 days back but it’s not yet reflected in my account. Do you have any idea how much days it will take?

      1. I have multiple channels in youtube, and if one of my channel block… then my entire youtube account will be blocked am I right

    1. Avatar photo
      Vinay Prajapati

      You can send a email. Please do not forget to mention web url and reason of rejection by AdSense…

    1. Avatar photo
      Vinay Prajapati

      When you’ll reach min payment threshold of $100. First time it will take upto 2 week. Next time it may take 1 week.

  2. Avatar photo
    Amul Luthra

    I know its an old thread but I have a query. I just received my first payment from Adsense and its less than 100 dollars.
    My checkout was $100.41 and I received approximately $89. Why is that…

    1. Vinay Prajapati
      Vinay Prajapati

      You need to ask the same with the bank, because banks are charging a processing fee of around $11-15.

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