What Technology Does Porsche Use in Its Latest Racing Cars?


Porsche is one of the world’s most famous car manufactures. We’ve seen superb vehicles released by the company over the years, such as the Macan, Boxster, and Cayman GTS just to name a few. We all know Porsche is excellent at designing incredibly fast racing cars with cutting-edge technology and that this technology is utilized in their road-going supercars. What we may not be so aware of is the new technology they are developing for cars which will be of practical advantage to all of us, no matter what we drive.


The Technology

Race cars are all about high speed combined with low weight, any manufacturer involved in the motorsport world will be constantly striving to improve one or both of these; this is what will give them the edge and the development of this are how new technology works its way into the everyday car. Porsche’s technology is not just pioneering, but also practical and useful for the driver. It’s equally important for advanced technology to increase safety, and it’s safe to say that Porsche excels at this specific category.

Hybrid Drive

The combination of a combustion engine with electric engine results in hybrids. Whilst this technology has been around for a while now, it is Porsche’s links with the racing world that has developed this drive into a flawlessly integrated system, both combustion and electric motors drive the rear axle while only electric drives the front; this allows more control over the front and, therefore, increases corning speed and safety.


Carbon Monocoque

Porsche has utilized the most advanced materials in the development of its cars, light but incredibly strong with additional support in key areas. This combined with a very low center of gravity gives the car a slight bias to the rear axle which makes for perfect driving dynamics.

The Chassis

Again, race car technology has been incorporated into a road going car. Like the race cars, a multi-link chassis is now used to offer more strength and minimal flex in such a light body. These technological improvements are combined with computer controlled rear axle steering – the rear wheels will turn in the same direction or the opposite direction to the front to increase stability and safety, particularly when cornering.

Porsche Active Aerodynamics

This technology has become commonplace on many new motorcycles and is now filtering into cars. It is possible to switch between different modes of driving; Race, sport or E. Each of these modes adjusts parts of the body and the engine to allow either for maximum efficiency or for maximum downforce (and hence speed). In particular, the position of the rear wing moves, according to the mode. The Active Aerodynamics technology allows a car to be driven according to the conditions available, whilst, at all times, maximizing efficiency and safety. Porsche has designed their engines to ensure the car always starts on electric power – ensuring a quiet, but elegant exit on any occasion.

Electric Batteries

The electric engine is powered via Lithium-ion batteries; these are coupled with liquid cooling to maximize the performance potential of the car. The batteries can be recharged via a standard plug (in 7 hours), a docking station (2 hours) or a dedicated fast charger system (25 minutes).


The Controls

Porsche considers itself a pioneer in regard to the positioning of cockpit controls and the information available. All essential driving controls are grouped around a multi-function steering wheel with the information displayed right in front of the driver. Secondary controls – wing adjustments, climate control and other management systems are housed in the central column. The design allows the driver maximum information combined with maximum road focus.

Computer development and integration

Intelligent management systems operate power distribution, rear axle control, brake systems and engine specifications – all these advanced technologies are designed to minimize driver involvement in the nonessential and allow them to focus on the road ahead. Safety should always come first, and Porsche puts great value on safety! The next time you get into your car, whether long distance or to pop to the shops, think about how much Porsche technology has affected, and will continue to affect car design.


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